This is a fanfic of one of my movie ideas.

New Characters

Edo- a JNR Class D51 with neon green painting and the word "Edo" on his tender, not on his smoke deflectors like Hiro does.

Fuji- a D60 with red paint.

Kira- a D51 with Standard couplers and painted black with gold fittings and has her name in 24 karat gold on her smoke deflectors

Miyu- a D51 like Edo, Hiro, and Kira but painted lavender and her name in silver, not gold.

Kiro- was kira's sister she is a D51 like her sister she is identical to her but with fire red paint.

Tia Ching- he is a standard Japan diesel who is evil, Kira has a hatred towards him for scraping her sister. He is painted in black.

Hero of the Rails 2: Home Bound in Japan

Thomas: Sodor will always be your home too, Hiro.

Hiro: I know, Thomas. Thank you.

1 Week Later.........

Kira: (in shock) Hiro!

Hiro: Kira?!

Kira: I thought I'd never see you again!

Hiro: Well, I thought so, too what happen to the parts that was to be sent to repair me?.

Kira:(shyly) yah about that the ship with your parts sunk.

Hiro: Where is everyone?

Kira: At the station. They're waiting for you.

Hiro: well what are we waiting for.

Narrator: soon they arrived at the station.

Hiro: I am back.

Miyu: We all Missed you.

Hiro: it feels good to be back.

Miyu: I might as well get your train ready.

Railway Controller: Not so fast, Miyu. Hiro just came back. Why don't we all take a day off.

Miyu: Yes, sir.

Edo: so tell us about the Island of sodor and what it is like.

Hiro: well there are lots of steam engines and some friendly diesels, here are some names of my friends there, there is Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, and beautiful Green tender engine named Emily, there is an engine named Duck and a silver engine named Spencer.

Miyu: All steam engines.

Hiro: Yep.

Fuji: Well sounds like you had fun.

Hiro: I did.

Miyu: Since you left we have not had a lot of passengers, but now that your back we will probably have more passengers.

Hiro: I hope so.

Kira: Hiro, remember how Edo and I were dating before you left?

Hiro. Yes.

Kira: Well, we're engaged.

Hiro: What?!

Kira: We were 10 years ago.

Edo: we decided to not have the wedding until you returned.

Hiro: I remember when Miyu and I were, but that was before I left.

Miyu: Ah, I remember too, since you left I have been wishing for you to return.

Kira: We are expecting a new guy from China to come soon.

Hiro: What is his/hers name?.

Railway Controller: Tai Ching.

Miyu: Well lets get some sleep, cause we have a lot of work to do tomorrow.

Railway Controller: Miyu is right off with you all.

Narrator: Soon they were at the sheds.

Miyu: Your space next to me is still there.

Hiro: Well lets go to sleep.

Narrator: The next morning the controller came to give them there jobs.

Railway Controller: Miyu and Hiro you are to do some shunting.

Miyu:(groaning) More shunting, I am starting to hate shunting.

Railway Controller: Edo you are to take the workers to the Coaling yards to day.

Edo: yes sir.

Hiro: What have the Trucks been up to?

Miyu: Those trucks have been very rude to me.

Narrator: Soon they got to the Docks, and the trucks began to tease her.

Trucks: Hey guys here is the wimpy engine Miyu.

Hiro: Enough!!.

Trucks:(in fear) Master of the Railway your back, please don't hurt us for teasing Miyu.

Miyu: Not so brave now are you.

Narrator: the dock manager came up.

Manager: Hiro Edo has to use your coaches could you please shunt them to the station.

Hiro: Sure.

Miyu: oh and Hiro...

Narrator: but before she could stop him he left.

Miyu: I still love you Hiro.

Her driver: come on lets get back to shunting.

Miyu:(thinking) I hope he has not forgot his love for me.

Narrator: later the controller came to see Hiro.

Railway Controller: Hiro tomorrow you will be taking passengers.

Hiro: Thank you sir.

Narrator: Then Miyu backed down next to him.

Miyu: Hiro want to get back together?, cause I still have love for you.

Hiro: of course cause I still love you to.

Miyu: Oh thank you Hiro, you made me very happy.

Narrator: then a new Diesel he never seen before pulled up.

Tai Ching: I am the new engine here.

Miyu: Did not expect you to be a diesel.

Tai Ching: well I am not as happy as you are, I would rather work with Diesels then work with Clapped out old steamies, they are useless compared to us and you spoil are image.

Hiro: You don't have to be so rude about it.

Tai Ching: what do you know.

Hiro: You are talking to the Master of this railway.

Tai Ching: Not for long.

Narrator: He said and left, later that night Kira was working when Tai Ching pulled up.

Tai Ching: Not another steamie.

Kira: I will have you know I am about to get married in a few days.

Tai Ching: ok that goes beyond the laws of physics, to whom are you marrying.

Kira: Edo is his name.

Narrator: Meanwhile, Hiro and Miyu were talking.

Miyu: Let's date for 2 weeks, then we'll see if we can bring our engagement back up.

Hiro: Ok, let's give it another try.

Narrator: then Fuji came up.

Fuji: what are you two doing.

Miyu: we are going to date for 2 weeks, to see if we can bring our engagement back up.

Fuji: well I hope it turns out well.

Hiro: Have you met the new diesel.

Fuji: no I have not.

Miyu: Well he is rude to us.

Fuji: maybe there is more to his outline then we know.

Hiro: what do you mean.

Fuji: there could be a reason that he hates steamies.

Miyu: well whatever.

Narrator: so Fuji found the history on Tai Ching.

Fuji: Well time to tell the engines about what I found.

Narrator: the next day Hiro, Miyu, Edo, and Kira where listening to what Fuji found.

Fuji: it says here that he use to have a steam engine as a friend, but his friend turned her boiler on him, and got him into trouble ever since then he hated steamies he even scrapped his friend.

Kira: what was the friends name.

Fuji: oh my goodness!, Kira your not going to like this but it was Kiro.

Kira:(sobbing) My sister!!! when I get my buffers on him...

Tai Ching: what are you rust buckets doing.

Kira:(in Rage) YOU SILLY LITTLE ENGINE!!, You're nothing but a useless scrap!, How dare you scrap my sister.

Tai Ching: what is her problem.

Fuji: Does Kiro ring a bell.

Tai Ching: Don't blame me I think she got what she deserved.

Kira: she was your friend how could you do that to her.

Tai Ching: After the trouble she got me into she did not deserve to live.

Kira:(Sadly) I need some time alone.

Narrator: she said and left.

Miyu: poor engine.

Edo: Better go see if she is alright.

Narrator: he said and left, soon he found her crying in a siding.

Edo: Kira what are you doing here.

Kira:(sadly) just thinking about the time i got to spend with her back in china.

Edo: oh!

Kira: but I wish I could of had spent at least one more day with her.

Edo: I know Kira, there is something I must show you.

Narrator: he said, soon they were back at the sheds.

Edo: Kiro gave me this when I last visited her.

Narator: Edo's driver brought the item.

Kira:(in tears) her lamp iron.

Edo: Yes she wanted me to give this to you so you'd remember her and the fun times you shared.

Kira: I wish I could get back at Tai Ching for scraping her.

Hiro: maybe you can, just tell me what you want done to him and I will take care of the rest and if I get caught I will take the blame.

Kira: it is just that I can't think of anything.

Hiro: well when you think of something let me know.

Kira: ok Hiro.

Narrator: one week later Hiro and Miyu were doing well.

Miyu: well I am impressed.

Hiro: so am I.

Kira: hey Miyu want to be my brides maid for my wedding on Friday in two weeks.

Miyu: ok.

Kira: if my sister was alive I would be having her at my weeding.

Hiro: hey Kira could I have one of the engines from the island of sodor come to your weeding.

Kira: sure, we can have Him/her as the guest of Honor.

Narrator: so Hiro talked to the controller and he agreed.

Sir Topham Hatt: so Hiro wants Rosie to come to Japan for a bit.

Railway Controller: that is right.

Sir Topham Hatt: I can send her out tomorrow.

Railway Controller: goodbye, well Hiro it has been arranged Rosie will be coming here.

Narrator: Three days later Rosie was unloaded from the ship.

Hiro: Hello Rosie my friend welcome to Japan.

Rosie: So this is Japan, can I meet the other engines here.

Hiro: Sure there all at the sheds.

Narrator: and they puffed off soon they were at the shed.

Hiro: hey guys the is one of my friends from sodor her name is Rosie.

Edo: Well Rosie I am Edo.

Kira: My Name is Kira.

Fuji: My name is Fuji.

Kira: and your going to be the special guest at my weeding.

Rosie: Who are you marrying?

Edo: that would be me.

Rosie: Sweet!!!!

Hiro: We knew you would be excited.

Narrator: Then Tai Ching came up.

Tai Ching: A pink engine?.

Rosie: I am only going to tell you this once I AM NOT PINK!!!!.

Tai Ching: Sheesh you sure look like it.

Rosie: I am RED!!!!. you are worse than the diesels on Sodor. go away!

Narrator: this made Tai Ching snap.



Narrator: Kira rammed Tai Ching as fast as she could. She looked at Hiro and he biffed Tai Ching from behind.


Narrator: he said and left, later Kira was telling Rosie about Japan.

Rosie: it sounds beautiful.

Kira: it is. I was built here and so was my sister I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Rosie: Can I meet her?

Kira: that Diesel Tai Ching Scraped her.

Rosie: how could some one be so cruel to an engine.

Narrator: it was soon the day of the wedding as Kira was getting ready a bright light shot in front of her and out of that light was her sister Kiro only as a visible Spirit.

Kira:(in shock) Sister.

Kiro: I am here to let you know that I will be your guardian and watch over you.

Kira:(crying) WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE!!

Kiro: at least you have my front lamp iron so you can remember me by.

Kira:(sadly) But I did not want you to die.

Kiro: I aint mad at you for not being there to stop my death.

Narrator: then she heard a knock on her shed door.

Fuji: Are you ready Kira.

Kira: yes I am.

Kiro: good luck sis.

Narrator: she said and dissipated.

Kira: rest in peace Sis.

Narrator: later at the after Party Kira was Wishing that Kiro was there when Rosie wanted to ask her something.

Rosie: Kira could you talk to your controller and see if I cant stay a bit longer.

Edo: of course Rosie.

Fuji: If your controller ok's it.

Rosie: I hope he does.

Fuji: Let me go ask him. While we do that, why don't you go to the sheds and listen to music.

Rosie: Okay.

(Rosie goes to the sheds and listened to the songs. Seeing if she likes any of them.)

Rosie: I hate these songs, cant even tell what they are singing about. I'm more used to the songs I hear on Sodor.

Fuji: I asked my controller if you can stay and he called your controller, Sir Topham Hatt. And he said you can stay for a few weeks only. You have to return to Sodor by the end of the month.

Rosie: thank you Fuji.

Tai Ching: you wont be able to survive a week let a lone the rest of this month.

Rosie: yes I can, we Sodor engines have more will and determination.

Tai Ching: What type of engine are you based on?

Rosie: a USA Class Dock tank engine.

Tai Ching: Anyway like I said you will not last long here in Japan.

Narrator: later Rosie was shunting some Trucks full of slag.

Trucks: Pink engine, Pink engine, Pink engine.

Rosie: quiet you lot.

Trucks:(Hissing) That's not the way to speak, will get even.

Narrator: Rosie herd nothing the trucks rolled smoothly at first then Rosie felt them surge against her.

Trucks: ON, ON, ON!!.

Rosie: some one help me!!!!

Narrator: Rosie fought hard but still they forced her on and on.

Rosie: Come on you lot stop.

Narrator: Fuji saw this and set off, soon caught up with the cars.

Fuji: Time to stop you trucks.

Narrator: Fuji coupled up to the cars. Then, Fuji and Rosie stopped the trucks together.

Rosie: Thank you Fuji.

Fuji: You have to be more careful with our trucks. They are very troublesome. And you could have died.

Rosie: To me they are just Trucks like the ones on sodor.

Hiro: But unlike them these trucks don't care if they kill an engine.

Fuji: now you must take more care cause there may be one day that they do kill you.

Narrator: later Rosie was pulling some coal trucks, she was kind to them and they behaved well.

Tia ching: Ha, is that all you can take 3 trucks, I can haul more then that.

Rosie: your a jerk!!.

Narrator: and she steamed off, leaving Tia Ching very mad.

Tia Ching: You will be in so much Pain you Pink Engine.

Rosie: I AM NOT PINK!!!!!

Narrator: the next day.

Railway Controller: Rosie today you must help the Little engines.

Rosie: yes sir.

Narrator: later Hiro and Miyu were planning there wedding.

Hiro: I cant believe we are engaged.

Miyu: this makes me very happy.

Narrator: later Rosie spoke to the trucks.

Rosie: hey could you guys do me a favor, when Tia Ching comes around you sing this song.


Trucks: oh this will be fun.

Narrator: soon Tia Ching came to collect some trucks.

Trucks: Hey Tia Ching, we got a song for you.

Tia Ching: you do?

Trucks: "Trucks are waiting in the Yard; Tacking them with ease'll, "Show the world what I can do," Gaily boasts the Diesel. In and out he creeps about, Like a big black weasel. When he pulls the wrong truck out – Pop goes the Diesel!"

Tia Ching: GRRRR!!! shut up!!

Trucks: "Trucks are waiting in the Yard; Tacking them with ease'll, "Show the world what I can do," Gaily boasts the Diesel. In and out he creeps about, Like a big black weasel. When he pulls the wrong truck out – Pop goes the Diesel!"

Rosie:(laughing) HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!.

Narrator: this went on for days, and when they tolled him who came up with the idea he was very Cross.

Tia Ching:(cross) GRRRRRRRR!!!! that engine is so being gone.

Trucks: teasing the engines is way more fun.

Narrator: later that day Rosie was at the sheds with Hiro, Kira, and Edo when Tia Ching pulled up he was red in the face.

Hiro: what is with all the teasing?

Tia Ching:(angry) it's all Rosie's fault she made them laugh at me.

Kira: What was the song?

Trucks: "Trucks are waiting in the Yard; Tacking them with ease'll, "Show the world what I can do," Gaily boasts the Diesel. In and out he creeps about, Like a big black weasel. When he pulls the wrong trucks out – Pop goes the Diesel!"

Narrator: soon Kira started laughing.

Kira: HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!, I am sorry but I cant help it.

Edo: that song is catchy.

Rosie: that is what happens when you underestimate a Sodor engine.

Tia Ching: GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Narrator: he growled and left, they did not know that Tia Ching wanted Rosie dead for making the trucks laugh at him.

Rosie: I am starting to get board.

Hiro: hey Rosie want to take some passengers.

Rosie: sure and Kira my one true love is Thomas.

Narrator: so Hiro and Rosie left for the station, they saw Miyu at the station.

Miyu: hey Hiro, Hey Rosie what are you two doing here?

Rosie: I am going to pull some passengers today.

Narrator: later that day Rosie was resting in a siding when Tia Ching came up in front of her.

Rosie: what do you want.

Narrator: then he pulled out a knife and swiped it across her Right Cheek.

Rosie: OW!!!!

Narrator: she started to cry as blood stared dripping out.

Hiro: Rosie!!! were are you.

Tia Ching: you tell them about what I did to your face , and I will make sure the next time I will make sure your face is covered in your own blood got it.

Rosie:(whimpering) yes.

Narrator: and he scudded away.

Hiro: what happen to you Rosie?

Rosie: oh it was nothing just a scratch.

Hiro: a bit to long to be a scratch.

Narrator: that night Rosie could not sleep, she was afraid that Tia Ching would do something to her if she closed her eyes, when Hiro woke the next morning he saw that Rosie's eyes were blood shot.

Hiro: did you sleep well?

Narrator: asked Hiro.

Rosie: I could not get a bit of sleep last night.

Tia Ching:(smirking) I wonder why.

Railway Controller: Rosie I need you to take some Pipes to the Docks.

Rosie: yes sir.

Narrator: when Rosie got to the shunting yard Tia Ching had got Rosie's cars ready, but she had no idea he had placed a bomb on the last truck.

Tia Ching: Have fun.

Narrator: so she set off, soon she was chuffing through the country side.

Rosie: Driver do you hear a ticking sound?

Narrator: Her driver looked back, stopped the train, uncoupled Rosie and tried to roll Rosie forward but couldn't.

Fireman: I will go alert the signal man.

Rosie:(Scared) Driver what is going on.

Driver: there is a bomb on the last truck.

Rosie: lets get moving Driver.

Driver: your gears are jammed.

Narrator: soon the fireman returned.

Fireman: he going to send an alarm down to the yards.

Driver: I guess we just wait then.

Rosie: I am not going to wait for a bomb to go off.

Driver: we have to wait Rosie.

Rosie: I hope help comes soon.

Narrator: the news spread around the yard, Hiro and Myiu were sent out.

Hiro: I hope we get to her before it is to late.

Myiu: she must be terrified.

Narrator: she was her driver told her that the Bomb was motion activate.

Driver: Any motion on the trucks will set it off.

Hiro: We are here Rosie.

Narrator: So when they were told, Myiu decided to pull Rosie to the yard.

Rosie: Please get me out of here.

Myiu: don't worry I am going to take you back to the yards.

Narrator: so they set off, Later at the sheds Control scolded Tia Ching.

Control: What in the hell are you thinking you can not blow up an engine, even when I don't own that engine.

Narrator: Back on Sodor Thomas started to miss Rosie.

Thomas: when she comes home I will emit my feeling for her.

Narrator: Back in Japan Tia Ching was talking to Rosie.

Tia Ching: Your a silly little Pink Engine.

Narrator: This made Rosie snap, and she pulled out a metal bat with barbwire on it.

Rosie: Hey Tia ching you want to play Ball!!!!.

Tia Ching: something in my engine says to run.

Narrator: he said and she chased after Tia Ching.

Kiro: How did she pull out that bat?!

Hiro: I don't know.

Narrator: 15 minutes later Tia Ching returned with a bruised face, bent buffers, and a smashed horn.

Tia Ching: note to self never insult visiting engines.

Narrator: then Rosie returned.

Rosie: if control asks what happen, say you were in an accident or I will find some Sugar and fry your engine, got it.

Tia Ching: yes I got it.

Narrator: the next day Tia Ching was sent to be repaired.

Tia Ching: I should apologize to Rosie for trying to kill her.

Narrator: The next day he went to find Rosie, soon she found her shunting.

Tia Ching: Rosie!.

Rosie: what do you want.

Tia Ching: I just came to say sorry for trying to kill you.

Rosie: it is alright I should not of had beat you with that bat.

Narrator: Soon it was time for Rosie to head home.

Kira: Goodbye.

Narrator: Rosie was loaded onto the ship and was soon sailing back to sodor.


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