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1) Lost in the woods

Mina Flowerear was as calm as can be as she walked down the trail, hoping not to run into Hannah, Hayley and Grace , the bullies at her school. Unfortunately, she did and while running away from them, Mina lost herself in the trails that led into the woods they were about to hit her when they herd a chainsaw.

Hannah for once was scared, "What is that sound?!"

Haley screeched, "Look!!"

They saw someone with a chainsaw running at them.

Hannah yelped, "Oh Sh*t lets get out of here."

They all ran and Mina tripped over her own feet as the person got closer, Mina cried which soaked her gold jeans with tears thinking that she was going to be killed. Mina's black shirt was torn on the short sleeves, making her look like a wreck she started to ask for her life.

"Please don't kill me" Mina weeped.

"What are you talking about?"

Mina turned around. A boy with long black hair was staring at her with blue eyes. He wore a black t-shirt with gold on the neck and ends of the sleeves, black jeans and red tennis shoes. On his shoulder there was a jacket with the number 51 in silver on it and he was holding a chainsaw.

"Eep!" Mina yelped as she jumped away from the boy.

"Girl! Yukkuri Shite Ne! (Take it easy!)" the boy said.

Mina was terrified. She squeaked, "Who are you?!"

2) New Friends and New Life

He held out Mina's silver jacket with a black 251 on it and said, "Mina, I'm Hiro."

Mina was even more terrified now. "How do you know my name?!"

Hiro sighed, "I saw you running from three girls and they were shouting your name."

"They are Hannah, Haley, and Grace. I get bullied because I am from Japan and I talk kinda weird." she said with a thick Japanese accent.

"You may be surprised but I am also from Japan," Hiro said, glad he wasn't the only kid from Japan, as his small accent revealed.

Mina got an idea, "Do you want to be friends and find a way out of here?"

Hiro answered, "Sure, and when we get out of here could I live with you? I have no home to live in".

Mina blushed bright red, "Sure Hiro. I have to ask were did you find that chainsaw?"

"Oh this is mine. I use it to survive here." Hiro said blankly.

After about 2 hours they found the path out of the woods.

Mina sighed, "Finally! Lets go."

As they ran, Mina noticed that Hiro ran inhumanly fast. Soon they were out of the woods.

Mina looked at the street not far away. "Now, time for us to head back to my house." She said, relived.

Hiro said as they walked in, "Mina thanks for letting me stay with you."

Mina called into the almost empty house. "Mom! I'm home!"

Mina's Mom, Kiki walked to the door, "Who is that?"

Mina hated this little 'test', "His name is Hiro and he is from Japan like us, I found him in the woods all cause those Three Bullies chased me and made me get lost in the woods."

Kiki laughed, "Looks like he could use some food. Where were you Hiro?"

"I was stuck in the woods outside the park."

Mina asked, "How did you get there?"

"I was walking on the trail, when I strayed off of it and got lost in the woods. That was about 3 years ago," Hiro said and then added, "It sucked."

"Mom, could Hiro live with us until he finds a home?" Mina was scared of what the answer would be.

Kiki didn't care "All right, he can stay with us".

Mina did a fist pump, "Yes!!!!"

Hiro wondered, "Could I go to school with you?"

Mina was happy, "If you do could you help me if I get bullied."

"Tell me 'bout 'em."

So Mina and Hiro went up to her room, and they sat on her bottom bunk, Mina explaining everything about The -Trio, Hannah, Haley, and the harmless Grace.

Hiro felt bad for Grace, "She was forced into the Group? Dang this is worse than my old school!"

Mina was shocked to hear that. "Well," she said, "why?"

Hiro sighed, "Well, there were 3 girls from this country came to my school. They bullied the guys because of our stronger accents than most others, and also they did not want to be friends or anything. I actually ran here for a reason!"

Mina was stunned, and shakly asked, "What were their names?"

"There was Rosie, their leader, Emily she was the beauty of the group, and then Mavis who was the groups enfocer. They hated us and I could swear they wanted to kill me!"

Mina was happy when she told Hiro why Hannah was a complete screw up. "Here is why Hannah acts like a bully, she cant get a boyfriend and finds it unfair that other girls have a boyfriend but her."

Hiro though as he laid down, 'To see if I am guessing right, Mina has to free her lover no matter what. But when, and who?"'

Hiro tells a story

Hiro was bombarded with a pillow a few minutes after they had laid down.

"Mina, what?!" he nearly yelled.

"You never told me how you and the 3 Girls met!" she frowned, and went back to hitting him with her pillow, "Tell me!"

"Now? Mina really, are you going to torture me until I tell you?"


Hiro's long hair fell across his face as he sat up, and Mina cuddled next to him, who held her close.

*Start Flashback*

It was a normal day for the kids at the Japan Middle and High school. (5th-12th)

Hiro headed to the Library, where he spent his free day (Wendsday) reading his book on the Warriors and Ancient Egypt. He would sometimes wonder who held that darn flower he found.

Rosie, Emily and Mavis, however, tried to find him every day.

Mark, Hiro's friend, was walking around, when Rosie and the rest came up.

Rosie asked sweetly, "Hey boy, do you know where anyone named Hiro is?"

Mavis added, "Rosie needs to talk with him, about something important."

Mark looked at the two and didn't trust them, "Well, I know him, but he never told me where he stays."

"SPILL!" Emily demanded.


"Well then should I stomp on your head, or beat you senseless" Mavis said.

"Okay! My only hint is that he likes to read. Nothing else I know about him."

Mavis then grabed him by the hem of his shirt, she was stern.

"If you are wrong, we will find you and give you the worst beating of your life." Mavis sneered, and released her grip on him. All three of them headed for the Library.

"Oh Boy," Mark thought, "Hiro better be ready for a fight!"

Hiro looked out the window from the corner of the room.

He wondered, "Why is the girl in pink asking my friends where I am? Is she trying to kill me or something?"

Rosie saw him pull out a pink flower from his pocket.

Rosie walked in, along with her friends. All the guys looked at Hiro, who knew they were after him.

Hiro was unfazed, "Yeesh! They really need to change their appearance more."

Rosie leaned down near him, "So who is it for?"

Hiro narrowed his eyes, "What?"

"The pink flower you carry around. Spill it Hiro Tuskurari. Now." Mavis answered.

Hiro looked at the globe across the room, as he suddenly knew where to take the flower, "A girl in America."

Rosie gasped, "No! No girls in the U.S.A accept people like you!"

Hiro smirked as he stood up, "What if it wasn't for affection, Rosie. That is not the only thing flowers can stand for, now is it?"

He gave them the Bird and roundhouse kicked all three in the gut, then ran off to go and get signed out but was chased by The Girls.

Rosie just about yelled, "We can not let him get away."

"America, here I come!" he thought as he saw his mother smiling at her 11 year old he got into their car and drove off.

Rosie was angry, "You let him get away!!!!"

Emily and Mavis said in unison "Sorry Rosie."

Both of them knew that when Rosie was angry one of them would get hit.

"Please don't hit us Rosie", Emily beged.

Rosie was ticked, "Now how can we get to him?!?!"

Mavis smiled evily, "Simple, we just head back to America."

"What are you talking about?" asked Emily.

"You see if he is heading to America we should trap him there". said Mavis

"You find where?" she asked.

He nodded.


*End Flashback*

Mina was amazed, "Wow!"

Hiro smiled, "Now. Just. Friggen. Sleep."

"Time for school in 8 hours."

Hiro looked at the clock, "Actually 7."


So it was arranged, the day after the next, Hiro went to school with Mina. When they got there they saw Hannah, Haley, and Grace. Hiro smirked and walked past them with Mina holding his hand.

"Well ,Well, Well look what we have here!" Haley chuckled, "Mina has a stupid friend!!!!!"

Grace was worried about her friends, so she whispered to Haley, "I heard he has a firey temper. Don't tick him off!"

"Shut up!" Haley whispered back.

Hannah thought Hiro was a girl, so she asked, "She must be the new student. Right?"

Hiro knew this was a common mistake, so he flipped his hair and said, "For your information I am a MAN!!"

Hannah, Haley and Grace were shocked.

Hannah blew air in Hiro's face and just as she turned her back to him he round house kicked her in the back.

"Come on girls, lets leave these two alone." Hannah groaned.

The group of 3 bullies started walking away. Everyone stared in shock. They had heard that Hiro was firey, and they didn't want to meet him like THAT!

Hiro scoffed, wanting to make her mad, "You're complete morons from what I see."

Hannah droped her jaw and swore revenge as she turned around, "What did you say to us?"

"I think he said that we were the M word." Haley stated bluntly.

Grace wasn't allowed to say words like moron, so she asked, "MeowMix?"


"I will get you Hiro! Just wait!!" Hannah yelled.

Hannah fumed away followed by a really mad Haley. Grace didn't follow.

Everyone stared in shock.

As everyone went back to their lockers, Grace looked at Hiro and said, "Sowwie, but I tried to stop them."

Hiro understood what she ment. As he knelt down to her level, he said, "I know, and next time they come after me, you can help me."

"How?" Grace asked.

"Whatever they will do, tell me so I can avoid it. Okay?" Hiro said in a completely different voice than 2 minutes ago

Grace felt happier, "Otay!!!!!"

He watched as Grace ran off to catch the 2 bullies.

Mina looked at Hiro as he stood up, "This will be one eventful year."

Hiro sighed, "Yep, no kidding."

4) Grace Is Breaking The Rules

It was soon lunch and while Mina and Hiro were across the room, Haley and Hannah were planing revenge. Grace was just intent on listening, and trying to think of something to get The Trio back

Hannah said in a dark voice, "Ok Haley, let me hear something that we can do to Hiro, and how to keep Mina out of it.

Haley murmured, "I dont have any ideas."

"You're the revenge planner!" Hannah said, angrily

Haley defended, "I haven't dealt with someone like Hiro before I just don't know what trick is useable, and besids princeple said one mire trick like the Mud slosh trick all three of us will be out of this school."

"Why in the hell did you have to bring that up?" wined Hanna.

Principle Yun came over to the three, but looked at Grace kindly, because he had heard Hiro talking with her. Grace smiled. Yun looked at them all crossly. "What are you three doing?"

Hannah said thoughtfully, "We are trying to figure out how to say sorry to Mina for that mud slosh that we covered her in, Mr. Yun."

Haley knowing she would have to think of something small said, "We are thinking about apologizing and then leaving her alone."

"Better not be planing any tricks cause remember what I said." Yun warned.

Grace pretended to be scared and worried, "Oh please not that!"

Yun finished as he walked away, "Then no tricks or plans on Hiro or Mina."

Hannah cheered, "Yes sir!"

"What should we do leader?" Haley asked.

Hannah snorted, "We attack the he/she after school."

Grace said by initials, "WTF!? HE/SHE?!"

Hannah nearly yelled, "What I mean is that you can't tell his gender by looking at him! We will attack him with our fists, see how he really is at fighting."

"Do you mean beat him up?" Haley asked.

Hannah said blankly, "Yes."

Grace wanted to warn Mina about this too, so she thought and said, "What if we have Mina watch by tying her to a tree? I brought rope to school."

Hannah smiled and patted Grace on the head, "I like the way you 4th graders think."

Later before school was over Grace went to see Hiro during class change. She told him all about it.

Hiro said thoughtfully, "Ok I got you. I am thinking about fighting back, because I actually fought 3 girls, and then 5 more at my old school. Can you tell them to tick me off though?"

Grace smiled, "Ok, something like, 'Wow! She looks so WEAK! I bet we can pummel her in no time!'"

Hiro smirked evily, "Heck yeah!"

Grace gave him a high five, and walked away, making sure not to be seen by Hannah.

Hiro went to tell Mina.

Mina's POV (Point of view)

"WHAT!" I said.

Yeah, that was what just happened to come out of my mouth when the final bell rang.

"Hiro! You know that we'll get in trouble! You especially!!!" I said to him, outraged.

"CALM DOWN!" I heard from Hiro, "I talked with Mr. Yun, and he said it was fine. Go outside, and let Grace tie you up. She will make sure you can get out of it, OK?"

I nodded yes.

Time for action.

5) Revenge Foiled By A...... WHAT?!?!?!

Grace had went over the new ideas that she got from Hiro. Here is a overview of the plan in Hannah's eyes:

  1. Grace ties Mina to the tree before Hiro comes out.
  2. Grace then ticks Hiro off.
  3. Hannah and Haley attack him.
  4. Mina screams for help and the Trio runs off after pwning Hiro.

Grace had just got Mina tied up, and ran for cover as Hiro walked out, without his bookbag, due to no homework.

"Hiro! Get me outta here!!!!" Mina yelped.

Hiro was about to run when Grace came out.

She scoffed, "WOW!!! Look at this Hannah and Haley! SHE looks SOOOO weak! I bet you two can take HER out!"

Hiro was ticked, call him a girl once more and you're doomed.

Grace ran and stood by Mina as Hiro growled, "Now you've got me ticked!"

A small gem was on his hand, it glew a dark black, slowly covering Hiro. Then, a roar of pain came from the school's main doors, and he was replaced with a animal.

The animal was a sleek black wolf, with blood red eyes, and gold lining on his ears, paws and tail.

Hannah and Haley were amazed and frightened. The two ran off and went straight home.

The wolf smirked and went over to Mina.

"EEP!" Mina screeched, "A WOLF!"

6) Lilly's Flower

"R?" Hiro said, confused on why she was so scared.

"If you are wondering why I'm scared, you are a FREAKING WOLF!" Mina yelled.

Hiro walked over and bit the rope, wanting to show he wasn't mean, and Mina was free.

Grace looked at her watch and frowned, "Guys, I have to go home, Bye!"

She ran off fast, leaving only a wolf and Mina, sitting in the school's grove of trees.

"So," Mina said, "You wanted to be a wolf and show me a secret?"

Hiro nodded. He wasn't able to speak in English.


Hiro shut his eyes and changed back inot a human again.

"Well," Hiro said, "Will you help me?"

"How do you expect me to help a wolf?"

Hiro pulled a small gracidea from his pocket.

"This is Lilly's Flower, The Flower of the Sky Warrior."

7) Missing

Mina gasped, "What is so special about this flower?"

"This Gracidea is supposed to be held by the person with the spirit of Lilly, the Sky Warrior. It will turn you into the Lendary Warrior of the Sky and Nature. "

Mina wondered, "Who is supposed to have it?".

Hiro sighed, "I don't know. She can hide anywhere."

That night Hiro and Mina were sleeping Hiro slept on the floor in his wolf form. In the living room Kiki was about to watch some T.V.

"Lets see whats on."

(Theme to Unsolved Mysteries starts)

"Tonight on Unsolved Mysteries we bring you the story of Hiro Tuskurari. Sari, a 31 year old mother is still trying to find her son after three years, Police say 11 year old Hiro was reported missing when he did not return home that night. Strangely this happened a few days after Hiro arrived from The Land Of The Riseing Sun. Join me perhaps you may be able to help solve a mysterie."

Kiki murmured, "Well can you beat that. Sari Tuskurari lost Hiro....... 3 years ago."

The next morning Mina got up and pet Hiro, when her mom called her.

Kiki shouted, "Mina could you come into the living room."

"Sure mom!" Mina then said to Hiro, "I'll be back!"

When she made it into the living room, Kiki told Mina about what she saw.

"NO FAIR!!!," she pouted. "I finally have a boy at my house and now he has to leave."

Kiki frowned, "I did say he could stay with us until he finds a home."

Mina whined, "But I wanted to figure out who held that Gracidea."

Mina went to go get Hiro, but he was gone.

8) Lilly's Spirit Returns

"Where did he go?"

Then she saw a note.

Dear Mina,

I'd hate to let you know that we have Hiro and the special flower. What is so special about it anyway?!

If you want to see him alive, yes we will go as far as to kill him, come to the old workout center on 23rd street. I can't find his gem!!!!!!

Hatefully, Hannah, Haley, and Grace.

Mina was shocked, "Mom you might want to look at this!"

Kiki read the note and gasped, "Hannah and Haley have gone too far!"

Mina was determined "I'll go get him."

She grabbed the gem on the floor and left. By the time she got there Hannah, Haley, were sleeping with Grace trying to find the gem. Then she saw Hiro in his wolf form, and he was in a cage.

Mina said to herself, "Mina you can do this."

She ran to the cage.

Mina whispered kindy, "Don't worry Hiro. You'll be out soon."

Hiro whimpered softly.

Mina gave Hiro his gem. Hiro motioned to the hole on his forehead, where it was supposed to be.

"I see, you can't put it on. Here." Mina whispered. She put the gem on his forehead.

Hiro stood up, now human and roundhouse kicked the door. It fell soundlessly. Mina was impressed.

Grace hushed, "You two better get out of here before they wake up. A spirit put a sleeping spell on them 10 minutes ago."

Hannah woke up with Haley, "Well good job stopping them Grace."

Hiro smiled, "Mina hold the flower, I know who Lilly is hiding in."

When he handed Mina the flower, she started to lift up in the air.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME HIRO!!!!??" Mina yelled.


A bright teal light surrounded her and when it went away she was now the Legendary Warrior of Sky and Nature named Lilly.

Hannah wimpered, "'Am so out of here!"

She ran but was picked up by Lilly.

Lilly had a soft but violent voice, "I do not want to see you hurt Mina or Hiro anymore, or I will send you your after life, got that?"

Hannah sobbed, "Please put me down! I promise we won't do anything!!!"

Haley was shocked, "Are you crying leader?"

Hannah yelled, "So what if I am!"

Lilly smiled, "It's fine. Go on."

She was put down and when she was, all three ran for the hills, another teal light and Mina was back to her own self, and then she floated right into Hiro's arms.

Mina freaked out, "Hiro are you alright?! What happened?"

"I was still resting when they took my gem from my forehead and put me on a leash. I was stuck."

Mina giggled at the thought, and she had to ask Hiro something.

"Hiro? I never had a good friend like you before, and would you be my, erm..... boyfriend?" Mina hid her face from embarrasment.

Hiro smiled, "I'd never leave you. Take that as a complete yes."

"Oh thank you Hiro! Is there any way to bring Lilly to life?"

Hiro sighed, "I don't know."

9) Lilly Spills The Story

Before Mina could ask they heard police about to come in yelling, "HANNAH HALEY GRACE?! ARE YOU THERE!!??"

"Oh God, this ain't gonna be pretty." Hiro said softly.

He put Mina down and sat, waiting for them to come in.

Once the officers did, one caught Mina, thinking she was Hannah.

Mina screeched at the top of her lungs, "GET OFF OF ME!!!!!!!!!!"

Hiro was grabbed by the arm and yanked up. He gave the officer his "You tick me off one more time, you die" face and yelled, "LEAVE THE FREAKING GIRL ALONE! THATS MINA BAKA!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS THE ONE WHO ACTUALLY GOT ME OUT YOU JERK!"

The man froze, and when he looked back at Mina, he saw Lilly who was smirking, "Hey moron, it's nap time!"

Lilly kicked him off and said "GrassWhistle!"

Everyone started to fall asleep except for Hiro.

Lilly walked over to him and said, "Lets get out of here."

They were only stopped by more officers. Everyone all stared when they saw Lilly.

She was offended, "What are you lookin' at?"

Hiro was approached by an officer and was threatned, "If you don't tell us why Lilly is here, you are headed to jail kiddo."

Lilly snapped, but started calmly, "I am here because of a 14 year old girl named Mina. I decided to reside in her body."

A girl officer stuttered, "How did you change? No one has ever found your flower!!!"

Hiro spoke up, "I did."

Everyone except Lilly said, "WHAT?!"

He repeated, "I did."

Lilly wanted to leave, "It's sleepie time for you all if we can't leave!"

Finally they let them out and Lilly's pink wings let her take flight. Hiro turned into a wolf when they were far away from the center.

"Hiro, I need to tell you and Mina something."

He nodded.

When they got back to Mina's house, William, Mina's father, was there. Hiro was human again, but Lilly was still in control of Mina. William understood Lilly and let her and Hiro inside.

"William, where's Kiki?" she asked.

William sighed, "I'm not sure, but I have to leave for work."

Lilly smiled, "We'll be fine."

He left with a wave.

Lilly gave Mina control of her body again, but she turned into a visible spirit.

"I need to tell you something." she started, "A long time ago, I was fighting in the war against our evil ruler, Teren. He was the once wise and kind king, but he abused his power and the 4 warriors fought him. The Warrior of Time was Sari, The Warrior of Space was Hindi,"

"WHOA!" Hiro cried "Are saying that my MOTHER was/is a Warrior!?"

Lilly coughed, "Yes. Sari must have chosen to reside in your mother. But I miss the third Warrior the most."

Mina gasped, "Who is the third?"

She choked a tear, "It was the Warrior of the Shadows, Josh. He was like my brother, and he completed the form that I needed to defeat Teren. That form was Hyper Type Mode. I had Time in my right flower, Space in my Left, and Shadow in my wings."

"That's upsetting." Mina mused, "Will you ever see him again?"

"I don't know!" Lilly cried.

Suddenly, another spirit appeared.


10) Josh Has Returned, Bad News

"Josh! I could have sworn you said you would see me when there was something bad happening!" Lilly cried, realizing what his presence meant.

"Yeah I know," he said then turned to the kids, "This isn't about Teren and we are gonna talk about some things, you will not get at all."

"Ok!" They both said.

Lilly asked, "So..."

Josh sighed, "The first thing is I'm being chased down by police. That will make this hard. Second, well the Grevs are back, but they're our enemys."

"You mean the towns people?!" Lilly yelled.

Josh cringed, "Yes."

"How could they turn on us?" Lilly asked.

"I don't know. The police are after me cause they thought that I was a monser let loose."

Mina sighed "We're gonna get some sleep since we have school tomorrow."

Josh smiled gravly, "I hope to see you again Mina. Come on Lilly, lets go talk to the orther warriors"

"Right behind you Josh." said Lilly.

Meet Me In The Woods

"So tell me why you decided to reside in Mina." asked Josh.

"Well she was walking along and was being pushed around, and I thought that she would be a good choice as a host, so I flew into her," said Lilly.

"Hindi and Sari, this is Josh I am calling a meeting meet me in 10 minutes deep inside the woods. Right on the middle of the North grid, Sector 8. So the more urgent, the better, half is a Fierce Red Strength. The other is a low green, but needs to be solved."

Hindi was shocked, "I'm comming." 'Fierce Red Strength, I hope it isn't a force like Teren again!" Hindi worried. She used her Space Cut, which took 5 minutes to complete the summon.

"I will meet you there!" Sari said and she used her time speed..

Soon they were all in the woods.

Josh said, "I have called this meeting for two reasons reason 1) I am being hunted by the police, reason 2) The Grevs are back but are enemies."

Sari knew how to solve 1, "Do you have a host yet?"

"I picked one, and tonight I will complete the fusion."

"Are you fusing with Mina's boyfriend?" Lilly shyed.

Josh nodded.

"Hindi, who are you fused with?" Sari asked.

"Well, I am kinda in control of the YuGiOh! world, so I picked Kage. If you picked a character, who would you be."

"Yugi and Yami Yugi, hands down." Josh said.

"If I HAD to pick one, it would be Joey."

"I would personally, be Kaiba. Otherwise I would be Tea." Sari mused.

Lilly smiled, "Besides all that, why are the Grevs against us?

Josh frowned, "When we gave Teren back to his original self, somehow, the Magic Warrior, was possesed and got rid of half of our homeland, and took around 500 people with it. They blamed us that we didn't stop it. He was never seen since."

Lilly, snapped to attention, "Guys, we need to go, Josh needs to fuse, and I need to get back to Mina."

Josh and Lilly left with worry, and when Josh fused, they fell asleep shaking.

The kids are in danger, and they may be killed during this war.

11) Morning Of Awkwardness

"Momma, who's this?" Mina asked.

Sari smiled, "So this is who found my son."

"Shall I go get him?" she said sadly.

Sari kept smiling, "I cant take your boyfriend away from you".

"Oh thank you. WAIT!! Momma how did you know?!"

Kiki smiled, "I think you two should get ready for school."

"I will kill you Mom" she said.

Mina went upstairs and saw Hiro up, brushing his unusuall hair.

"Hiro, leave it down, I think it looks cute." Mina cooed, fluffing his hair carelessly

Hiro hugged his girlfriend, "Don't expect me to leave it down like this all the time."

"Mom found out that we were together. Spill it Hiro Tuskurari. Now." she said, pulling away.

Hiro frowned but said cutely, "PIKACHU!" He was on all fours. His hair already falling in his face.

Mina shouted, "USE THUNDERBOLT!"

Hiro yelled back, "Do you WANT me me to turn into a Pikachu?!"

"No! You're a Umbreon, Imma Glaceon!" she shouted.

"I summon the Dark Magician!"

"I summon the Flaming Swordsman!"

Hiro said calmly, "Am I Yugi but you're Joey?"


The parents listened to them and started laughing. When they got downstairs, Kiki asked, "Where did that yelling start?"

Hiro replied, dodging a flying fork, "Well I kept my hair down, and then she asked me to 'spill' why you knew that we were together," he dodged a flying pencil, "then I said 'Pikachu', and then," he dodged a flying eraser and spoon, "we were just screaming random stuff about Pokemon and Yugioh!"

"Mina get off." Hiro pried her off of him, who then hugged her boyfriend by the neck.

Sari laughed, "Well she's attached to you."

"I am just glad to see you again Mom."

Mina whined, "Hiro, you're comfy." She messed with his black silky hair, and jumped onto his back.


Soon, after alot more yelling, they got to school.

12) A Story From The Shadows, and Someone New!

A low voice sounded from the 'empty' spot beside Hiro, "Do you want to hear a story?"

Mina cheered, "Yeah Josh!"

Lilly sat in Josh's lap as Mina sat in Hiro's.

*Start Flashback*

Teren was onto his good side once more, and all were cheering.

Lilly panted, "Well that was a hard fight."

Josh was panting as well, "Lilly, if it weren't for your Hyper Mode, we would have lost everything."

Teren looked to the southern half of the island, "What is Taylor doing?"

Lilly's body turned black, her powers at work, "He has been overtaken by something." The pink flowers on each side of her head faintly glew and started to spin opposite of each other. "I could try to get to his heart, see what is getting to him."

As Lilly did, She was burned by the darkness.

"AHHHHHH!," she said in pain, "We are in no shape to take him on."

Taylor lifted his staff.

Josh yelled, "Taylor stop! You'll just destroy everything!"

*End Flashback*

Mina asked, "What happened?"

Lilly sighed, "Taylor used his attack, Dark Flash, and after that half of our homeland was gone, along with 500 townspeople. He turned to me and I looked into his eyes. I saw no free will, only Darkness. He then disappeared and we never saw him again."

Later they were walking down the halls.

"So I can stay with you?" said Hiro.

"Yep" Mina said then changed the subject, "Look at that, we have a new student."

She walked over.

Mina asked him, "Konnichiwa, O-namae wa nan desu ka?"

"My name is Mays, I can guess that you and your boyfriend are from Japan."

"Hai. My name is Mina Flowerear."

"My name is Hiro Tuskurari, don't bother with my last name. It is based on a county in Ohio."

Mina frowned, "Hiro, you SUCK for not telling me!"

Hiro sighed, "During the talent show next week, wanna do that argument? We can practice every friggen MORNING!"

"Just to let you know I rank first in all my tallent shows I have been in." Mays said.

"May the best talent win!" Mina laughed.

Hannah yelled, "Hiro!!! Mina!!!" and once again the entire school, including the 12th graders, turned to watch today's show of Students vs Trio.

Haley stopped, "Who is he?"

Hannah didn't care, "Who gives a flying french bread? Let's bully him."

Mina didn't see the third little Grace, and groaned. They were prey without Grace. Hiro slapped his forehead and muttered, 'Oh God.'

Haley noticed this and answered, "Oh Grace is sick at home."

Hannah smiled, and punched Mays in the face. Mays was cross.

Mays frowned, "You dont scare me you two Sluts"

Hannah, and Haley were steaming with rage.

Hannah yelled, "How dare you say that to us!"

He magically lifted up a brick and tossed it at Hannah. It hit her and knocked her to the floor, it hit her so hard that Blood strted pouring out from her forehead.

Mina's face was this right here -----> O_O

All eyes were on Mays, Haley was so scared she pissed herself.

"I hope you like thaste of your own blood, now get the hell out of here you two Sluty Tramps" said Mays as he did a bow.

Haley shrieked, "Hannah?"

Hannah mumbled, "Lets get out of here."

Hannah added one last thing aimed toward Mays, "I wouldn't be friends with that monster Hiro, he's a wolf."

They all ran off.

Mina gaped, "Wow! How-"

Mays smiled, "You can say that I am a magician."

Hiro heard a voice, inside of him, "Hey I'm Josh. It is possible he is the Magic Warrior."

When Mays turned, Hiro asked him one more thing, "Are you fused with the Magic Warrior, Taylor?"

13) Taylor, the Magic Warrior

"100% on the quiz. How did you figure out my secret?" said Mays.

"I don't know. I heard Josh talking to me, that is all."

They all started to walk to class. 20 more minutes untill the bell rang.

"Well you are right about 3 years ago I was reading when I heard a voice say, 'I am here for you.' After that I gained magical powers. Let me guess that you both are fused with a spirit." he said.

"Yep!" Mina jumped, while Hiro proceeded sighing. LONG FREAKIN DAY AHEAD.

"How did you get hyper?" Mays asked.

Hiro answered, "She is SUPER sensitive to sugar, and she had some. Mina plus Sugar equals what you are seeing right now."

Taylor's spirit appeared. He looked a lot like the Dark Magician but the color of the outfit was blue.

"Hey." Taylor smiled.

"If isn't my buddy, Taylor. How are you doing." Josh said, appearing.

Taylor replied, "Fine."

"Long time no see!" Lilly added, coming out of her place inside Mina's backpack.

"What happened to you all those years ago?" asked Josh.

"All I can remember from that day is that I was sitting at home after Teren was back to normal. Everything turned black and I was knocked out, i thought that after what i did you would not want to speak to me so i left to the world of liveing souls and i found Mays that is after i found out what i had done." said Taylor.

They all got to hear some funny stories, and that the Warriors were not the originals. There was 1 group that was before them, and they were Rosie(Space), Emily(Sky), Mavis(Magic), Thomas(Time), Diesel, who was called Mark(Shadows), and Gordon, whose type was forgotten by the Warriors.

If they had Time, Space, Sky, Shadows and Magic, then who was missing?

If only they knew, he was watching them, standing with Hiro's brother.

"When?" the boy asked the spirit.

"Tomorrow, at the girl's, house."

"Brother, I can't wait to see you after so long." the boy sighed.

14) Big Trouble

After school, Hiro and Mina and Mays were not going home, however. Hiro had known Bearah, the holder of the Space Warrior, and the 2 spirits had asked if they could find her, so they could 1) Say hello and 2) Talk with Hindi.

After around 15 minutes, they saw Bearah, who had people that looked like they were from Ancient Egypt, chasing her. Who looked like the Pharaoh was in front and tried to get Bearah to get on his horse, so she could get away.

Lilly's mouth gaped, "The King is trying to help Bearah! We need to stop the Grevs from chasing them!"

Hiro and Mina knew what this had ment.




Josh and Lilly, who had swapped places with Hiro and Mina, took off into the air, and managed to stun the back end of the crowd long enough to think about how to defeat them.

"Lilly," Josh stated, "My attacks harm people. I think they might be fake. If they are real, my attack will kill them."

"I'll see if my Rose Swords work. They don't hurt real people."

Lilly ran up and slashed one in the back, and it changed to Pollen.

"FAKE!!!!" Lilly yelled to Josh.

Josh shot his gun, a Shadow Fire, and the person turned to Darkness.

"Magical Leaf!"

"Night Slash!"

Lilly and Josh were finishing the last of the fake people, when they heard, "TASUKETE!"

Lilly shot clear air around them, finishing her Recycle attack, and turned.

MORE people, but they had the one captive Josh feared.

"SARI!" The Pharaoh, Bearah, and Hindi yelled.

"TAYLOR, JOSH, LILLY! TASUKETE!!!" She screamed.

"LET HER GO!" Lilly yelled.

Taylor who switched places with Mays flew toward the people holding Sari, but he was damaged by one of their cannons so much, he turned back to Mays and Mays hit the ground hard.

Josh flew down, "Taylor, Mays are you alright?"

Taylor got up, "I am ok but I dont know about Mays."

"LEMME GO LEMME GO LEMME GO!!!" she yelled, but a man used Teleport, and they disapeared.

The Pharaoh got Bearahoff his horse and waved to the warriors, and rode off through the woods. Mina and Hiro then picked up Mays and took him to Mina's house.

5 hours later

Mina gasped, "I think he is waking up!"

Mays weakly opened his eyes, "Where am I?"

"My house."

Lilly looked at Mays with much worry, "You have a broken leg and arm."

Mays then passed out.

Taylor asked, "Can you help him Lilly?"

Lilly laughed, "Why am I called the Warrior Of Sky and Nature again?"

15) Trouble For Hiro

At school the next day, they had let the kids roam the school and outside.

Hiro and Mina headed toward the Library, and were held up by the Girls.


"What?" she asked.

"My life just got a whole lot worse."

"As if being a human Giratina helps!" she replied.

Josh hit himself. Wow.

Lilly was ready to transform, as was Josh.

"May I ask why you are wearing bathing suits?" Mays asked as he walked up with a cane in his hand.

All the girls looked down. they were in their bathing suits.

All 3 ran from embarassment.

"Where did you get that cane at"? asked Mina

"It was my dad's so I am now using it." said Mays.


"Oh my Ra, I still can't believe you are making me do this."

It was a hour before the talent show and Rosie was there with her boyfriend Thomas.

"hope it turns out good". said Rosie

"it should" said Thomas.

Hiro was in his old Japanese school uniform. It was a white shirt with gold lining, black leather pants and tennis shoes.

Mina giggled. She was wearing a blue and white sailor top, a silver miniskirt, and black knee high boots, her Japanese school uniform.

"You are good at singing it!" Mina said.

"GAWD I HAVE THE THING MEMORIZED!" Hiro yelled, not being heard in the noisy room of kids.

Hiro and Mina were going to sing Paradise Of Light And Shadow. Lilly was the evil magician, but she hung out backstage singing.


Every student did as told, and walked though the halls, empty because the other kids were in the gym waiting for the show to start.

Hiro and Mina walked into their teacher, Ms. Ata's, classroom.

Ms. Ata looked up from her book, Also Known As Harper, and smiled at them.

"What are you doing for the show you two?" she asked

"Singing!" Mina chirped before being whacked on the back playfully.

"Japanese, Ms. Ata. It's native to us." Hiro added

She smiled, "Well good luck!"

"Thanks!" they both said before being called to the gym.

"I bet I know what song they are doing," Ms. Ata murmured before walking to the show. Hiro and Mina were her favorite students, and she wanted to see how well they could sing.


"Haley did a good job during her ballet routine, but can anyone beat the singing voices of Hiro and Mina, singing a song in the role of two sibling torn apart, in Paradise Of Light And Shadow?"

The Gym was filled with cheers of 'Go Mina!' 'Lets go power-boy!' 'You can do it, girl!' 'Come on Hiro!'

Hiro and Mina's Song Of Light And Shadow

(This is Hiro This is Mina. (This is Lilly). They are REALLY singing this in Japanese, K? So PLZ DON'T EDIT THIS!)

The two came out on stage. Mina spent the begining of the song walking to the microphone, Hiro stayed in the middle, kneeling down, head hung as if in prayer.

Mina sang softly, making the gym quiet in awe.

kyozo no rakuren no hate no

fukai fukai daichi no soko de

tada hitori inori no uta o

utai tsuzuru sadame

yukiba o nakushita kako kara

meguri tuzukeru koe o tsunagi

kuri kaesu rekishi no fuchi de

sadame ni mi o sasagu

nani mo shiazu tada uta dake

tsumuide ikite kita

hare no uta o ame no uta o

yasashi requiem o

rakuren eto tsuzuku michi saki ni

sashi nobe rareta

atatakai te sae todokazu ni

(towa ni utai tsuzuke nasai)

horbu sekai no yugami no soko de

inori no uta o kanaderu sadame

wasu rareshi kako ni nemuru

yasashi koe ni

zetsubo sae mo hohoemi ni kae

namida no soko ni shizunde iku

Everyone cheered for Mina, and the music played as she backed away to allow Hiro to walk forward.

Most of the male students cheered for Hiro, not knowing he was confident enough, and no one, save for his family, Lilly, Josh, and Mina had heard his voice.

After the sound of a dragon's wing covering 'his sister' played, Hiro sang as easy as Mina did.

zetsubo no rakuren no hate ni

nakushita koe o sagashi motome

michi naki michi o tada toku

samayoi yuku sadame

toza sareto rekishi no kage ni

ubawa reshi hi o omoi nagara

kokoro no oku hibiku koe wa

kutsu ni mi modaeru

towa ni tsuzuku rakeren eto

negai wa todokazu ni

tada yugande koe to tomo ni

kie satte meguru dake

ima kono te de tashikame tai

kimi no nukumori no oto

kizu tsuku koto sae itowazu ni

As if by magic, Mina had got up from her kneeling state and was up to the 2nd microphone and said in sync with Hiro;

ore wa tatakau (Watashi wa tatakau)

araburu koe no tamashi o ubai

kono yo no hate made tsuzutte nemure

kono hikari o tokasi temo

todokanu nara

itsuwari no rakuren o kono te de

owaraseru dake


Mina sang a line and Hiro sang his after, creating a beautiful echo type sound, making everyone clap.

watashi wa inoru (ore wa tataku)

mamoru tame ni (kowasu tame ni)

egao ga kobore (kimi wa maite ita)

hikari sasu sekai no tame ni (tada hitori de)

asu eto tsunagu (kako o homuru)

hikari no kibo no uta (kage no zetsubo no uta)

inochi no atae (inochi no ubai)

ibuki koe o atarshi kaze ni nose (owari no koe yama nai ame ni nagashi)

inochi tsukiru made (inochi tsukiru made)

(mata meguru...)

Mina started singing again, only sounding stonger and more powerful, earning a roar from the older students.

subete no koe wa hikari to deai

kage eto tsunagu

kuri kaesu rekishi to narite...

Hiro cut Mina off, starting his own roar of cheers, and the last part of the song.

meguru sekai no kodo no oto wa

owari o tusgeru

kane to nari hibiku

subete no inochi wa tae

atarashi me ga ibuku saki no

hikari to kage no rekuen ni (hikari to kage no rekuen ni)

negai o... (negai o...)

The song cut off, and they bowed, and left.

"That was amazing! Who knew those two students could do that?! As for the last contestant, can Mays The Magician beat Hiro and Mina's strong voices?"

Talent Show: Mays' Magic

A lot of smoke came on stage as Mays appeared.

"kouun Mays" Mina whispered.

Thomas was watching to see if he could be a friend.

"Magic is not real" Rosie thought to her self.

"Good evening everybody, now I will not be using props. All I am going to use is a wand and a cloak. Now to amaze all of you, watch as I make this set of 100 Bricks float."

He said as he pointed his wand at the bricks.

"Wingardium Leviosa."

They could not believe what they were seeing, neither could Mina and Hiro and Rosie could not help but watch. They watched as the Bricks floated high into the air.

"Now watch as I turn these bricks into flowers. Orchideous!!"

The people and the Judges started to clap at what they were seeing.

"Do you all like birds? If you do then watch."

He pointed his wand in the air.


Birds started to fly out of his wand.

"Before I leave you must know that what you saw was real. Now for my final trick."

He pulled out a cloak.

"I need an assistant for this next one, so how about you Rosie."

Rosie came up on stage.

"As you can see that this looks like an regular cloak, now I will cover my helper in the cloak."

So Mays put the cloak on her and she was gone, the crowds eyes widend.

"Now my helper has vanished and after I say this word she wont be able to move, but when I take it off she will be visible."


When he pulled the cloak off Rosie could not move, but after a minute she could.

Rosie asked, "Why are my clothes red?"

"I must leave so you can go Rosie."

This made Rosie cross and upset.

"Well Judges after all we saw tonight, and all the performers, name the three winners." the announcer said.

Judge 1 spoke, " Now when i call your name come out and have bow, In third place is Haley with her ballet routine."

So Haley steped out on stage.

"In second is Hiro and Mina singing an amazing song"

Hiro and Mina then steped out.

"and the winner of the talent show is Mays and his outstanding magic."

Mays steped out on stage

"YEAH MAYS!" Everyone cheered.

Later after the show Hiro and Mina walked up to him.

Hiro patted Mays on the back, "Kotobuki."

Mays smiled, "Arigatougozaimasu."

Mina asked, "Where are your parents? You would think that they would be here."

Mays said gravly, "They were murdered 5 years ago."

Hiro caught Mina as she fell from being upset, "How sad."

"A gang had shot my parent's to death." Mays said sadly.

Now Hiro was starting to feel bad for Mays. Lilly was too.

Lilly knew that no matter what she could do to help the living, she couldn't ressuect the dead.

"I also want a girlfriend i have been looking for one". said Mays.

16) Original 3

The next day Hannah was walking along when she saw Rosie, Emily, and Mavis.

Hannah said, "Hello there."

"Rosie maybe she can help us." Mavis smiled.

Rosie asked, "Could you help us with Hiro and his girlfriend?"

Hannah answered, "Sure I am also a bully."

Haley called, "Hannah where are you?!"

"You don't mind if Haley and Grace join us."

Emily smirked, "We do not mind, this way we will have strength in numbers."

Haley sighed "But there is one person we can not defeat and that is Mays."

Mavis asked, "Why?"

Hannah rubbed he head, "He lifted a brick and threw it at me. It hit me hard in the head."

Emily's eyes widened, "From what I am getting he is magic."

"Well duh! What do you think I was trying to tell you last night?!" Said Rosie anoyed.

"You know that when I think about Pecy I dont listen to what you say." Emily Defended.

"Put a sock in it you two and lets get back to the plan, Anyway does your Boyfriend Thomas know that we are Bullies?." said Mavis

"No, and he will never find out cause i dont want him to break up with me" said Rosie

The next day Hiro and Mina were holding hands and walking to breakfast when they were stooped by Hannah, Haley and Grace.

Mina asked "Please move."

"Lets just head to class"

They turned to leave when they were blocked by Rosie, Emily and Mavis.

"Ah!" Mina said and froze, scared.

Hannah smirked, "We teamed up."

"I am still mad about you hitting me, Hiro!" Rosie yelled

"Lets attack them now. They are weak because of fear." Haley smiled

Mina whimpered, "Hiro what are we going to do?"

Hiro pushed Mina against a wall, behind him, keeping her safe, and bringing any attack on him.

"What is going on here"? asked Mays.

"Hannah you and your gang handle Hiro and patetic Mina while my group takes on Mays." said Rosie.

Before Mays knew it he was lying on the ground in pain with bruses all over his face.

"He is not Magic". scofd Mavis.

then Mays pointed his wand at Mavis.

"Crucio!!" he said.

"AHHHHH!" she shouted.

She was in much pain, there was so much pain that she was forced onto her knees with her eyes shut tight in pain..

"Please make the pain stop!!!" she begged.

"Well what are you going to do now". said Mays getting up and spiting up blood.

"Let her go!!!!" Demanded Emily.

"I would suggest you and your friend not to move or you will suffer the same pain!" he said.

Lilly suddenly appeared.

Lilly giggled, "Sleepy time for you and your gang Rosie! HEHE!"

With that Rosie, Emily, and Mavis fell asleep and three of the original Spirits appeared, it was Rosie(Space), Emily(Sky), and Mavis(Magic).

"What do you want?" Rosie asked.

He told them about what had happen to Sari.

Emily asked, "How can we help? Our human forms wont help!"

Josh breathed, "I dont know. I can try to find a way to make you a human."

"Could you tell us about what happen to Gordon?"

Mavis sighed, "It is terrible, he was walking one day when he was gunned down."

"How tragic!" Mina gasped.

Emily said, "There is a chance he could be alive we never did find his body."

"He was my one true love!" Mavis cried.

With that they went back into there bodies.

Hannah whispered, "Lets get out of here."

They were stopped by Lilly.

"Didn't I say not to hurt them." Lilly asked, anger rising.

Haley explained, "It was Rosie, Emily, and Mavis's fault, they wanted us to help them."

"We are still not keeping our promise."

Lilly frowned, "You are getting me mad."

Josh held her arms in place, "Calm down Lilly."

Lilly growled fiercely "I'll send these two to their afterlife."

Haley challenged, "You would not do that!"

Lilly fought against josh's iron grip, "Oh you don't think I would? Just try me!"

"Can you spare me please?" Grace begged.

Lilly looked at Grace, wriggled free of Josh and swooped Grace off her feet, taking her where Hiro was, who Grace clung to for her life.

"We'll leave. Just don't hurt us." Hannah said and ran off with Haley.

"That was easy."


Everyone laughed, and the spirits went to their respective hiding places, Lilly, in a fake key necklace and Josh as a card in Hiro's pocket then they helped Mays to the nurse.

Mays said, "Hey there"

The boy, Henry, looked at him. "Well look at who I get to meet. I have been looking for you, what happen to your face."

"one of my fire tricks backfired on me". said mays.

"Oh sory to hear that". said Henry

"Why were you trying to find me?" asked Mays

Henry replied, "My friend wanted me to give you this note."

Hands him the note, and Mays reads it.

Dear Mays,

I am glad to inform you that you are now one of my friends.

Your new friend, Thomas.

"Tell Thomas that i will acept the offer, and thanks for the note". he said.

And with that Henry set off felling pleased with himself.

Mina remembered, "Hiro I have someone I want you to meet."

Hiro asked, "Who?"

"His name is Thomas. He is our star football player."

She pulled him to look for Thomas, soon they saw him by his locker.

Mina said like her hyper self, "Hey Thomas."

Thomas asked her, "Hey Mina who is he?"

Hiro smiled, "My name is Hiro."

Mina sighed, and blushed a light pink, "He is my boyfriend."

Thomas sighed, "Oh, Mina?"

Mina was confused, "What?"

Thomas whispered something in her ear that made her blush as red as fire.

"NO!" She said and ran, making Hiro wave to him and follow.

Thomas chuckled before running up to James and his friends.

17) You're Finally Back

Hiro and Mina went home that night and they stayed in the family room, which was almost completely underground, because of the pouring rain. The two were laughing about a joke Hiro made, when the doorbell rang.

Hiro got up, "I'll get it. Stay. Put. Mina."

"K." Mina replied,

He ran upstairs and opened the door. When he saw who it was he said, "Oh my God, Edward!!"

"I'm glad I didn't get soaked cause then I can't hug my older brother, right?"

The two hugged each other, and Hiro closed his eyes, a tear falling down his pale skin.

Mina came up just to see them turning around.

"Mina, I don't think I told you this, but I have a brother, and this boy," he motioned to Edward, "is him."

"Hey!" she said and gave him a friendly hug.

"Hi," he replied and turned to Hiro.

"You and I are talking buddy."

"You sound like our mother!" he replied making the trio of kids laugh.

The three went down stairs, and sat on the carpet.

"How the freaking crap did you get here?" Hiro asked.

"Well, at least I have a reason besides wanting to see you. I do NOT want to go anywhere near Dad EVER again."

"Oh boy, what did he do?" Mina asked.

"Mina, our parents got divorced but my Dad somehow got custidy over me and made me move here. He got drunk out of anger and took his madness out on the walls, making me hide somewhere. I got tired of hiding and just ran one day after school. I met up with Mom and stayed there. I found out where you were and now here I am!" Edward explained.

"Edward, you have more tolerance than I do, and I'm glad you made it."

Edward just laughed, "Well I guess we are opposets, then."

"Yep!" he replied, before a crashing noise came from the door.


"Oh no.... Hiro, Mina get out NOW!!!!"

18) FIGHT!!!

Hiro grabbed Mina and pushed her into the basement.

"Hiro! Are you out of you mind?!" Edward whispered.

"Yes, I am. Now get in the basement, don't lock it." Hiro replied, quickly.

Edward nodded and ran into the basement, shutting the door behind him.

"Hiro's taking him on?" Mina asked.

Before Edward could reply, they heard a strangled cry of pain that Mina would recongnize in a nano-second.

"HIRO!!" Mina cried and in a sudden burst of strength, she knocked the door down and stood face to face with Hiro's father, Todd.

Hiro was broken and battered, out cold on the ground.

Mina pleaded, "Please just stop this maddness!!"

"お父さん、それはこの世界を残す時間である。(Dad, it is time that you have left this world.)" Edward said from behind. He was holding a Kantana in his hands, ready to strike.

"Now Edward, you do NOT have the bravery to hit me. You are just a wimp that needs to come home with me." Todd smirked.

"No. I. Am. NOT!" Edward cried as he struck his father.

Todd fell to the ground and dissapeared into water.

19) Am I Dead? Hiro's Survival

Barely holding onto his life, Hiro whimpered in pain while in unconciousness.

"Am I dead or what?" he wondered aloud.

"It'll be alright. I'm here, and I'm the last thing you got, power boy." Josh whispered.

Hiro replied, "Hey! Josh I've seen you before!!!"

Josh chuckled, "Yes, I'm Josh, The Shadow Warirror. You are my host now, so please for the sake of me, Lilly, Edward and your girlfriend Mina, go back to the world of the Living souls. I'll stay here."

"Alright, I'll see you again at some point." and with that Josh faded away.

Hiro struggled to open his eyes, and when he did, the first thing he saw was Mina, crying, obviously not noticing him.

"Mina.... hey...." he whispered in a terrible sounding voice.

"Hiro! Are you alright?"

"Kinda, although I could do without the voice issues."

Mina laughed and put him up on the couch where he slept with Mina and Edward by his side.

Yes, he survived.

20) Lady Is Here!

The next morning Hiro was well enough to go to school, with only a small cut on his arm, thanks to Lilly and Josh. He was stopped by Mr. Yun.

Mr. Yun smiled, "Hiro, we are getting a new student"

Hiro asked, "What is the student's name?"

Mr. Yun started to the 10th grade area, "Lady Barker."

The next day, the two got to school before breakfast, when they enter they saw the new student meditating in the air by her locker which was next to Mina's locker.

Hiro just jerked his head towards their lockers, indicating that they should just put all their things at their lockers.

Mina nodded, and said in Japanese, not like anyone would know what they were saying, "私は実際にこれより話し好きだったことを考えた! (I thought you were more talkative compared to this!)"

Hiro responded, "彼女は私達をここにいる知っているか。(Does she even know we're here?)"

Lady opened her eyes, "I knew you were here."

Mina gasped, "How did you undersand that?!"

Lady smiled sweetly, "I'm a bit rough at Japanese, and before the two of you came in the school was so silent.

"What are your names?"

"Mina Flowerear."

"Hiro Tuskurari."

"They're nice names." Lady replied.

Mina was being insane, "Do you two want to be friends?"

Lady laughed, "Of course."

Then the "Girls" came up to them.

"Hiro can you tell us where to find Mays?" Emily asked.

Hiro sighed, "Haven't you gotten the fact that I am not interested in helping you what-so-ever?"

Rosie fumed, "That is it."

She kicked him in the gut, Hiro was now on the floor.

Mina ran over to him. Were last night's events repeating?

Rosie turned on her heel, "Come on Girls lets go."

Mavis flipped her hair. "Oh, and new student stockings and flip-flops dont go well with each other."

Then they left. Lady then mumbled somthing and Rosie, Emily, and Mavis's skirts fell to there feet reveling there underwear.

Rosie started yelling random profanities, "How the heck did my skirt fall down?!"

Mavis also started yelling random profanities, "What in the world?!"

Unfourtinaly when Emily's skirt fell it showed off more then what Mina, Hiro, and Lady wanted to see.

"You aint wearing underwear again". said Rosie

"Well i had hoped it would help me get some from Percy, cides i notice when he is with me his pants area grows a bit". defended Emily

"Some help please" said Hiro.

Lady, Mina helped get Hiro back up.

Mina was worried, he had almost died the night before, and he was still injured in side, "Hiro are you alright."

Hiro smiled, "I am fine."

Later at lunch, Duck was going to sit by himself when they saw Lady and sat next to her.

Duck asked, "What is your name?"

Lady stared when she saw Duck.

"My name is Lady".

Later that day Mr. Yun announced the girls who will be cheerleaders.

Yun said through the intercom, "Here are the cheerleaders: Emily, Rosie, Mavis, Mina, and Lady."

Hannah frowned, "Why did he not pick one of us three?!"

Mina smirked as she cuddled with Hiro, "You just weren't to good now were you?"

Grace smiled cheerfully, "I am to young to be one."

Later, Lady went outside and met up with Duck. Sadly, as they were talking, Diesel 10 was watching Lady, waiting to strike.

"You are going to die, so goodbye." Diesel 10 snickered.

Mays, who saw Diesel 10, took off and stopped him with a single lift of his wand.

Lady turned around when she herd a grunt and was awstruck at what she saw.

"Let me at her she will pay for what she did to me". said Diesel 10

"You deserved what you got Diesel 10, Thanks for the save Mays." said Lady and they left.

"What are you thinking, stupid human!" a voice from inside Diesel 10 growled.

A spirit came out, Taylor immediatly recognized him as Gordon, the last original Warrior they had to meet.

Taylor growled, "Gordon."

Later in the day, Mays was walking to his next class he was wearing a Black and white suit with a fadora when he saw Molly Holden talking to Flora Massachusetts .

Mays said, "Hello, my name is Mays."

They stoped talking and turnd around.

Molly replied, "I'm Molly. I heard you were the school's magician."

"You heard right."

"It is an honnor to meet you" said Flora.

"I all ways wanted to meet you after your performence at the Talent show." Molly said.

"I must ask, do you two want to be my friends?" asked Mays.

"Yes I would." she said

"Ofcourse" said Flora.

21. Gordon's Truth

Sari, the Time Warrior, sat in a cage. She was trapped with her host, Sari Tuskurari, who was becoming more upset by the minute. All that she wanted to do was see her son, Hiro, and the blue-skinned warrior couldn't blame her.

"I'm BORED!" Sari whined.

Gordon came in, "Sorry to hear that."

Sari looked at him. The moment Gordon's face was visible, she turned to the offensive.

The transparent mother asked quietly, "Who is he?"

Sari replied, "Well, well if it isn't Gordon, the warrior who seems to hate me."

"I dont hate you."

"Then why are we in this cage?" asked Sari.

"It was my inner instinct, I'll get you out."

22) Sari's love

Once Sari was free she went to find Mays.

Mays smiled when he saw the blue woman, "Hey Sari."

Sari asked, "Could I talk to Taylor? I just wanna ask him something."

Mays nodded.

Taylor asked, "How did you get free."

Just then a Rabbid came by.

Sari asked "What is that?"

"BLAHBLUBLAH! Bah bah bwah"

The Rabbid looked at them.

"DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" it said as it ran off with a tree.

Taylor shrugged, "That was strange." There was a strange silence.

Taylor then asked, "Now what do you want to talk to me about?"

Sari blushed, "Well I love you, Taylor."

Taylor replied with a hug, "So do I."

Sari squealed, "You do not know how long I have been waiting to hear you say that".

She then pulled him into a kiss.

At school Hannah was looking for Edward.

Hannah wondered, "Edward where are you?"

Edward was far away from Hannah, "I could go to get a new book."

He walked off.

23) Mina's Secret

At lunch Hiro had to ask Mina somthing.

Hiro was quiet about this, so he whispered as they walked around outside, "Mina, what was it that Thomas said to you that made you blush that red?"

Mina glomped Hiro to the ground as they reached a tree, "Well, he asked if you and I had done it"

Hiro was wide eyed, "What do you mean by....... I see."

Mina said sadly, "Hiro you must promise me that you will not tell a soul what I am going to tell you."

Hiro hugged her tighter, "You can trust me even if the entire world hates you."

Mina whispered, "Well I don't think I am a virgin."

Hiro gasped, "Why, Mina?"

Mina cried into his chest, "Before I met you...... At night I would think that a boy was..... I DON'T KNOW WHY!!!"

"Listen Mina, you are innocent and no one has done you ever." Hiro whispered.

"I hope you're right Hiro," Mina cried, "I hope you are."

Later, Edward was walking in the park with Hannah.

"Hannah, why do you make fun of kids?" Edward asked.

Hannah had let down her mean personality, showing her real, shy and weak side, "I could never get a boyfriend, or any kind of friend."

"I know how you feel. My mother was like a copy of you, but she always got picked on." Edward replied, putting a slim arm around her shoulder.

Hannah leaned into him as a support, "Edward, this is a awkward time to say this, but I have a crush on you."

Edward used the arm around her shoulders to whisk her up off the ground into his arms, "So do I."

Hanna started blushing.

24) Mina and Sugar

"Bla-bla-blah-blah-blav-bla-bla v-bla-bla !

Bla-bla-blah-blah-blav-bla-bla v-bla-bla !

Bla-bla-blah-blah-blav-bla-bla v-bla-bla ! Ba-ba-Bvla-Bla-Bvla-Bla !!!"

Hiro's face looked like this; O.O. Priceless.

"DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Mina screamed running around the room.

"SHUT UP MINA!" Hiro yelled, trampling her to the ground.

Mina kept screaming, "DAHH, DAHH."

Hiro groaned.

Edward walked in, "What is with the noise?"

Mina suddenly got calmer, "Why did you come back late last night?"

Edward stated, "Well I found out that Hannah has a crush on me, and I have a crush on her."

This was the outcome of a sugar filled morning.

25) Here Comes Malady. GREAT.

When Hiro and Mina met up with Lady, they found her saying, "Why do I have to be tortured?!"

Hiro rose an eyebrow, "What is torturing you?"

Lady groaned, "My evil sister, Malady, will be coming tomorrow".

Mina looked at Lilly, and saw her mortified face.

Josh couldn't believe it.

The next day was dreadful for Lady. Malady was at the school.

Malady walked up to Lady, "Hello sis."

Lady frowned, "What do you want?"

Malady smirked "Nothing but this."

Lady was then lifted in the air.

Lady shrieked. "Put me down!"

Mays came out of nowhere, like the guy of awsomeness he is, and said, "Expelliarmus."

Lady was shocked, "Mays?!"

Lady was then teleported out of sight as Malady hit the ground.

Malady sneered, "I don't know who you are, but you should not have done that."

She threw Mays through one of the schools main glass doors.

Maladly smiled and walked away.

Molly had seen this and ran to him, "Mays!!!! Are you alright?"

Mays groaned, "That is a deep gash."

Lilly had given Taylor a few bits of Pollen to use for healing, so Taylor was able to heal it to a scar.

Lady sighed, "Well Mays now you know what my sister can do."

26) Malady's evil plan

The previous day, Mays and Molly became boyfriend/girlfriend.

Mays told her before class, "There isn't nothing I would not do for you my love."

Molly blushed, "Mays you're so sweet."

Malady was not far away from them. She had heard all of this and puked.

Malady grumbled, "Love makes me sick."

The bell rang. Molly had to go to History, and Mays had to go to Tech.

"Bye Mays!" she said kissing him.

When School ended, Malady came up to Molly as she was walking along.

"Who are you?" asked Molly.

There was a loud cry as Molly was lifted away.

Molly squirmed, "Let me go!"

Malady frowned, "No way you are my captive."

Molly asked, "What are you going to do to me?"

Malady smirked, "Just to keep you until Mays gets here. I think you will have plenty of company."

Molly wondered, Who else could Malady have gotten? I didn't notice anyone being gone.

27) Caught By Surprise

Molly was put in the cage of what looked like a dungeon. And It looked like nobody had been there for a while.

"Release me you bitch!!." she shouted.

Malady's voice came from the corner. "Take these three. They should keep you company."

Mina, Hiro and Edward were all flung from where Malady was to the floor infront of Molly. They were wrapped in chains, and looked as if they had been tortured.

"What have you done to them?" Asked Molly.

"Nothing much." said Diesel 10 as he stepped into view.

Malady smirked, "Let's say I used a bit of dark magic."

Hiro was the first to be busted out of the chains by Josh, turning them to dust.

Mina was next, with Lilly snapping them into rose petals.

Molly, Mina and Hiro looked at Edward, who was the last one in his confinment, all the while Molly did not know what to make of waht was happening.

Edward looked at them, and smiled. Even though he knew the chains could only be broken by a spirit, he was smiling.

Mina asked, "Edward? Why in the world are you smiling. We can't break your chains. Yours are to be broken with water!"

Lilly pieced it together, "Mina, you just won the game."

Mina stared at the Warrior, "What?"

Josh then said, "Edward has the spirit of the ancient Waters, Mason!"

Edward smiled, and a stream of water came from his heart. it broke the chains, and a Warrior appeared.

It was Mason.

Mason became visible and growled, "I don't let any pain go unchecked."

28) Taylor's Fight For Freedom

In a cloud of smoke, Taylor appeared. Molly, thinking it was Mays, was happy.

"Mays!!!!!" said Molly happily.

Malady raised an eyebrow. "Mays?"

Taylor smirked, "Not Mays. Taylor, The Magican."

The rest of the warriors stayed out of this, including Mason.

"Catch you later." said Diesel 10 and disappeared.

Malady steamed, "Where is Mays!?"

Taylor replyed, "I will never tell you."

Malady growled like a wild cat.

Chains bound Lilly and burned her. Josh then immediatly smashed them, only to have Hiro bound again.

Malady said angerly, "Whatever I do to you, Hiro gets."

Malady then said to Taylor, "If you want them you must fight for their freedom, If you win they're free, but if you lose you must pledge your loyalty to me and do what I say. Do you accept?"

Mason looked into a puddle on the floor, "He'll say yes to this and win."

Mina blinked, "How did you kno-"

Mason pointed to Taylor. Sure enough, Taylor had accepted.

As Taylor and Malady fought, Mason turned his attention to Hiro, who was bound again.

Josh came over and said, "I can't help you with Hiro's chains, Mason. One wrong move from me and Hiro's as good as dead."

Mason fingered the samurai like tracing on the chains. If only he could break them with his water like Edward's chains...

Bingo. If he was able to carve one of the tracings on his chain, the rest would change and allow him to break them.

He got a nearby rock and grabbed onto the lose, 'main' chain that would make all of the others change with it. Mason looked at Edward's and by his unique ability of syncing his hand with another image, he broke that chain and was immediatly glomped. Oh, by who?

Mina, of course.

Then Mina turned to see how the fight was going and her eyes widened at what she saw.

There was Taylor on the ground with Malady lifting a big bolder over him.

"Once this boulder falls, none of you will be free!" she said.

Then Sari appeared next to him, in tears.

"No matter what I'm staying with you!" she cried.

Malady sneered. "I guess I'll kill you BOTH."

Then Malady felt a wand at her back.

"Drop. The. Boulder."

At the demanding tone, she did just that. Sari and Taylor teleported to the rest of the Warriors.

"Mays came to get us out!" Mina said happily, hugging Hiro.

"Now Malady, I have a question to ask, where did Diesel 10 go?"

Malady shrugged, "Don't know. Why are YOU here?"

"If you let everyone go you live, but if you don't I will make sure you never walk the earth again." he said.

Lilly then involuntarily shivered. Josh looked at her in concern, and then Lilly mouthed, "The dark energy. It's getting to me." Lilly then walked to the warrior of darkness and hid in his arms.

"Oh, I'll free them," Malady said convincingly.

Then she took Mays and threw him into the boulder. Mays got a small scratch from it, to everyone's surprise.

"You will pay for that!" Mays hissed.

"Bring it on then" said Malady.

A rough hour later, Malady was curled up on the floor, rocking back and forth, whimpering.

"Elevator music, elevator music..." she repeated over and over.

Everyone except Mays sweatdropped.

"Hot-cha!, now to kill you."

Malady got on her knees and beged for her life, and Mays knew that she ment it.

"Please let me live", she said.

Just then the police rushed in.

"Malady you are under arest for kidnapping" said an oficer.

But when Mays explaned what went on they decided to forget about it.

"Good work Mays" an oficer said.

And they left, Mays then turned to Taylor.

"Taylor, are you alright?" he asked.

"In short, no." Taylor said before shutting his eyes in pain.

Sari looked at Taylor in horror. Lilly's expression was set in a frown, and her eyes were narrowed as her brain thought of ways to heal Taylor. Josh and Mason looked at the magician with hidden worry in their eyes.

"Me and Lilly will try our best. I know a few potions that might make him heal faster." said Mays

Sari nodded, and Lilly walked forward, looking at Taylor's cracked armor.

"Lilly, how bad is it?" asked Mays.

She whispered in his ear and went back to Taylor.

"Sari, Lilly says there is a slim chance of him living." said Mays.

After hearing that, she broke down into tears and started sobbing.

Although Sari could reverse time, she could only use it in a fight. In the law of magic, this would not be considered a fight.

Well, to Sari it was. A fight for Taylor's life.

29) What Could Be The Wierdest Bunch The Warriors Ever Had

A few days later, Taylor was back to full health. Unfortunately, that ment Sari was acting childish. It seemed wierd to see Sari GLOMPING Taylor. Mason facepalmed everytime she did. So far, he was at 148.

Bearah, Hindi's host just sat there, watching Taylor get glomped every 3 minutes.

Mina piped up, trying to untangle her head from Hiro's hair, "I was wondering."

Lilly sighed, and pulled Mina gently out of Hiro's locks of hair.

Mina started to poke at Josh's arm, "How are you guys NOT invisible?"

Taylor sighed, "A spell we use when we are not in public. We can interact with humans easier."

Hiro tugged Mina away from the warrior of darkness, who just gave Hiro a thumbs up.

Edward decided Mason was too quiet and busy with his facepalming. Josh nodded, listening to Edward's thoughts, and started to take over Mason's job of facepalming. About 10 seconds after he did, he facepalmed. That was 172.

Edward then grabbed a stick, and started to carefully poke Mason's back. He kept doing that over and over, until groaning and falling to his back.

Mina turned to Lilly, and looked at the fluffy flowers on her head. She then got a brilliant idea, and ran to get a pillow from the closet. You want to know what she did?

She pitched it at Hindi, the quiet warrior of space, who seemed non-exsistent, since they never got to see Bearah. Hindi turned her head and smirked at Mina.

And thus, there was an epic pillow fight between all of the warriors and their hosts.

After it was over, all of the warriors floated into the air, slowly becoming invisible.

Before they all retreated Hindi sighed, "This has got to be the most wierd and entertaining bunch of hosts any of us ever had."

They all agreed, before going to sleep. Lilly however, laid awake, trying to figure out the dark pulses of energy she would get.

What was going on?

30) The Dark Force

A few days later Hiro, Edward, Mina, and Mays went back to school but Mina was sad the spring break was over. They met up with Lady at the doors.

"Hey Lady," said Mays.

"Hey Mays did you enjoy your spring break?" she asked.

"Yes, I think we all did," said Mays.

Mina whined, "I wish it wasn't over."

Josh chuckled, "Hey, at least you don't have to deal with Lilly now."

That earned him a smack to the face. Mays, Hiro, Edward and Mina laughed.

Lady didn't know about the spirits, so she quietly asked, "Who are you guys laughing at?"

Mina grinned, "We haven't told you yet have we? Well, we have these weird things-"

"Spirits." Lilly growled.

Mina quickly said, "I mean, spirits, that follow us around... and I guess since they can't really walk around like us, they pick hosts."

Josh was now dodging flying sporks. They were rusty, too.

"I think I can get her to stop," Mina murmured to Hiro, who just nodded.

Mina suddenly said to the flower girl, "Hey. I got a friend who wants to see you guys!"

It had the desired effect, too. Lilly immediately stopped throwing the sporks, and started to treat the wound she had created on Josh's shoulder.

"I'm sorry," Lilly whispered, "I'm so sorry."

Josh smiled at the green haired girl, "It's alright. Don't worry about me."

Mason laughed, "Come on, lovebirds."

That earned Mason an apple to the head, who just pitched it back at Josh.

The four made themselves visible and then suddenly busted out laughing. Their hosts didn't get what it was about, until they saw a sight they never though they'd see.

Josh. In. A. Tutu.

Mina was cracking up, as was Hiro and the others. Even Josh himself started to laugh and prance around in the air.

"I'm a pretty fairy! La la la la la la!"

That made Lady bust out laughing.

Josh then stopped prancing and took off the tutu. Still laughing he asked, "Who made that happen?"

Mays raised his hand and snickered.

"Controling magic dose's have it's perks". he said.

"May as well give you some wings. And I mean the pink kind. Not jet back." Lilly joked, and they all started laughing again.

After that whole ordeal, the spirits went into the woods, slowly fading away as they always did. The kids walked into the school, still 20 minutes early. They dropped the books off at their classrooms, and then met up in the hallway.

"Nice spirits. Does that always happen though?" Lady asked the quad squad.

"Oh, that? Not all all the time. But when it does, another one of the spirits makes something appear on Mason, but Josh gets the most torture." Hiro chuckled.

"I remember when Josh was wearing a Justin Beiber fangirl shirt, and Mason was wearing a Hannah Montana fangirl shirt."

The group laughed again. Unfortuantly, the first bell rang, so they all seperated to go to their classes.

"See you guys at lunch" said Lady as they set off to there classes.

At lunch Mays was eating quietly with Molly next to him when two girls came up to him.

"Hey Annie and Clarabel." said Molly.

"You two don't mind if we join you do you?" asked Annie

"Not at all" said Mays

So they sat down.

"We wanted to meet you in person," said Annie.

"We just love magic!" said Clarabel.

"Maybe later after school I can show you some magic," Mays said.

Annie and Clarabel were excited. The wouldy get to see magic from their favorite magician!. meanwhile Malady was telling her sister what was wrong with her, she was shakeing.

"Mays showed me some wied sh*t, when we faught". she said.

"Is that why you were screaming last night?" she asked

"baiscly, he gave me bad nightmares ones worse then what i dream about". she said

"Think it serves you right for your actions twordes me, and my friends" Lady said.

After school Anne and Clarabel met up with Mays in the park.

"Ready to see some magic?" he asked

"Yes we are ready" Said Annie

And with that Mays started.

"The spell i will preform to you is called Avifors" he said.

"What doe's it do?" asked Annie.

"It can turn small objects like this book here into birds" he said.

So he pointed his wand at the book.

"Avifors!" he said.

And in a blast of light out came a bird, Annie and Clarabel were excited to see that trick.

"Now for my last trick" he said.

He pointed his wand into the air.

"Orchideous!" he said and Flowers apperd in Mays hand.

"These are for you two" he said.

He handed the flowers over to Annie and Clarabel.

"Thanks Mays" said Annie.

"There beautifull!" said Clarabel.

"Now i must be on my way" he said.

"Were are you going?" asked Annie

"Home to eat" he said and left.

"Come on Sister, lets head home Thomas is probaly worried about us" she said.

"Alright" she said.

31) New Students

So they left, the next day the Princeaple went to see Hiro and Mina.

"We are getting three new students" said Yun proudly.

"What are there names?" asked Hiro.

"There sisters, there names are Titanic, Britanic, and Olimpic" said Yun.

"Wow three new students all at once" Mina exclaimed.

The next day Hiro was at his locker when one of the new students came up to him.

"Excuse me, can you tell me were the science wing is?" asked Titanic.

"Sure, you must be Titanic" he said.

"Your correct" said Titanic.

Just then James walked by.

"Hey new girl" said James.

Then her Sisters Britanic and Olimpic came up.

"Are they giveing you trouble?" asked Britanic.

"No they are not" she said.

"Well this a warning to both of you, if you do anything to me or my sisters, you can damn well bet that there will be pain" said Olimpic firmly.

Titanic turned to Olimpic.

"Again with the threats Olimpic, you must stop being so severe with people, it is no wonder we don't have any friends" said Titanic crossly.

"Fine, but dont come crying to me if some one hurts you" Olimpic said and left.

"Sorry about that, she is a little over protective" Titanic said.

"Well if your looking for a friend, then may i suggest you go look for Mays" said Hiro.

"Who is he?" asked Britanic.

"He is the schools magican, and a good one to" said James.

"Is he singal?" she asked.

"No he is not" said Hiro.

"Oh well, anyway lets go and find him. And try to become friends with him" said Britanic cheerfully.

So they left, soon they found him with Molly.

"Are you Mays?" Titanic asked.

"Yes, who are you two?" Mays asked.

"My name is Britanic" said Britanic.

"I'm Titanic" she said.

"And my name is Olimpic" Olimpic said.

She said as she walked up.

"Were sisters you see" Titanic said.

"So why are you three here to see me?" he asked.

"We need a friend and someone named Hiro suggested you as a canidate" Titanic said.

"Sure i can be your friend" he said.

"YAY!" she exclaimed.

"Why are you excited?" asked Mays.

"It has been a long time since we had any friends" said Titanic happaly.

"Why is that?" asked Molly.

"Well are sister Olimpic gives out threats to anyone we talk to" she said.

"Mother has told me to protect you two at all times, so i have to do any thing posible to protect my sisters" Olimpic.

"But you don't have to be so severe with people" said Titanic.

"I hope you made the right choice Titanic".

"I am sure" she said.

And with that the three set off to leave Mays and Molly in peace, later Mays was walking down the halls when he heard a cry for Help.

"Please help"

Mays saw that Hanna, Haley, and Grace had cornerd Titanic into a wall.

"Give us all your lunch money kid" said Hanna

"Or we will beat it out of you" said Haley.

"I won't" she said.

"Let her go".

Shouted Mays, Hanna just snifed.


"Wrong answer" He said and pulled out his wand.


He said, then a red spark shot out of his wand and The three were nocked to the ground, witch left Grace crying.

"WAAAAAA!" cryed Grace.

"lets get out of here" she said and they ran.

Mays walked over to Titanic.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you Mays" she said.

Then her sisters ran up.

"We heard the comotion" said Britanic.

"Anything worng?" said Olimpic.

So Titanic explaned what had happen.

"Thanks for saveing her Mays, never knew you were a magican, and i guess you are the only friend i trust to help keep my sisters safe from harm" she said.

"I can guess your name origanate from the ship R.M.S. Titanic" he said.

"That is right" said Titanic.

"Amaseing" he said.

"When we were born mother thought it would be good to name us after the ships Olimpic, Titanic, and Britanic of the White Star Line" said Britanic.

At lunch Hiro and Mina went to speak with Mays.

"What did you do to Grace Mays!" said Mina.

"What are you talking about?' he asked.

So Hiro and Mina explained about Hanna, Haley, and Grace.

"How was i to know that she was not a real bully!" he said.

"Well dont let it happen again" said Mina.

"Fushigidane" said Mays.

"What is?" asked Hiro.

"Why would they drag someone like Grace into a group of bullys" he said.

"I don't know" said Mina.

Soon Lunch had ended. Mina, Hiro, and Masy were walking down the hallway from the lunch room.

"I will say sorry to Grace when i see her" he said.

"you had better" said Mina.

later mays was with Molly.

"Mays after school i am going to introduce you to my Family" said Molly.

"Ok" he said.

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