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Henry Alexander Stewarts (21st June 1889-4th March 1934) was the Sodor Governor from 6th July 1909 until his assasination on 4th March 1934. He was the first Sodor Governor to be assasinated in Sudrian history.


Not much is known about Stewarts's childhood, but he was born on 21st June 1889 at a hospital in London. In 1907, he moved to Sodor to become Zach Lymans's Second-In-Hand Governor.

When Zach Lymans retired at the age 79 on 6th July 1909, Stewarts was voted as the Sodor Governor. He gladly took the role.

On 22nd February 1914, the Sodor Government Forming Meeting of 1914 commenced, and the NWR was formed after the meeting.

On 4th March 1934, during his speech, someone in the crowd assasinated Stewarts by shooting him. The assasinator was never captured, but the Sodor Governor was dead.

His burial was on 5th March 1934. All the NWR staff and engines attended for respect.

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  • According to the Sodor Government history, Stewarts was the first Sodor Governor to be assasinated.