(The scene shows Ant, Dec and Julia on the bridge)

Dec: The celebrities are settling in the jungle.

Julia: But, you know as they say, no one is safe.

Ant: At least for the celebrities in Snake Rock.

Dec: I bet you're bursting to say to say it with us, Julia.

Julia: You bet I am. I'm ready to say it.

Dec: It's time for the first Bushtucker Trial of the series.... here on I'm a Celebrity....

All: (echoing) GET ME OUT OF HERE!

(The scene goes into the opening titles)

(Helicopters are carrying the words)

Vernon Kay

Mark Labett

Idina Menzal

Kristen Bell

Melinda Messenger

Helen Mirren

Rebecca Hyland

Tokio Myers

Alex Zane

Kate Thornton

(The words I'm a Celebrity get out down. Then, the words Get Me Out of Here! appear)

(The scene fades to Ant, Dec and the MerseyGirls next to a TV)

Ant: Good morning. And welcome to Australia.

Dec: Last night, all 10 celebrities made it into camp into one piece.

Ant: But what do they know? Hmm?

Dec: I bet that there's more at stake than winning.

Ant: There is. Time to see how our celebrities are getting on. But.... one of them stayed up in the middle of the night.

Dec: But eventually went back to sleep.

Julia: And eventually means that something happens in the end after series of events. Like going back to sleep.

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