"What did you say those trees were called again, Edward?" asked Percy. He and the others were taking an airplane trip to Hawaii to enjoy themselves. Their controller had allow them to go on their own since they were responable enough.

"They're called palm trees Percy," replied Edward from the seat in front of him. "It says that some on them have coconuts on them."

"Is there one who is as nutty as Percy?" asked Thomas cheekily. Percy looked very upset.

"Don't worry Percy," said Duck, who was sitting behind Percy. "Thomas is only being cheeky."

Percy wiped a tear from his usual green shirt, turned around, and smiled at Duck. He could always count on a good friend to trust him.

Gordon looked up from the magazine he was reading. He had a frown on his face. "Remember the hotel we're staying in for the rest of this month?" he asked. "Well, I've read that it could be haunted."

"Haunted?" Percy repeated nervously. He looked scared.

James opened his eyes, yawned, and then turned around in his seat to face Percy. "That's a bunch of coal and water Percy, there are no such things as ghosts!"

Emily was in the seat in from him and scowled. "You better not be teasing Percy," she scolded. "If you are, then I shall - "

Henry, who was by the window seat, interrupted her. "Come on you guys," he protested. "It's only the first day in May. We should feel happy that we only got four months before school backs up in September."

Gordon nodded. "Henry's right, you guys. Once we get in Hawaii, there shall be no talk of ghosts until we have all settled ourselves down. Sounds fair?"

"Yes Gordon," all twelve members said at once. And they talk about other things for the rest of the trip. Soon there plane landed on the runway.

"Welcome to Hawaii, guys" said Edward as they got off there plane.

They went through Customs, and found there transportation waiting.

"You Thomas and Friends?" asked the driver.

"Yes" said Thomas.

"Then hop on in my bus, the Hotel owner is waiting for you" said the driver.

So they got in and they were soon on the road.

"Something wrong, Toby?" asked Edward.

"Why would the owner be waiting for us?" Questioned Toby.

"Don't know" said Emily.

"I just want to get to my hotel room" sniffed Rosie.

"Will get there soon enough" said Gordon.

Soon they pulled up to the hotel, and got off.

"Thomas and friends?" said a man.

"Who are you?" asked Henry.

"Names Cliff I'm the servent to the owner, he sent me to show you to your rooms" said the Servant.

So they followed him into the Hotel, as they went along Thomas looked up and saw a shadowy figure stareing at them through a window, he felt a bit of fear.

"These are the boys rooms, and the girls room is right across the hall" said Cliff.

"Thanks" said Thomas.

Then an old man came up.

"Who are you?" asked Emily.

"This is Jeff, he's are caretaker here" said Cliff.

"Nice to meet ya" said Jeff.

Before Jeff set off.

"Oh, may I remind you to lock your doors and windows at night" said Jeff.

"Why?" asked Percy.

"So the ghost does not get ya" said Jeff.

"Ghost!" exclaimed Percy.

"Yes, we are haunted by a ghost, 50 years ago when this place first opened there was an acident, a man staying at the hotel fell and drowned in the pool, he has since haunted the hotel" sighed Cliff.

"Well guys lets get to bed it's late" said Henry.

As the boys were getting ready, so were the girls.

"Rosie please behave while were here" said Emily.

"I will try, but I make no promises" said Rosie.

Soon they were all asleep. At 12:00am however Emily started to feel cold.

"I know I shut the window" yawned Emily.

But what she saw made her shake, a few feet from Emily's bed was one of those tables with a mirror on it, she shok Rosie. Rosie was soon awake.

"Why did you have to wake me up" she groaned.

Then she saw what Emily was seeing.

"Go get the others" said Emily.

So she went to get the boys soon they were there.

"Whats wrong?" said Edward.

He then saw the mirror.

"There is a message written in the mirror" said Edward.

"Can you read it, Thomas" asked Gordon.

"Sure" said Thomas.

So Thomas started to read it.

"This is a warning if you do not leave the place by noon tomorrow, you will suffer terribly.


The Phantom Ghost"

All but Edward were quiet.

"Well Gang, it looks like we stumbled onto another mystery" said Edward.

"lets worry about it tomorrow, I want to go back to sleep" said Duck.

"Ducks right, night girls" said Henry as the boys went back to there rooms.

The next morning.

"Lets go speak to Jeff" said Edward.

"Ok, I just hope he can explain a little more about what has been going on at this Hotel" said Oliver.

Soon they found Jeff.

"Oh, hello, what do you guys want?" asked Jeff.

"Tell us about the weird hauntings going on here" said Edward.

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