It was dawn the engines were asleep under the oak tree, their favorite meeting place. James stirred in his sleep, and Gordon was muttering in his sleep. The hazel blue sky was lighting up when Henry opened his eyes and stared at the branches and the sky.

"Ah, what a lovely morning." he said to himself. "I'm sure the art teacher will let us work some more on our project."

Henry kept on looking up at the branches and the sky until the other engines slowly woke up.

"Mmmm.....good morning, Henry." James yawned sleepily.

"Good morning, James." he replied.

Edward shivered. He wasn't scared, but cold.

"Do I think I should start bringing in sleeping bags for us to sleep here?" Edward asked, rubbing his tong. "I mean, we have two hours till to go inside the school."

Gordon opened one eye, but shut it quickly. Grunting to himself, he stayed asleep until Thomas woke up.

"Wake up, lazy bones!!" Thomas peeped loudly to Gordon. "It's time to shake a wheel."

Gordon jumped up and Emily laughed. And he couldn't stop laughing until it was Emily who  woke up . Gordon's face turned as red as James's skin - the engine herself was having a deep converstation on Henry and he payed no attention.

"That wasn't funny, Emily!" Gordon scolded. "You should feel sorry for yourself."

"I just can't.......I can't......." Emily tried to recover, but she couldn't

Emily grunted heavily. "I think th at's a good idea Spencer, maybe if I wasn't this cold, everyone will feel happy."

"Spencer over heard them ,"  that would be great agreed Spencer,

Molly woke up and jumped from the branch she had sleeped on. She rubbed the back of her boiler.

"I wish I could sleep with you," she sighed and glanced at Duck. "And he does too."

Edward rubbed his eyes. If only there was enough room down here, he thought.

"We have to get the art teacher's permission to for us to keep working on our projects." James concluded, raising his nose in a perfect slatue. "I hope I have 100% right on the 15.1 balance."

Gordon crossed his arms and sat beside Henry, who hadn't said anything since James began.

"I wonder if we can pass that science quiz today," Percy wondered.

Emily agreed. "Yeah Murdoch I do too."

So do i said Murdoch

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