“It’s Timothy!”

Halloween is the twenty-second episode of the eighth series.


It is Halloween and the engines excitingly hurry to finish their work. That evening at Knapford Sheds, Sir Topham Hatt tells Percy and Stepney to pick up a delivery of iron from the smelters. Edward, worried for them, warns them to watch out for ghosts, though Percy and Stepney both tell Edward ghosts do not exist before setting off.

On their way there, Percy and Stepney discuss what is scarier: Timothy or the smelter's yard. By the time they get there, night has fallen and both are spooked. Unbeknownst to them, Bill and Ben are hiding behind the Breakdown Train and plan to scare them knowing they are afraid. Moaning and bumping a flatbed, they successfully scare Percy and Stepney who race to the main shed. Both start to wonder if the ghost is here as they enter where the chains, falling sparks, and several noises make it more scary. As Stepney turns around on a turntable, the sparks cause a white tarpaulin to fall onto him though he is convinced Timothy has got him. Percy and Stepney races away while Percy, who is in front of him on the same track races away too. Bill and Ben get frightened and run away with Percy and Stepney following them, also thinking he is Timothy.

All four engines race through the dark countryside and through Henry's Tunnel and head back to Knapford Sheds. As they arrive, Edward tells them to stop before they crash. While Thomas informs him of what is happening, the tarpaulin flies off Stepney after he steams under a signal gantry. The engines are not longer scared, but they feel foolish. After Sir Topham Hatt arrives in his pajamas and comes to see what the noise is about, Dodge admits the trouble he and Splatter caused and they are sent back to the Smelters to do Percy and Stepney’s work and been sent to work at the quarry with Toby, Diesel and Mavis for 2 weeks as punishment.

Nowadays, whenever Percy or Stepney return to the Smelters, the two tank engines know there is nothing to be scared of and that ghosts do not exist. Or so they think...




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  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-sixth episode of the eighth series and the series finale of the eighth series.
  • A deleted scene from Fergus Breaks the Rules is used.
  • The Halloween Engine is recycled from Gordon's scrap model with one of the old tenders from the third series episode, Tender Engines and Murdoch's chassis.
  • Scrap models of Toad, City of Truro and Donald or Douglas are seen.
  • The scrap hanging from the ceiling is that of hook and loop couplers and bogies for model trains.
  • A brown building from TUGS appeared at the Smelters.
  • On the tender in front of the smelting shed, the letters 'NE' are visible.
  • This marks the first of four appearances of Percy's wincing face mask, with the others being the next episode, Calling All Engines! and Henry's Lucky Day. However, it would be logical to assume this face was originally made for the adaptation of Edward's Exploit from The Railway Series book Main Line Engines for the second series.
  • This is the second time that Thomas and some of his friends went to the Smelters Yard on Halloween Night. The first was in the sixth series episode, Scaredy Engines.
  • This episode marked the last two things:
    • The last time an episode has a one-word title until the spinoff episode Batucada.
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