Highly Sprung is the fourteenth episode of the twenty-second series.


When traffic begins to increase on the Harwick Branch, the Fat Controller decides to bring Rose, one of Daisy's twin sisters, on trial. Unfortunately, being almost exactly like Daisy, history repeats itself when she feels she is too highly sprung.


Two passengers speak at Ulfstead Castle.


Voice Cast



  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Bob Golding as Stephen
  • Steven Kynman as Ryan
  • Teresa Gallagher as Prince Palatine, Annie, Clarabel, Judy and a Passenger
  • Lucy Montgomery as Samantha
  • Keith Wickham as Glynn, Sir Topham Hatt and a Passenger
  • Darren Boyd as Roger
  • Tracy-Ann Oberman as Daisy and Rose
  • Tim Whitnall as Jerome
  • Mike Grady as Sir Robert Norramby
  • Joe Swash as Ryan's Driver


  • This story is based on the story of the same name from Thomas1Edward2Henry3's YouTube.
  • This episode marks the last speaking roles of Ryan, Judy and Jerome and the last appearance of Samantha to date, who replaces Thomas, Percy, and Toby role from Thomas1Edward2Henry3's YouTube. It also marks the first episode to introduce a television series exclusive character.
  • This is another time since becoming narrator where Thomas does not appear in the episode itself.
  • When Daisy remarks that there are many single unit railcars like her, she is referring to the fact that her basis, a BR Class 101 Metro-Cammell, comprises of two railcars with each unit only having the cab at the front. In reality, there are no BR 101s that have cabs on both sides.
  • There is one reference to the episode:
    • The middle events of this episode takes place during the ending middle of The Railcar and the Coaches. Edited footage from said episode is also used being edited out of the scene. Also, Annie and Clarabel' US laugh from said episode is used when the flashback is shown.
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