Good morning class, today we are going to watch Announcements in 5 minutes. May I please use the bathroom? Yes, but hurry back quickly. Oh great, I am not using the boys bathroom. I am going to the girls bathroom. See, that's much good. Hey! What are you doing in the girls bathroom. That's it! I am telling the princapal! No, don't tell the princapal! Did Jacob go to the ladies restroom. Yes, he did. Jacob, how dare you used the ladies bathroom. That's it! You are suspended for 2 days. I am calling your parents. Hello, this is Jacob's parents. What did he do? He is in the girls bathroom. What was he trying to go in the ladies room instead of gentleman room? Yes, can you pick him up and ground him. We are coming. Goodbye! Jacob, your parents are coming to pick you up and ground you. Jacob, we heard us we used the girls bathroom. I called the princapal. We are going home to get grounded. JACOB, HOW DARE YOU USED THE GIRLS BATHROOM. THAT'S IT! YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR 192 YEARS! NO VACATIONS, NO BABY SHOWS, NO FAST FOOD, NO DESERTS, NO FRIENDS, NO CANDY, NO HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS, NO TOYS, NO CAMP, NO IPAD, NO IPOD, NO ITUNES, NO AMAZON KINDLE, NO GOOGLE PLAY AND NO STUFF. GO UPSTAIRS TO YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW AND GO TO SLEEP!

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