The Special Ed hall was a mess! Papers were on the floor, several lockers has been rusted off, broken wood was about everywhere, all the walls were burnt and covered in black soot and even a lonely big sofa even have been chewed up.

"This is more worse than the vampire movie we saw last night," said Oliver nervously. "This hallway is messy!"

Edward looked down at the floor and examined a paper that was on the floor. It read 'Beware of the Secret Locker Room.' Edward's eyes were huge as he read the paper.

"G-g-guys," he stammered. "I think we have an answer."

James shook his head. "No we don't, Edward. We don't have an answer yet."

Emily nodded. "What Edward is saying is that we have an answer to who the 'someone' is, not the entire mystery."

"So....... who is it?" asked Duck, his eyebrows raised.

"It's......." Edward gulped. "Rickety."

"Rickety!?" Thomas exclaimed. "That Diesel is a klutz. who is Rickety?"

Edward nodded. "Don't know but according to this paper, that's who Diesel was talking about earlier. So now," he continued. "we have part of the mystery solved. But now we have bigger issues." He glanced over at the clock above the lockers. "It's almost one-o'clock! We have to get ready for math now! But how do we get out?"

"Get Out!" came a voice.

Then the Phantom appeard.

"leave mine and my Lady's home!" he exclaimed.

"Says who" sniffed Rosie.

"Your going to regret those words!" he snapped.

He then floated over to Rosie and grabbed her by the throat.

"Let...Me..Go!" gasped Rosie.

"Told you that you would regret your words" said the Phantom.

"Let her go!" snapped Percy.

The Phantom smirked.

"Verry well" he said.

He lifted into the air with Rosie with her struggling." begged Rosie.

She had a hidden fear of heights.

"Catch!" he said and released Rosie.

She shut her eyes as Percy ran and caught Rosie. She opened her eyes.

"Are you ok?" asked Percy.

"Yes i am Percy" said Rosie.

"How dare you!" snapped Percy.

"HA, HA, My next move" laughed Mays.

He snapped his figures and Rosie's shirt and skirt were gone leveeing her in only her underwear, pantyhose, and shoes.

"Hey!" exclaimed Rosie.

Mays then snapped his left fingers and Rosie's arms were bound behind her back as a camera appeared and started taking pictures.

"STOP THAT!" Roared Rosie.

Rosie's arms were unbound as the camera disappeared.

"You kids really think you can take on me" said Mays.

"Yes" said Gordon.

"HA,HA,HA, that's a good one, you guys aint no Mystery Inc" laughed the Phantom.

Then Mays raised and lowered his hand and a bolt of lightning struck the floor in front of Gordon, causing him to fall back.

"Do you like my tricks?" asked Mays smirking.

"No" said Thomas shaking.

"Return my clothes!" yelled Rosie who's face was red with embarrassment.

"Alright" said Mays.

He snapped his fingers again and Rosie's clothes were back.

"Thank you" said Henry.

Papers started flying, and rocks lifted off the ground.

"Feel thy rath!" he yelled.

Percy noticed some stairs on the right side at the end of the hallway. "Look!" he cried. "There are some stairs on the right side at the end! I bet that's where we'll get to the first locker room, let's go!"

So they ran to the end of the hallway (being careful of the wood on the floor and in the way) and dodging flying rocks, charged up the right side of the stairs and were realived when they found the first locker room.

"And now class, we move the second decimal to the right, then add up the ones first and..... " Ms. Marsh, their math teacher, was in the middle of teaching when she saw the Steam Team moaning and groaned. "Excuse me, but I believe the rule is: No talking while the teacher is talking. That goes for groans too!"

"But Ms. Marsh, we - " James began, but the teacher cut him off.

"There will be no buts in the classroom, Mister Hughes. There will be plenty of moaning and groaning once this period is over." Then Ms. Marsh kept on teaching.

Edward, on the other hand, had stopping groaning and was writing a note on a blank sheet of notebook paper. He passed it to Henry, who was next to him. Henry unfolded it and shook his head.

Why? he wrote and then passed it to Edward. Edward wrote in reply: Because I think we have another suspect. We'll have to discuss it by the oak tree after school. Groaning about it isn't going to help us get out of class.He passed it to Henry again and he wrote: Okay.

"Please do ten problems on page 101, class." Ms. Marsh said. "You must finish them by the end of this period."

"That's just great," Duck grumbled under his berth.

"What did you say, Mister. Collet B.?" Ms. Marsh asked sternly. Her bushy eyebrows raised and her blue eyes flashed.

"I didn't say a word," Duck replied. "I was just getting my math book out of my desk."

Ms. Marsh seemed more calm. "Very well then, class, as soon as you found the page, get to work!" She then returned to her desk.

The only one who is not working is Edward. He had his mind about the paper, and the pink note, and about the suspect.

"Mister Pettigrew, why aren't you working on the problems?" Ms. Marsh asked. "And what is that in your hand?"

Edward stared at the teacher and began searching for his math book. "I was just getting my notebook and this paper in my hand was just a piece of trash. I'll throw it away when this period is over."

Ms. Marsh looked safatified and Edward began working on the problems in his notebook.

After class.

"What should we do now?" asked Emily.

"Find out who this Lady Stone is, for starters" said Edward.

"And why she is so important" said Gordon.

"Did you say Lady Stone?" came a voice.

A reading teacher named Molly Holden came up.

"Oh, Hello teach" said Duck.

"Can you tell us about a girl named Lady Stone?" asked James.

"Sure, Lady Stone was a student that arrived at the school in January of 1977, she was a 10th grader, one day she met Mays and those two knew they were meant to be" said Molly.

(Flashback Starts)

Mays saw three bullies surrounding a girl.

"I warned you what would happen if you denied me" smirked Diesel 10.

"Help!" called the trembling girl.

"There is no one to help you" said Diesel 10.

The girl started to cry.

"Hey 10 leave that girl alone!" said Mays.

They turned. and the girl stopped crying.

"Well, if it aint the Phony Phantom" snickered Diesel 10.

This made Mays Cross.

"Says the one with a claw for an arm" said Mays.

Now Diesel 10 was cross.

"Face me if you dare, freak!" shouted Diesel 10.

"You sure thats a good idea, Boss" said Splater.

"Stow it, Splodge!" snapped Diesel 10.

So Mays fought the three bullies, soon the three were on the floor.

"Splodge, retreat!" exclaimed Diesel 10.

They ran, Mays walked up to the girl.

"You alright?" asked Mays.

The girl stared at Mays.

"Yes" she said.

"My name is Mays the Phantom, what is yours?" said Mays.

"My name is Lady Stone" said Lady blushing.

Mays smilled.

"A fine name, for a girl of your beauty" said Mays blushing a little.

"Want to be friends?" asked Lady.

"Sure" said Mays.

Not long after they became Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

(Flashback ends)

"They were inseparable, and cared for one another verry well. But.." said Molly before being interupted.

"What?" asked Rosie.

Edward turned to Rosie.

"You know to never interupt a teacher when they are talking" said Edward.

"Sorry, Molly" said Rosie.

So Molly continued.

"The next year in 1978, a group of students known as the Troublesome Trucks bullied Mays for hanging around Lady" said Molly.

"The Troublesome Trucks?" question Henry.

"That was the groups original name before being shortend to the Trucks and one student was the worst to him" Continued Molly.

"Who?" asked Percy.

"He was the leader of the Troublesome Trucks at the time, and his name was Rickety" said Molly.

(Flashback starts)

Mays and Lady were walking to the park holding hands, when Rickety and his gruop came up.

"Well it seams like the intimadateing Phantom has gone soft" scoffed Rickety.

The others giggled.

"Lets keep walking my love, and pay no head to them" said Lady.

"Listen to your girl now you git" said Rickety.

Rickety then walked of with his group.

(End Flashback)

They gasped.

"On September 28, Rickety pushed Mays to far, and by the next day the hall caught fire, when the fire was put out all the students but Mays was safe, Lady was heart broken by not being able to find Mays who she loved so much" said Molly sadly.

"Wow" said Rosie.

"Lady would be very upset even after she graduated in 1980, she whould often come talk to me when she was crying, i did my best to make her feel better, but i had little success, but in 1982 his spirit has since haunted the school" said Molly.

"He does not look to be one" said Emily.

"What do you mean?" asked Molly.

So they told her all about what has happened so far.

"Dear Me" said Molly.

"I think why he is around is to have Lady back with him" said Oliver.

"That makes sense," said Gordon thoughtfully. "This may be a good clue with the secret."

"Secret?" asked Molly curiously.

"This morning, I found a pink card on the floor and we were trying to figure out the mystery of the secret locker room," Duck explained. "It's our first mystery we have on the first day of school. We have only one month solving the mystery before that Phantom haunts the school and we're only sixth-graders."

Molly winked. "Well, I happen to enjoy mysteries myself, and I got permission from Sir Topham Hatt to use my old classroom as a MYSTERIES classroom. I'm going to start a form those of you willing to join. Is anyone interested?"

The whole Steam Team (plus Oliver and Rosie) raised their hands.

"Wonderful!" Molly exclaimed happily. "My class will begin at 2:30-3:30. As soon as I print out some forms, I'll hand them to your reading teacher."

"Thanks Molly," said Edward kindly. He turned towards the others. "Come on guys, we'd better get ready for reading class."

"See you soon guys," Molly said kindly, as the others began to walk away.

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