Thomas/Between The Lions Parody

Thomas as Lionel Lion

Rosie as Leona Lion

Emily as Cleo Lion

Gordon as Theo Lion

Hiro as Heath The Thesaurus (Hiro and Heath Both Starts with a Letter H)

Percy as Click The Mouse

Henry as Dr. Nitwhite

Edward as Zak The Surfing Monkey

James as Arty Smartypants

Molly as Clay Pigeon

BoCo as Walter Pigeon

Spencer as Cliff Hanger

Toby as Fred Newman

Oliver as Golf Announcer

Coaches as Monkeys

Derek as Ted The Scientist Monkey

Troublesome Trucks as Ducks

Duck as Gawain

Billy as Gus Rabbit

Vinnie as Barnaby B. Busterfield III

Lady as Sierra Lion

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