It was an early Friday morning and the engines were just getting ready for second period.

"Are you guys excited about the Scottish Irish Dance coming up?" asked Emily.

"Yes," agreed Edward. "It's going to be the best school dance ever."

Gordon smiled. "The best part is we have kilts to wear for the dance," he said proudly. "I've heard there's going to be some new engines joining us too."

"What is a kilt?" asked Percy.

"A kilt is something that is worn by the bravest men in Scotland." explained Henry. "They wore it for special occassions."

"Do they wear it for mysteries too?" asked James. This made everyone laugh. Theyall love mysteries.

Rosie shrugged. "They might have James," she replied. "Besides, that reminds me: We haven't had a good mystery to solve in a while."

"I guess that's the first thing we'll do," said Duck. "But first, it's almost time for second period to begin. We'd better hurry."

As the engines were making on their way to the oak tree to begin morning recess, there was a shrill high-pitched scream.

Emily was standing in front of her opened locker, tears were dribbling down her cheeks. Edward could see she was crying.

"What's the matter, Emily?" he asked kindly.

"My kilt is gone!" she cried. "We were told during first period to keep our kilts with us at all times until the dance, and now it's missing."

"We'd better discuss this on the playground," said Gordon firmly. "Maybe we can work out this mystery behind us."

And so Emily closed her locker and the others went to the oak tree outside.

James leaned aganist the oak tree, thinking hard. "Where do you think it's missing?"

"I don't know James," replied Percy. "I bet somebody probably took it from Emily's locker."

Edward nodded. "Percy is right about that; somebody from our very own school must have thought somebody would so such a thing."

"But how could somebody could do such a thing?" asked Rosie. "I mean, we got plenty of culprits here at our school. Such as Stanley, the "chocolate" stealer, and Julie, the new blue-iron engine with the silver hoop earrings."

"Either one of those could be our suspects," said Henry. "We also have suspects too."

Emily looked she was about to cry again. "I'm not sure either one of those two have my kilt. There's not much time left. It's only fourteen days until the dance. If I don't have my kilt ready on time, Sir Topham Hatt will punish me with cleaning up after the party."

"Well, if we go ask them, then they might give us a suspect that they know." Edward suggested. "Look, there's Julie by the school flagpole. Let's go and ask her."

They went over to speak to Julie.

"Hey, guys" she said.

They soon found out that Julie was not a viable suspect seeing as she had no idea what they were talking about. So they left to find Stanley. They found him in the library reading.

"Stanly!" said Emily.

Stanley looked up.

"What do you want?" asked Stanley.

"Did you take Emilys Kilt?" asked Thomas.

"Emily had a Kilt!" exclaimed Stanley.

"There is no way Stanley took your Kilt Emily, cause he has no idea what a kilt is" said James.

"For your infomation, Bossy but, i do know waht a kilt is" snapped Stanley.

"So you did not take it?" asked Edward.

"Ofcourse i did not, why whould i do such a thing when i have a great deal of respect for girls" said Stanley.

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