(Woody and Bo Peep are busy preparing toys when...)

Thomas: Woody! Woody! Woody!

Woody: Thomas, what's wrong?

(Thomas panics)

Thomas: I need to catch up with Xion. I need to apologise to him. Any locations he could be in North America?

Bo Peep: Sorry, Thomas, bud. We don't have a map.

Woody: But, fear not. He could anywhere in the world....

(Woody and Bo notices Thomas is gone)

Bunny: Where's Bluey gone?

(The scene fades to Thomas)

Thomas: (Singing) Sometimes you make a friend. The kind of friend who stays. (An imaginary Xion appears beside him) Sometimes you make a friend. (The imaginary Xion dissappears) And you're the one who goes away. Sometimes.... You're the one.... Who acts a bit unkind. You didn't think.... (A flashback shows Thomas puffing away from Xion disappointed) ....and you did something... (The flashback rewinds and Thomas grins as he goes back) You can't forget and can't rewind. (The scene fades back to Thomas still looking sad) I'm sorry, so sorry. And I don't know what to do.... With you so far away. (An Imaginary Xion appears in the sky) I'm sorry, so sorry. And as soon as I see you.... That's exactly what I'm going to say! I'm sooooooryyyyy! I hope you're still my friend! I'm sooooooryyyy, so sooooooryyyy, my friend.

(Thomas is seen puffing in the streets)

Thomas: (Singing) Sometimes you make a friend. The kind of friend you need. (An Imaginary Xion is puffing on the tracks) You try to make them happy, but.... You don't always succeed. (An Imaginary Xion dissappears) Sometimes.... You're the one.... Who does something that's not okay. Sometimes you hurt a friend.... and you don't know what to do or saaaaaay. I'm sorry, so sorry.

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