"I'd like to introduce you to my friend Hong-Mei, all the way from China! Hong-Mei is a steam engine who works on the Chinese Railway. Hong-Mei is a blue tank engine, just like me, and she has a number 1 painted on the side of her tank, just like me! Well, almost. It didn't quite look like a number 1. Hong-Mei often pulls two cheeky passenger coaches called An An and Yin-Long. Together, they know all the shortcuts on the Chinese Railway, which is particularly useful, as they love to race! But I bet they won't beat me when I continue my adventures in China!" Thomas talks about Hong-Mei in Meet the Characters!

Hong-Mei is a tank engine from China who met Thomas during his visit to China


Thomas first met Hong-Mei during his passenger run after saying he was number 1 engine. However, Hong-Mei pointed out she was China's number 1 engine the two had a race to see who's the better number 1.

Unbeknownst to either engine, Hong-Mei spilled some of her delivery of rocks as she raced. This caused Thomas to derail on a shortcut line through the mountains. Hong-Mei came to Thomas' rescue, revealing she took the shortcut line as well and made Thomas come off the rails with her carelessness. She pulled Thomas back onto the tracks and the two engines decided that two number 1 engines are just as good as number 1 engine.

Later, in the twenty-third series, it was revealed that Hong-Mei pulls the mail in China and Thomas misses Percy, but he and Hong-Mei both pull the mail train.


Hong-Mei is a good-natured but cheeky tank engine from China who love to the races. She also blue like Thomas and out to prove she's the No.1 blue engine. Like Thomas, she can be careless and hasty at times, but always tries to make up for it. Hong-Mei is also a good sport, and knows when to put competition aside for the sake of helping a friend.

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  • Hong-Mei is the last new character produced for the Adventures line to date before the TrackMaster Push Along redesign.
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