I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

(The scene fades to Ant, Dec and the MerseyGirls)

Dec: Welcome back to the final of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! where we have been joined by all of this year's campmates. Hi, everybody.

(The other 10 finalists cheer)

Dec: Looking very spiffy tonight.

Ant: Very spiffy. Right. It's time to announce this year's winner. I can tell you that we've have had the most amount of votes in the series. We've had 13 million votes. They have been counted and verified and we have your decision.

Dec: Melinda. Vernon. For the last few weeks, you have been entertaining the public and had them on the edge of their seats.

Ant: The public have been voting and it's time to reveal the results.

Dec: So, who's going to be revealing the winner?

Alice: Julia.

Julia: Obviously. I started so I'll finish it.

Ant: Okay then.

Dec: Okay. This is it.


Dec: The winner of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! 2020 and the new.......

(A few seconds silence)

Julia: Queen of the Jungle is Melinda!

(The crew cheer)

(Melinda Messenger starts to cry)

Dec: Congratulations, Melinda. You're the new Queen of the Jungle.

Ant: But before we crown the winner, Vernon. Come over here. Uh. Runner-up. How do you feel?

Vernon Kay: I feel great. I mean, Melinda is one of the kindest people I've ever known. I feel so greatful for her. She deserves to win.

Ant: Thanks, Vernon. We've loved having you here. You've entertained everyone over the last few weeks. Go and join the other campmates. This year's runner-up, Vernon Kay, everybody.

(Vernon goes to sit with the other finalists)

Dec: Melinda. The new Queen of the Jungle. How do you feel?

Melinda Messenger: Oh. I can't speak. I just can't.

Dec: Uh. Is there anything you wanna say to the people who voted for you?

Melinda Messenger: I.... just want to say thank you for everybody for voting. And thank you to the others for keeping the company over the last few weeks.

Dec: Aw. Thank you, Melinda.

Ant: Thank you very much, Melinda. And now it's time to crown our new queen. And to hand out over the crown, please welcome 2017, 2018 and last year's champion, Georgia Toffolo, Harry Redknapp and Jacqueline Jossa.

(The crew cheer)

Dec: Come on, guys. Would you do the honours?

(Georgia Toffolo, Harry Redknapp and Jacqueline Jossa walk into view. Jacqueline is holding the circular flower headband and staff)

Harry Redknapp: Well done, buddy. Well done.

Jacqueline Jossa: (as she hands over the circular flower headband and staff) You deserve to win.

Georgia Toffolo: Hope you enjoy it while it lasts.

Dec: There you have it. Melinda Messenger is this year's winner. We hope you enjoyed the past few weeks as much as we did. Girls. Thank you so much.

Julia: Aw. It's been a pleasure to have us.

(Dec gives Julia a hug and then lets go)

Dec: Thank you, girls.

Ant: Come here, kidda.

(Ant gives Julia a hug and then lets go)

Ant: There you go. But we're not done yet because us two and the girls will be here on ITV on Wednesday night with the I'm a Celebrity Coming Out show.

Dec: We are all heading over to ITV2 for a special end of series Extra Camp with Adam, Emily and Joel. But that is it from us. But next Saturday, we will have our new series, Britain's Got Talent: All Stars.

Julia: All that is left for us to say is Melinda Messenger.... you're a celebrity and the new Queen of the Jungle.

Ant, Dec and the MerseyGirls: Get yourself out of here.

Ant: Melinda Messenger, everyone!

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