Henry Sees Red
Season 6, Episode 12
Written by Christopher Awdry (original)
Stephen Patton and ElmoRudy55 (adapted)
Directed by Stephen Patton and ElmoRudy55
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Max-imum Overdrive
Thomas, Lady and the Snowplough

Henry Sees Red is the twelfth episode of the sixth series. It is based on Overhaul and Henry Sees Red from The Railway Series book, Henry and the Express.


Henry is due for an overhaul, so the Fat Controller arranges for him to double-head the Express with James to Crovan's Gate while Gordon looks after the Slip Coaches. James is apprehensive but feels better after they make good time up Gordon's Hill - up to the point where things begin flying from Henry, hitting James and the coaches. No one is hurt, but the crews find that a steel rim from Henry's wheel has fallen off. James, trying to make light of the situation, jokes that Henry needs to be "retired".

The brakes on Henry's last coach stop the train at Wellsworth, spoiling the chances of a good run at Gordon's Hill, and Henry has to uncouple it himself. Henry, however, is determined, and when he makes it to Barrow-in-Furness on time the Fat Controller rewards him with his normal green coat.



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