The others was chatting about things at the oak tree when Duck came outside to the oak tree, red-faced.

"Is there something wrong Duck?" asked Gordon. "Your face is red!"

Duck waited till he caught his breath, then he blurted out, "Look at what this said!"

The others looked at the white card Duck was holding, then they looked at each other.

"What could that mean?" asked James.

"It must be somebody with a tophat," replied Percy. " could that be? Lots of people wear top hats."

Edward nodded. "That's true Percy, but I'm sure there's one person at our school who has a top hat. He's the principal at our school."

"Sir Topham Hatt??" the other gasped.

"The card says 'Find someone with a top-hat', so one of our suspects is our Principle." Rosie nodded. "Let's go see if he has any proof behind this."

So the others went inside the school and went into the office.

"Sir, we need your help here," said Toby breathlessly. "Duck has a card in his hand."

Sir Topham Hatt looked up from the paper he was writing.

"Excuse me?" he asked. He looked a bit puzzled.

"We're trying to solve our first mystery, and you happen to be one of our suspects," explained Henry. "We were wondering if you have any proof about that figure Thomas, Percy, and Emily were seeing."

Sir Topham Hatt grabbed the card from Duck's hand and looked at it.

"Well, that's gotta be me," he chuckled. "Though I can't give away a suspect in order, I would expect you to find Duke. He might have another clue that will probably help you."

"Thank you sir," said Edward kindly. Then he turned to his friends. "Come on guys, let's go find Duke."

"Good luck!" Sir Topham Hatt called.

Soon they found Duke.

"Hello, young ones, what do you need?" asked Duke.

"Tell us about the Phantom" said Rosie.

Duke sighed.

"Long ago this school had a special ed hall, what you know as the old hall, there was one prominent student. He went by the name of Mays, he always wore a outfit matching the Phantom from the Phantom of the Opera" said Duke.

"What happened to him?" asked Percy.

"One day the hall caught fire, all but Mays made it out. When the fire was put out Mays was nowhere to be found, we then decided to not tear the hall down but bored it up" said Duke.

The others gasped.

"Ever since his phantom has haunted the school" said Duke.

"I dont think he is a phantom, he looked to real to be one" said Emily.

"Well i leave it to you guys then" said Duke before leaveing.

"Well that gave us nothing, not a single clue" griped James.

"Maybe not James, but at least we know the figures name" said Rosie.

"I wonder if he is still in that hall" said Duck.

Then they heard a voice.

'In the special hall!' came the voice.

"Who in the world said that?" asked Henry. He was shaking.

"I don't know," replied Gordon. "but I would have to say Emily could be right. What if the Phantom really looks like a opera styled outfit and is trying to haunt our school?"

"It's not Halloween," teased Thomas.

Edward shook his head. "Gordon has a point guys, it's just like Emily said: "he looks to be like one". So that means if the Phantom is not some ghost, then he could be something else."

"So then whoever was talking to us a few seconds ago, he must have some reason." said Duck.

Percy nodded. "There's not much time left before the bell rings. I guess we'll have to get ready for fourth period early."

The others nodded and went to their lockers to get ready for science, as a figure watched them from the shadows.

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