This is a list of Britain's Got Talent: The Champions acts from all 13 series of Britain's Got Talent and many other translations of Got Talent. (Note: Both series were presented by Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly with David Walliams, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell on the judge panel)

Series 1 (2019)

Show 1

Act Show Country
Ashleigh and Sully Britain's Got Talent England
Bello and Annalise Nock America's Got Talent America
Connie Talbot Britain's Got Talent England
The Nelson Twins Australia's Got Talent Australia
Bad Salsa India's Got Talent India
Kseniya Simonova Ukraine's Got Talent Ukraine
Boogie Storm Britain's Got Talent Unknown
The Sacred Riana Asia's Got Talent Indonesia
Paul Potts Britain's Got Talent England

Show 2

Act Show Country
100 Voices of Gospel Britain's Got Talent France
Lost Voice Guy Britain's Got Talent England
Alexa Lauenberger Das SuperTalent Germany
Paul Zerdin America's Got Talent England
Gao and Liu Asia's Got Talent China
Antonio Sorgentoni Italy's Got Talent Italy
MerseyGirls Britain's Got Talent England
Deadly Games America's Got Talent/Poland's Got Talent Brazil/Poland
Jai McDowell Britain's Got Talent Scotland

Show 3

Show 4

Show 5

Act Show Country
Britain's Got Talent England
Ben Hart Britain's Got Talent England
Alex Magala Russia's Got Talent Russia
Bars and Melody

Show 6/Final

Act Got Through Via
Kseniya Simonova Golden Buzzer Show 1
Bello and Annalise Nock Super Fans Show 1
Alexa Lauenberger Golden Buzzer Show 2
MerseyGirls Super Fans Show 2
Paddy and Nicko Golden Buzzer Show 3
Darcy Oaks Super Fans Show 3

Stravros Flatley

Golden Buzzer Show 4
Preacher Lawson

Super Fans Show 4
Twist and Pulse Golden Buzzer

Show 5
Bars and Melody Super Fans Show 5
  • This series was won by Twist and Pulse with Stravros Flatley in second and Kseniya Simonova in third.

Series 2 (2020)

Show 1

Act Show Country
Bianca Ryan America's Got Talent

Show 2

Show 3

Show 4​​​​​​

Show 5

Act Show Country
Diversity Britain's Got Talent England
Jules O'Dwyer & Matisse Britain's Got Talent England
Marc Spelman Britain's Got Talent England
Jay Oh Das SuperTalent Germany
Kevin Skinner America's Got Talent America
MerseyGirls Britain's Got Talent England
Angelica Hale America's Got Talent America
Dave and Finn Britain's Got Talent England
Darci Lynne America's Got Talent America

Show 6 (final)

Act Got Through Via Show number
Lost Voice Guy Super Fans 1
Darci Lynne Super Fans 5
Izzy Simpson Super Fans 2
Colin Thackery Amanda's Golden Buzzer 3
Francine Lewis Ant & Dec's Golden Buzzer 4
Bello and Annalise Nock Super Fans 3
Trip Hazard David's Golden Buzzer 2
Donchez Dacres Super Fans 4
Deadly Games Simon's Golden Buzzer 1
MerseyGirls Alesha's Golden Buzzer 5

Special "Champion" Guests and songs they peform:

  • 4th Impact - Ain't No Other Man
  • Louisa Johnson - Forever Young
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