Okay class, it's time to read a book. May I use the bathroom. Yes Henry. But hurry back. Oh great, I am not using the boys bathroom. I am going to the girls bathroom. That's a right bathroom. [GASPS] Henry, what are you doing in the girls bathroom. That's it! I am telling the princapal! No, do not tell the princapal. Henry, how dare you use the girls bathroom. You know you have to be a girl. That's it! You're suspended for 4 hours. I am calling your grandparents. Hello, this is Mr. Jason. He did what? Can you pick him up and ground him. We are coming. Thanks. Goodbye! Henry, your grandparents are coming. Henry, we heard you used the ladies bathroom. We are going home. Good, we are all glad because we are taking Henry home because he is grounded. Henry, how dare you used the girls bathroom. That's it! You are grounded for 4 weeks! Go upstairs to your room right now!

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