After science class was over, the lunch bell rang and everyone practically ran to the cafeteria. It took a while, but at long last, the Steam Team had gotten their lunches.

"I can't believe this," said Percy sadly. "This is our first mystery and we, so far, only have suspect: Duke." He wiped a tear from his eye with a napkin.

"Don't cry Percy," Thomas said, placing his arm around his best friend. "We just have to find some more suspects."

"I believe I have one," said a smooth voice. It was an engine who had black clothing: a black shirt, black jeans, black shoes, and even black socks!

"Who are you?" asked James suspiciously.

"My name is Diesel," he replied. "One of the devious ones at this big school."

Edward took a bite of his peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. "Thanks for your introduction," he said kindly. "Would you like to have a seat with us?"

"Sorry Einstein, I can't. I sit at table 70 over here." Diesel pointed to the very far end of the cafeteria. "Well, it was certainly nice meeting you all."

"Diesel, hold on a minute." Gordon raised up a chocolate-covered finger. "You said that you have a suspect. Would you sharing it with us, please?'

Diesel grinned his usual sneer grin. "Yes I will."

So he sat down.

"He goes by the name of S.C. Ruffey" said Diesel.

They gasped.

"He is the leader of the trucks, what does he have to do with any of this?" asked James.

"Alot beleave me" said Diesel.

"What do you mean?" Asked Rosie.

"I have seen him talking to someone in the shadows, and he always heads to the old Sped Ed hall" said Diesel.

They gasped again.

"That is were Mays mysteriously disappeared" said Toby.

"Now see you guys" Diesel smirked getting up and heading off.

"I dont trust him" said Duck.

"I agree with Duck, how did he know what we were doing" said Oliver.

"He probably overheared us and wanted to try and help," replied Henry.

Emily's face turned pale. "Remember what Diesel said? He said he saw someone talking in the shadows, so that's part of the mystery. We need to find the someone, but where should we start looking?"

"We could try the locker room.......after lunch, we could begin searching after we eat." said Thomas.

"Witch locker room?" asked Percy.

"Lets try the old Sped ed hall, the old swiming pool there has a locker room" said Henry.

"I guess" said Thomas.

"But Sir Topham Hatt has said that it is not safe" said Oliver.

"All the more reason to explore it" sniffed Rosie.

Rosie sometimes sniffed at the rules set by adults. Soon the end of lunch bell rang.

"Well how do we get there, Henry?" asked Gordon.

"Don't know" said Henry.

"I saw a map of our school when we arrived for breakfast," said Edward. "So instead of getting ready for our first afternoon-recess, why not use our period to look for the 'someone' Diesel was talking about, hmm?"

James shrugged. "Well, this mystery is way more serious than having to spend a good afternoon outside, so I agree."

"Same here," agreed everyone else.

After lunch they went to the map. Soon they found it.

"So we go to the second hallway, make a left turn, go past the gym, and then make a left turn towards the old swimming pool." said Edward. So off they went, soon they found the entrance and went in. When they went in it was spooky, cobwebs were everywere, a hole in the roof gave the only light, green vines and moss grew on the roof around the hole and the vines hung down, seats and benches were old and rusty, and the pool water was green in color due to standing water.

"It sure is spooky in here" shivered Percy.

"I agree" said Oliver.

"Hey guys I found a light switch" said James.

When he flipped the switch, faint voices started up.

"Hey, Phantom, were is your Lady" came a voice.

"Shut up, Rickety" said a angry voice.

The voices soon died out.

"That was weird" said Rosie.

They looked around and found it.

"Look there is the door to the mens locker room" said James.

As they entered they saw all but one of the lockers had the doors missing, or rusted off.

"Lets check this one" said Toby.

As they opened it they found a pink note. Edward read it.

'My dear Lady Stone, I can not put up with this anymore, please forgive me for what I am going to do.

Signed Mays the Phantom of the school'

The others looked in aw.

"When is it dated?" asked Emily.

"September 28, 1978" said Edward.

"That's the day before the Sped Ed hall caught fire!" exclaimed Henry.

"Is it possible that Mays set the fire?" asked Rosie.

"Don't know but what I want to know is who this Lady Stone is" said Gordon.

Then Oliver gasped as she saw a shadow dart away out off the corner of his eye.

"We must get out of here, now!" he exclaimed.

They ran out of the locker room and gasped, floating in the air in the middle of the pool stood the Phantom.

"You dare say my loves name!" he exclaimed.

The Phantom raised his hand and the door they entered was shut, Oliver ran for the doors but was blocked by a bolt of lightning sent by the Phantom.

"Those who say her name must face the consequences!" Echoed his voice.

Water from the pool lifted up in the air. Pieces of water started flying at them, as they dodged the water, Gordon saw some doors on the other side of the room.

"Guys I found are way out!" exclaimed Gordon.

They ran for the doors as they dodged the flying water, as they burst through the doors they landed on a burnt floor.

"Were are we?" asked Rosie.

"This is the Special Ed hall" said Thomas.

"So this is the damage the fire caused" said Duck.

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