Kaleb is a blue Britannia engine who works on the mainline with the passenger trains.


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Technical Details


Kaleb is based on a BR Standard Class 9F with a BR1G tender, which was used for fast and heavy goods trains. The class was the last of the BR Standards and the final steam engine class built by British Railways, with the last one, "Evening Star", built in March 1960. Due to the size and shape of the class, they were given the nickname "Spaceships". "Evening Star" and eight other 9Fs are preserved. One 9F, "Black Prince" holds the record for hauling the heaviest steam-hauled train in Great Britain, at 2,198 tons. "Evening Star", the very last steam locomotive built by BR, is also part of the National Collection.

Murdoch shares the same basis.


Kaleb is painted dull blue with brown and yellow lining. He has smoke deflectors, on which he wears red nameplates and numberplates in gold, and an “NWR” in yellow and red on both sides of his tender.

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