Henry: what?

Diesel :No

Henry: Why you little

Duck: Knock it off!

Percy: let Henry get away with it

Narrator: Henry is not getting annoyed

Henry: Yay!

Henry: i got a Hot Wheels car!

Thomas: lets go play with it!

Henry: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! somebody just walked in with a gun!

Edward: calm down Henry

James : get out of here (calls 911)

Narrator: Henry is not getting stressed that was when he was a baby but now he's all grown up

Henry: yay! im safe!

Gordon: i have a gun for you Henry:


Gordon: Not if you use it properly

Sir Topham Hatt: Henry got to stop getting stressed or get anything thrown at you, you got it!

Henry: Yes!

Sir Topham Hatt: That's good!

Narrator: Henry doesn't get stressed or annoyed that was when he was a baby but now he is 61 years old.

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