A young 10 year old named Edward started thinking about moving all alone to Japan after a terrible life in Scotland. School that year was terrible, and he couldn't stand it. One night Edward's parents had to go on a buisness trip for 5 days. They left him alone in the house and they gave him money to buy things he needed. Edward realized they had given him enough money to buy a plane ticket to Japan and to hold him over until he found someplace to stay for a while. Then he packed everything he would need, left his parents a note, and went to the airport. He wanted to buy a last minute ticket for the plane. So once Edward got to the airport, he said he was going to Japan because his parents were separated. The man fell for it and gave him a front seat ticket, which was rare to get before the plane took off. He gave his bag to the workers, they loaded it, and everyone boarded the plane.

It took a while before the plane landed in Japan. Edward was glad to be out of Scotland. It wasn't like the burning fire, but it was calmer. Women dressed with kimonos walked throught the busy streets along with men. He saw a train station nearby through his window. He got through security, got his small bag and went in the direction of the train station. Once he got there he saw a train with a smiling Driver.

"Hey, you need to head to Kawasaki© Locomotives? That is where my dear engine Rilika is going." he said

"Sure," Edward replied getting into Rilika's cab.

Both of them rode down the tracks heading for Rilika's home and Edward's new 'home'. Once they got there Rilika headed for the sheds, and Edward headed for the house that was near the building area. Once he got there he knocked on the door. In a few seconds, someone opened the door. A male that was about 5'5 opened the door and asked,

"What do you need?"

Edward told him about school in Scotland, his small home, and that he ran away for a better life.

"You can stay here if you want," the boy said, smiling.

"Thanks, I'm Edward Tuskurari," Edward stated cheerfully.

"I'm Hiro," Hiro replied.

2) Without Knowing

It was getting late, so Hiro showed him around the house and helped him get settled. Once Edward went to sleep Hiro went to work once more. Something was bothering him, if he was Hiro Tuskurari, then was Edward his brother? He knew he couldn't sleep on this, it would make things worse. He spun the red and grey engine wheel in front of him. Remaking this historic engine needs 2 kids to get it done a little faster than going it alone.

Hiro decided to finish the tender number tonight. He took a white pencil and, with the help of a mini flashlight, he lightly drew the number 51 on the huge black sheet of metal. He did the same on the other side. He then painted the inside of the number white.

Hiro walked inside and went to sleep. Tomorrow, he would tell Edward that he was his brother, and he would tell him about why Edward never met him when he was young.

3) You're my WHAT?!

The next morning, Hiro was back at work. He was being bothered by something. Why did they choose a kid named Davis to rebuild Hiro? Oh well, Edward would probably get up soon. He started spraying the smoke deflector a dark jet black, not caring if the paint got on his shirt or jeans. His blue eyes shined brightly whenever they looked into the sun.

Inside, Edward yawned. It was early, but Edward didn't care. At home, he got used to it. Edward got dressed in his normal outfit, which was made of a half silver, half blue t-shirt with gold on the ends of the sleeves, blue jeans, and black shoes. His dark blue hair in a small ponytail.

Hiro was inside, getting coffee to get him moving.

"Morning Edward." Hiro smiled as he saw Edward come downstairs.

"Hey Hiro." Edward replied stretching.

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