It was a beautiful fall morning and it was the engines' first day of school.  They all woke up in the school dormitary and was getting dressed.

"Well, today is the day," sighed Edward as he looked at the calender. "The first day of our new school."

James rolled his eyes. "This isn't going to be a new school, dumbhead! It's going to be the same school we've been too since we were little."

Emily looked at him. "Don't call Edward a dumbhead, James!" she snapped.

"Guys!" Thomas interuppted. "Let's not start the new year with an arguement, okay? Let's all take a deep breath and head to the school for breakfast."

"Oh little Thomas, we're all a bit miffed for the first day of school," said Gordon kindly. "We don't know any of our teachers, our lockers, and most importantly......our new classes."

It was true. Last year, almost everybody got to be the same classes. Now, they wonder if they're going to be united again.

"We don't have much time left to think about it," Duck said, zipping up his bright green Great Western jacket. "We'd better head on to breakfast before the bell rings."

"Want some of my garlic bread, James?" Percy asked, holding a piece of garlic bread in his hand.

"No thank you, Percy," he replied kindly. "I'm alright. Do you want this blueberry muffin I have?"

"Yes please," replied Percy. He took the muffin away from James's hand, and began taking a big bite out of it.

Gordon raised an eyebrow. "For such a little engine, you do have a good appetite." He bit into his garlic bread thoughtfully. "I mean, it's just breakfast and - "

"Hey guys," a voice interupted. It was Henry, carrying a tray of cereal.

"Henry!" exclaimed Thomas. "Come join us, there's a seat next to Edward." He pointed to an empty seat right by the brainy student, who was stirring his cereal around.

"Is something wrong, Edward?" Gordon finally asked. "You do seem a bit down right now."

Edward sighed and looked at his friends. "I think it's time for us to be dectivtes."

"What's a dectivie?" asked Percy.

"A dectivite is someone who finds clues and solve mysteries," explained Henry.

"We need our first mystery to solve," said Duck. "And I think I found our first one."

"What is it, Duck?" asked James.

"When I was on my way here, I found a pink envelope on the floor," he replied. "I don't know who it belongs to, but when I opened it, on a white card it read 'Find the Locker Room's Secret.'"

"I wonder what the secret is," said Thomas thoughtfully.

"And I guess we have our first mysety to solve," added Percy. "For us to be dectivites!"

The breakfast bell rang, everyone threw their trash away, wiped out their tables and hurried towards the lockers to start the first day of school as Thomas, Percy and Emily were heading to there lockers past the old Special ed Hall.

"So Thomas, what is your first..." Percy said before stoping.

"What is it, Percy?" asked Thomas.

They looked to see a person with a Phantom of the opera style outfit with a mask to match standing a few feet away creepy music started playing.

"Find the locker rooms secret" said the figure.

"Who are you?" asked Emily.

"you have 1 month to figure out the secret, and if you can not figure it out an unfoutinet accident will be fall one of your friends" the figure said before turning and disappearing through the boarded up door of the Special Ed Hall.

After class.

"So this figure said that to you?" asked Gordon.

"Yep, jast as we neared the old hall" said Thomas.

"So this mystery thickens" said Duck.

"It appears so" said Henry.

"First that white card, and now that figure" pondered James.

"Lets start finding clues as to what this all could mean" said Edward.

"Hello" said a familear voice.

it was Duke the schools oldest working Janitor.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

So they told him. Duke gasped.

"Not again" he mumbled.

"What do you mean?" asked Rosie walking up.

"What are you doing here" groaned Thomas.

Rosie was a verry Tomboyish girl, and had a huge crush on Thomas, even thogh he keeps saying there just friends.

"I heard everything and i want in" said Rosie.

Percy who unkown to the others had a crush on Rosie said.

"Sure, you can join" said Percy.

"Listen to me, your delving in to deep with this mystery, for your own safty stay away from this case. To many have been hurt because of him" said Duke darkly before leaveing.

"That was strange" said Edward.

"Because of who!" shouted Rosie.

"Cause of the Phantom!" came Duke.

"I'm not sure if we have proof that Duke behind this," said Edward thoughtfully.

It was just two seconds after the second class and the engines were getting for morning-recess.

"He could be counted as a suspect," said Henry, shrugging. "I mean, what are the odds? There are other people we have not met yet."

"Remember what the figure said to Thomas, Percy, and Emily?" asked James. "The figure said that we only have the rest of this month to figure out the secret. It's only the first of August."

"So that means, we only have enough days to work it out." said Gordon.

Duck pulled out his bright green jacket from his locker and placed it on. "What about the white card? I mean, I couldn't think about who it belong to anyway."

Rosie backed up a little, her pale beginning to turn pale. "Maybe the Phantom is real!" she squeaked. "Just like Duke said, it may be cursed."

Thomas shook his head. "Duke never said anything about it being cursed," he said knowingly. "Maybe that pink card Duck's talking about might give us a clue."

"But........." Duck's face slowly began to be crumbled. "I must have hid it in my locker."

"Duck!!" scolded Henry. "I told you before we left for second period not to leave the pink card behind."

"That's enough Henry," Edward then turned to Duck. "Don't worry Duck, I'm sure you hurry to your locker and pink that card. We'll meet you by the oak tree."

As Duck set off, the others went to the oak tree. When Duck got to his locker he saw a note.

"What is this?" he wondered.

He looked at the note.

'If you want to know more, find the one in a Tophat.

Signed the Phantom of the School"

Duck gasped. He grabbed white card and ran off to meet the others.

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