It was an early Monday morning and everyone was having a well-mealed breakfast when the intercom came on.

"Good morning students, this is Sir Topham Hatt here. Can I see the following students in my office: Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Rosie, and Emily, please? Thank you."

"I wonder what our controller wants," said James. "I could be another mystery waiting for us."

"Let's go find out," replied Edward, standing up. "We still have another hour left before the bell rings to start getting ready for language arts"

So the Steam Team (plus Rosie and Duck) headed on their way to the office, which is towards the front doors.

"So which classes so you have, Rosie?" asked Thomas.

"Art, social studies, science, langauge arts, gym, morning-and-afternoon recess" she replied. "Pretty much what you all have."

"Our gym teacher, Ms. Golden, is an okay teacher, but scrict." Gordon moaned. "Last year, I got yelled at for dirting my gym shorts from that mud we had."

"Thank goodness we don't have any homework, well............except for when we do projects." Edward said happily.

Percy nodded. "Projects and mysteries, we solve a whole racket of those already."

"Exspecially our first one," added James. "That figure was Mr. Merlins, the friendly wizard. And the secret room was just an office."

"Well, we'd better hurry up," Duck said urgently. "The fat controller probably has a mystery for us."

"So what is the mystery?" asked Toby.

Sir Topham Hatt looked worried. "It seems our jar of chocolate candy on Mr. Percival's desk is gone!"

The others looked at Mr. Percival's desk and saw that their controller was right. A clear jar with the label "chocolate treats" had no chocolate in it.

"What do you think happened sir?" asked James.

"I don't know," Sir Topham Hatt replied. "I was wondering since you guys are great dectivies, I was wondering if you could help solve this mystery."

"We can try," said Henry kindly. "We'll tell you if we find the theif."

"Thank you so much," Sir Topham Hatt shook each Steam Team's hand. Then he looked at the clock. "I'm afraid there is no time yet for all of you to have breakfast, the bell's going to ring any minute now."

Edward shrugged. "I'd guess we'd better hurry up and get our table cleaned before we start getting ready for class."

"Good luck with the mystery!" Sir Topham Hatt called when they started to leave.

After three classes, it was time for morning recess, so some of the engines headed off to the famous oak tree.

"Well, we got our mystery, but now we needs evidance." Duck pointed out, zipping up his bright green jacket. "And suspects."

"I think I know where we can being our mystery at," said Rosie excitedly. "Remember that gray boy we always see sleeping in the fourteenth locker room?"

"Yeah, always has his thumb in his mouth," James said, cringing. "Yuck!"

Edward rolled his eyes. "That makes no sense Rosie, I'm sure that boy wouldn't do such a thing."

"Well, I might have a clue," said Percy. "On my way outside, I saw a green card laying on the floor. I'm not actually sure who it is, but when I opened it, it said. "Hello Percy, I'm the new engine here at school. Here's a little puzzle for you and your mystery-solving friends: Find some suspects that are blue, red, and green. I know you guys will work together as a team. Find a pretty blue-iron engine named Julie with gold hoop earrings by each side and my silver body to help you solve this mystery."

"I guess we have two puzzles to figure out," said Henry. "First we need to find out who stole all the chocolate and solve the puzzle."

"We can do both," Thomas suggested. "We can find out who stole the candy and the puzzle as well."

"Were should we start looking then?" asked Gordon.

"Lets start by finding this Julie person" said James.

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