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Kaleb and Kyle are two yellow and orange saddle tank engines. They are 2 of the newest members of the steam team.


Kaleb and Kyle both worked on the great western railway until they were withdrawn in 1954. They were eventually purchased by sir topham hatt. They worked on the island of sodor for 2 years until it was shut down due to budget limitations but during that time they along with Kairi and the rest of the steam team went on an adventure to save dinosaur island...


Kaleb and Kyle are both six year old twins. They have both black wheels and red stripes but their most distinctive feature is that they are two different colors, Kaleb is yellow and Kyle is orange.


Kaleb and Kyle are playful, naive, good hearted, and confident twins. They are not afraid to stick up for themselves when their being picked on and they aren't afraid to battle creatures on dinosaur island that are twice as big as they are. However due to their young age they are childish, emotional, and still have a lot to learn. They can also be overconfident, hasty, and careless. They also can be skeptical as one time they doubted some trucks are good but after rickety and hector saved them from an accident they now know that not all trucks are bad. They also despise scrapyard work especially when they have to do it at night as they are afraid of it. When they first came to sodor, they didn't understand that trucks are troublesome, don't like to be bumped, and will find a way to pay an engine out they were filling in for North (an experimental PRR designed electric steam locomotive) while taking a tanker named Dorian (a Uranium tanker who hates steam engines) to show them the roots. What they didn't know was that Dorian had a nasty idea to get rid of them after running over a piece of damaged track, so he told them that there was a goods train that needed to be taken from the goods yards to vicarstown, and when they got the goods train and Dorian told the trucks to push them, they believed that the trucks wanted to finish early until a worn out Edward who was trying to save them told them that the trucks wanted to push them off the rails to which they were horrified. Despite these facts they are brave, friendly, sweet, kind, and are always ready to do whats needed.


  • They are the very first twins on the island of sodor who are different colors.