Narrator: The next morning, Thomas got a surprise when he got to Vicarstown Station.

(Thomas stops just short of the station)

Thomas: (Gasps) Oh, wow. Who are those two people?

(Thomas puffs forward)

Dec: What a sight, eh?

Ant: Yeah. A train station like no other.

(Thomas toots as he stops at the platform)

Thomas: Hello.

Ant: Oh. Hi.

Dec: Hello there.

Thomas: Are you celebrities or something? Or just regular people?

Ant: Well, in fact... we're very important.

Dec: Because we're actually....

Both: TV Presenters.

Thomas: (Gasps) Wow. What do you present when you're on TV?

Dec: Well, we host shows, such as.... (nods to Ant)

Ant: Oh. You want me to tell him about the shows we present? I can do that. We present.... uh.... oh. Saturday Night Takeaway.... Britain's Got Talent.... Red or Black....

Dec: Hang on. I thought that was done and dusted.

Ant: Well, it's still remembered in people's hearts.

(Thomas chuckles a little bit)

Dec: Anyways.... we also presented.... (nods to Ant)

Ant: Oh. Right. Uh.... Oh. Got it. Push the Button.... uh.... oh, God, uh.... (clicks his fingers) Wanna Bet.... uh....

Dec: Ah. Forget about it. We just present a lot of shows. But the iconic ones are Britain's Got Talent and Saturday Night Takeaway.

Thomas: Wow. That sounds cool. I'm Thomas, by the way.

Ant: Oh. Great name. Let us introduce ourselves.

Dec: Him on the left is Ant.

Ant: And him on the right is Dec. Known as...

Both: Ant and Dec.

Thomas: Sweet. So... do you....

Ant: Wait. We got it. I'm A Celebrity...--

Both: Get Me Out of Here! (Echoes)

(Thomas laughs)

Thomas: What was that for?

Ant: That's another show that we do.

Dec: And what we do in the introduction.

Flying Scotsman: What was all that echoing about?

(Ant and Dec wave)

Flying Scotsman: Oh, come on, you two. You need to calm down. (His eyes widen when Ant and Dec hope into Annie and Clarabel) Unbelievable. (He puffs away)

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