Narrator: Whilst Thomas and Ashima were asleep in their sheds.... when a certain someone backed up to kidnapp Thomas.

(Wallace Storm backs up quietly. He couples up to the back of Thomas whilst he is asleep)

Wallace Storm: (quietly) You're mine now, Rookie. You will never see your beloved love again.

(He puffs quietly out of view with Thomas who has no driver or fireman)

(The scene cuts to Ashima)

Ashima: (Yawns) Morning, Tho.... (Gasps) Thomas? (She bursts out of her shed) Thomas? (She looks to her right, gasps and glares) Storm. How could you?

(The scene cuts to Wallace Storm on the mainline)

Wallace Storm: (quietly) Thomas the Tank Engine's nightmare is going to come true. Except it's not Ashima chucking him into the ocean.... it's me.

(Thomas starts to wake up)

Thomas: (starting to wake up) What's going on, Ashi.... (Gasps) Storm, what are you doing?!

Wallace Storm: I'm glad you asked. Since you won on that last race.... it's payback time.

(Ashima toots)

Thomas: (Gasps) Ashima!

Wallace Storm: Say goodbye to your love, Rookie! You're going night night! And Ashima will be going back to her hometown!

(Wallace Storm‘s voice goes into Ashima's head)

(Ashima starts to panic and slow down)

(The scene cuts to Thomas's nightmare)

Thomas: Ashima! Please listen! I’m sorry!


(The scene cuts back to Ashima in reality)

(The word "favour" starts to go into Ashima's head)

(Tears start to fall down Ashima's face)

(Gordon comes into view when he spots Ashima starting to cry. He screeches to a complete stop)

Gordon: Ashima? Are you okay?

Ashima: No. I'm not. Wallace Storm‘s gonna kill Thomas.

Gordon: No. He's not. You have to go after Thomas. He's gonna be okay.

Ashima: No. There no point. Wallace Storm is in my head.

Gordon: Pah! Heads. You have a way to go after him. Storm got into Thomas's head. But, he kept on going. And you have a way to do it. You are his love. (Looking determined) Go for it.

(Tears fall down Ashima's face in happiness. And then looks determined. She sets off)

(The scene cuts to Aldborough)

(Wallace Storm backs up. Thomas gets very terrified)

Wallace Storm: Ha! Any last words, rookie?

Ashima: Yes! There are!

(Ashima shunts Winston but The Fat Controller is able to put the brakes on. The Fat Controller glares at Storm)

Ashima: Let go off Thomas, Storm!

Wallace Storm: Why should I? He won a race and I didn't! So, I'm not letting go! And I'm not scared of.... a.... flipping.... Controller. Uh... hi?

The Fat Controller: Wallace.... Storm. I have a visitor from the Mainland International Racetrack that wants to speak to you, young engine.

Narrator: The manager of the Mainland International Racetrack was not very happy. He was angry.

Manager: Wallace Storm! You are in deep trouble! Punishing one of Sir Topham Hatt's engines? That's no good reason why you should do it!

Wallace Storm: But, Mr. Manager?! He won a trophy!

Manager: And does that give you an excuse to punish him?

Wallace Storm: No, Mr. Manger.

Manager: You know what, Wallace? You are not getting upgrades anymore! You are sacked from your job!

(Wallace Storm stammers and then with anger starts to push Thomas towards the end of the dock)

Ashima: Storm! You stop it! (She puffs over to Storm with anger and couples up to him. She strains)

Manager: Wallace Storm! You let go or else you'll never race ever again!

(Wallace Storm hears what the manager said. Then, with a glum look, he uncouples Thomas)

(Ashima pulls Storm away from Thomas. Storm goes onto another siding. Storm puffs away with a glum look)

Ashima: Thomas!

Thomas: Ashima!

(Thomas and Ashima embrace each other in happiness. They kiss each other on the lips)

Thomas: Oh. (Tears fall down his face)

Ashima: Thomas. You're gonna be fine. My number one love. Come on, you.

(The scene fades to Thomas and Ashima at night)

(Ashima then looks

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