"Jeremy Goes Missing" is a story written by Loco123456.


Jeremy is a proud jet plane; he enjoys his job of taking people to and from Sodor to the Mainland. As he was refueling he spotted Harold the helicopter at the Airport next to a cargo plane. He was picking medical supplies. "They should have given that job to a jet plane," he boasted, "then they'd have their supplies in good time!" "Speed isn't everything," said Harold firmly. "Not if your slow as a snail!" "I'm at least being really useful and getting the medical supplies to Killaban Hospital on time." Jeremy jealously watched Harold take off for Killaban Hospital. His crew had heard and seen everything; they had a plan to get back at Jeremy.

A few days later the Airport Manager came to see him. "You're to help deliver fruit and vegetables to Germany." "What a wonderful job! Thank you Sir." When Billy arrived with the cargo he ewas surprised to find out who'd be delivering it. "They should have sent a proper plane for the job," he said, "not a jet plane that's all revved up in the head!" "I AM a proper jet plane," snapped Jeremy, "and I'll show all of you just how useful I am." But Jeremy had spoken too soon; his pilot and co-pilot were late, and as he went to the Takeoff runway his engine made a strange noise. "IT's too late to go back," sighed his pilot, "we're already late." Soon they were up in the air and things were going fine, until Jeremy's engine stopped working. His pilot and co-pilot jumped out and pulled open their parachutes, while Jeremy took a nose-dive right into a field!

Meanwhile Harold was rescuing an injured climber at the top of Black Loch Mountain when he received the call from the Search and Rescue Dispatch. "We'll go and look for him after we're finished with our current job," said his pilot kindly. Harold got the injured climber safely to Callan Hospital; then he took off in search of Jeremy. "If he didn't get too far, I suppose we should look along the Main Line Loop," thought Harold.

Jeremy's pilot and co-pilot were waiting with Jeremy until help arrived. At last Jeremy heard a whoosh of wind; "It must be Harold!" he said gratefully. Soon Butch, Kelly, and Nelson were on the scene, along with the Airport Manager. "You were all very foolish to leave without having Jeremy's engine inspected," he scolded. "You shall not deliver goods again! We can't have problems like this happen." Jeremy went red in the face; he was just glad that Harold was still his friend. From that day on, Jeremy didn't boast about being the best, for he knows that everyone is great in their own special way.

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