James and the Red Balloon
Season 6, Episode 21
Written by David Mitton (original story by)
Christopher Awdry (story loosely adapted)
Stephen Patton (story and written by)
Directed by Stephen Patton and ElmoRudy55
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Jack Frost
“Why, 'tis a floatin' basket with folk in it."
"Whatever will they dream up next?”
"I don't know, Mr. Douglas. That balloon thingy floats in the air with huge basket where people rides.”
"It's a hot-air balloon, Toad.”
"It takes the holidaymakers/vacationers around this railway.”
―Donald, Douglas, Toad, Duck and Oliver

James and the Red Balloon is the twenty-second episode of the sixth series.


It is summer holiday time on the Island of Sodor and holidaymakers are coming to visit the island. Thomas picks up a special to take to Dryaw Airfield; he tells Percy it is a balloon which Percy thinks it is a party balloon, but Thomas corrects him, saying that it is a special balloon and chuffs away.

Thomas arrives at the airfield and the hot air balloon is starting to blow. Thomas tells Bertie about the hot air balloon. James arrives and Thomas explains that the balloon is for taking holidaymakers around the island, but James is jealous because taking holidaymakers is a job for engines. He asks what will happen if the balloon takes their passengers and what will become of them. After hearing this, Thomas is not excited about the balloon anymore. The balloon is then seen from everyone on the island.

Later that day, James and his slip coaches are waiting at a crossing talking about the hot air balloon which ends up falling on top of James after it runs out of hot air. James, petrified, lets off a huge burst of steam, which invariably blows the balloon up again. His driver cheers for him, but James and his slip coaches are upset that it will eventually take their passengers.

James arrives at Dryaw where a lot of visitors and the Fat Controller are waiting. He praises James who is still upset about how the balloon will take their passengers. The Fat Controller laughs saying that he is right, but also tells him that the holidaymakers will need a ride home in a train. James is relieved, and so are his slip coaches, as the engines are now busier than ever taking holidaymakers to and from the airfield for balloon rides. Whenever James sees the red balloon, he whistles hello and sometimes when he is asleep, he wishes he can fly too, just like the red balloon.




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