(The scene shows Ant and Dec on the bridge)

Dec: 10 famous faces are ready to be writing the history books in the jungle.

Ant: And they don't know what will be coming out of them.

Dec: And 10 famous faces will be standing on this very bridge at 7am.

Ant: And we don't know what these celebrities will do.

Dec: And we say 10 because there is a very good reason for that.

Ant: And that reason will be revealed furthermore in the return of... I'm a Celebrity....

Both: (echoing) GET ME OUT OF HERE! (The scene goes into the opening titles)

(Helicopters are carrying the words)

Vernon Kay

Mark Labett

Idina Menzal

Kristen Bell

Melinda Messenger

Helen Mirren

Rebecca Hyland

Tokio Myers

Alex Zane

Kate Thornton

(The words I'm a Celebrity get out down. Then, the words Get Me Out of Here! appear)

(The scene fades to Ant and Dec next to a TV)

Dec: Good morning. Good evening. Welcome to Australia. We're all back with a big bang.

Ant: This year, we've got some familiar faces that you may know of.

Dec: We've got The Chase star The Beast, aka, Mark Labett in the jungle.

Ant: And before The Chase goes back on TV, he'll have to spend three weeks in the jungle.

Dec: We've also got Britain's Got Talent 2017 winner, Tokio Myers in there.

Ant: He'll be in the jungle whilst.... 8 other people from BGT 2017 will be watching him whilst they have fun with us.

Dec: And those 8 other people........... are none other than the MerseyGirls!

Ant: Yes!

(The I'm a Celebrity crew cheer as the MerseyGirls join Ant and Dec)

Ant: Hiya, girls.

Dec: They will be joining us for the next three weeks. With some nice food.

(The I'm a Celebrity crew laugh)

Ant: Time to meet our first celebrity. The snow may not glow white in the jungle, but a single footprint will be seen. And there WILL be a Kingdom of isolation and it will look like she is the queen.

Dec: It's....

Julia: (jumping in) Idina Menzal!

Ant: I.... I was about to say that. But, good job nonetheless.

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