A lot of students were waiting for the bus to come so they could go on their year-long trip to their aunt.

"I like your beach outfit," Thomas told Emily. "It really stands out perfectly."

Emily blushed. "I know, I picked this outfit by myself from the dressing room, and it fits!"

Duncan rolled his eyes. "Who ever thought of wearing a beach outfit to our aunt's? It's rubbish."

"Douggie, iz the bus here yet?" Douglas asked impatiently.

"No Dougl', not yet." his twin replied.

Henry pulled out a bag. "I brought magazines to read on the bus."

Edward shivered, not because he was cold, but because he was a little nervous.

"I hope we brought blankets," he said.

"I talked to the bus driver and he told me he had blankets for everyone," Gordon said. "So we don't have to worry."

James felt his smooth face turn as red as his skin. "I brought Silver along."

Bill and Ben were skipping joyfully in circles. They were as excited as the others.

"Now settle down you two," said BoCo sternly. "You know the art project the art teacher planned after we come back from our trip."

"We know," Bill chimed impatiently. "You told us fiftheen times already."

Lucy's blonde pigtails swang as she skipped around the engines.

Whiff rubbed his dirty hair. "For a twelve-year-old here, is no trouble."

"Yeah," Harvey agreed jokingly.

Percy got very bored and looked at the tall oak tree. "I'm going to miss this oak tree for a year."

Thomas sighed sadly. "Me too."

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