Hello this is Mays and MinaTheJapaneseEngine, this page is so we can describe what clothes the characters wear in the story "Lilly's Flower".

Let's start off with the stars, and work our way through the long list of characters!

The Main Characters

Mina- She has straight brown hair, teal eyes, and wears a plain black t-shirt, gold jeans, and white and teal sneakers. She has a silver silk jacket with the number "251" printed on the back in black.

Hiro- He has long black hair, ocean blue eyes, and wears a black t-shirt with gold on the neck and ends of the sleeves, black jeans and red tennis shoes. He has a black jacket with "51" printed on the back in silver.

Mays- He wears a burgendy colored shirt, blue jean shorts, shoes, and carries a wand. On occations he will wear a black suit with a cane.

Edward- He has light blue hair, piercing green eyes, and wears a blue shirt, red pants, and black tennis shoes.

Sari - She has long black hair, and soft purple eyes. She usually wears a blue t-shirt, grey sweatpants, and black combat boots.

Bearah - She has long brown hair and blood red eyes. She wears a blue tubetop, black shorts with red around the top and the ends of the legs, and bleach white shoes.

The Side Characters

Haley- She wears a Black and Red shirt, a dark Red knee-high skirt, Dark Red knee-high socks, and Black sneakers.

Hannah- She wears a Green V-neck shirt, Blue jeans, and Brown boots.

Grace- She wears a Neckless, White shirt, Blue jeans, and sneakers.

Malady- She wears a blood Red t-shirt, a Black mini skirt, one Red and one Black leg stocking, and Black high heels.

Molly- She is a redhead and has her hair tied into a ponytail. Molly wears a Brown shirt underneath a Yellow t-shirt, a Blue skirt, Yellow pantyhose, Red sandals, Gold earings, a Blue necklace, and a Golden bracelet.

Lady- She wears a Gold shirt underneath a Purple t-shirt, a Purple skirt, Gold flip flops, a Gold belt, and dark purple stocking.

Mavis- She has Yellow and Black hair, and wears a Black t- shirt, Yellow and Black skirt, opaque black leggings and Black boots.

Rosie- She is a Red haired girl with a Pink bow-tie, a Pink t-shirt, Grey skirt, Black shoes, and Red leg stockings, she is the group leader althoe she is not the same hight as Emily and Mavis.

Emily- She wears a forest Green shirt, light Green short skirt, forest Green stockings, and Red shoes.

Daisy- She wears a short Green and Yellow shirt, a Black skirt, Green Stokcings, and Green sandals.

Annie and Clarabel- They both wear matching Brown shirts with an Orange shirt underneath, Red skirts, Brown Pantyhose, Black shoes, Brown hair, and Brown eyes on there shirts was there name. They are girly-girls.

Flora Massachutes- she wears a Yellow shirt, a Red skirt, Green pantyhose with White lineing, Yellow hair, and Grey shoes.

Titanic- she wears a Black skirt, White shirt, Copper collored eyes, Black Panyhose, Red shoes, and flowing wood Brown hair, on her right face cheek there is a White star tatoo.

Britanic- same but wears Pantyhose with the British flag on them.

Olimpic: Same as Titanic. but with a white star tatoo on her left face cheek.

The Warriors

Lilly- She is based off of Shaymin (Sky Forme) from Pokemon Platinum.

Josh- He is based off of Giritina (Altered Forme) from Pokemon Platinum.

Sari- She is based off of Dialga from Pokemon Diamond.

Taylor- He is based off of the Dark Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh.

Mason-He is based off of the Silent Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh. However, he is not a magician, but a guardian of water.

Hindi- She is based off of Palkia from Pokemon Pearl.

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