(The scene cuts to a snake which then snaps)

(The scene fades to Ant, Dec and the MerseyGirls)

Dec: (whispering a bit) Ooh. Scary.

Ant: (whispering a bit) Scary indeed. Now, we're just about to head into Snake Rock to find out which two celebrities will be facing the first Bushtucker Trial of the series.

Dec: (whispering a bit) Now. Each show, one of the MerseyGirls will be chosen to announce with us two over the next few weeks.

Ant: (whispering a bit) So, who's going to do the announcing with us tonight?

Julia: (whispering a bit) Well, I think I'll do it. Because I'm obviously the main one from the group.

Ant: (whispering a bit) Okay. Julia. You come with us two. The rest of the girls, you stay here.

(Ant, Dec and Julia walk off towards the six celebrities in Snake Rock)

Ant: Hello.

Melinda Messenger: Hello.

Julia: Hi.

The other celebrities: (one by one) Hello. Hi.

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