Jonathan is a character that is one of the most powerful Engines in The World, because He can Fly and Run in the Water


Jonathan was Builded in 1843 in Brighton, it was colour green, he was an engine so worked and so powerful, in 1912 He was the only engine who Aboard the Titanic, in April' 14 He was one of the survivants when the Cruise sink. Later, in 1914, the WW1 Start, and Jonathan was the Leader of the forces of UK (Also, he was the one who said join the War when the Lusitania Sink), He was present in Britannic sink, when he think that he's gonna die, He start to run in the water and be saved, in 1915, he fight with Germany forces, but he was Burned, so when he was repaired, he had another tender, in Olympic Accident, Jonathan calm every passenger and say everyone that the ship don't going to sink, and he had reason, later, in 1939, WW2 Start and Jonathan was again the leader of one of the forces, But He then gets Crashed and gets added another tender. When the war end, he was Buy by US, and added another tender, when Vinnie had an accident, Jonathan had painted with colour GOLD.

Later, in 2025, Thomas meet Jonathan, and togheter Fight Diesel 100.


  • Jonathan is the only engine who has seen become a Trainsformer who wasn't poseed by Timothy
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