Hannah is a coach that once travelled with Toby. She is Henrietta's sister.


Thomas & Friends

Hannah was brought to the Island of Sodor to work with Toby while Henrietta's upholstery was being refurbished at the Steamworks. However, much to Toby's displeasure, Hannah turned out to be boisterous, headstrong, and reckless, and ordered him to go faster than his usual speed. Hannah made Toby soar down the line and pushed him down Gordon's Hill, nearly making him derail. At last, Toby became fed-up with Hannah and abandoned her on siding beside the main line.

Toby later returned to the siding to collect Hannah, but when he came back, he found her flying down the line behind James. Hannah was excited and ordered James to go faster, but she went so fast that the high speeds began breaking her apart. Hannah broke away from James


Hannah likes to race along the line at high speeds, but going too fast sometimes causes trouble.

Technical Details


Hannah is based on the GER Wisbech and Upwell Tramway 4-wheel coach. From the beginning, the Wisbech & Upwell used its own special passenger stock. Initially, only four wheelers were used, but bogie coaches were introduced in 1884. The coaches had balconies at each end and a drawbridge type gangway between coaches. Each balcony had an emergency hand-brake wheel. The coaches looked squat and low-lying due to the need to handle raised track and the absence of platforms at some of the depots. All the four-wheeled coaches were scrapped by 1948, but the bogie coaches survived into BR. One of them, No.7, has been preserved by the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway Society.

Henrietta shares the same basis.


Hannah is painted yellow-orange with red bufferbeams, black handrails and a grey roof.


Television Series

  • Series 21 - Hasty Hannah
  • Series 22 - School of Duck
  • Series 24 - The Inventor's Spectacular Bridge (cameo)

Voice Actors

  • Lucy Montgomery (UK/US)
  • Keiko Nemoto (Japan)
  • Jennifer Hollack (Germany)
  • Marta Markowicz (Poland)


  • Hannah's model is a modified version of Henrietta with the only changes being her bodywork is painted yellow-orange and she has an added tail-lamp on either side, which Henrietta does not have.
  • She is the only female character in the CGI series not to have interacted with Thomas.
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