It's a Jungle Out There is a 2002 Randy Newman song for the detective show, Monk. When it appeared on Thomas the Model Tank Engine, the lyrics had to be rewritten so it would be child-friendly.


It's a jungle out there

Confusion and delay everywhere

No one seems to care

Well, I do

Hey! Where's Sir Topham Hatt?

'Cause it's a jungle out there!

Bad coal in the very air we breathe

You know what's in the oil that you use?

Well, I do!

It... is... water!

People think I'm crazy

'Cause I worry all the time

If you pay attention, you'd be worried too

You'd better pay attention, or those trucks you use so much

Might... just... crash you!

I could be wrong now

But I don't think so!

'Cause it's a jungle out there

It's a jungle out there

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