Thomas & Friends Is The Legend In Viking Railway Locations

Island of Berk

“The Island of Berk is the home of the Viking Southern Railway, with engines of all shapes and sizes, working hard to deliver goods and passengers to their destinations. There are branch lines that run along the coast of the island, serving the docks, the fishing villages and the seaside towns. There are branch lines that run to the farms, quarries and ancient castles of the island's heartland. And there is the main line, which runs all the way from Rockface on the west coast of the island, to Mysticons Vicarstown, in the east. The line continues over the Mysticons Vicarstown Bridge, where it connects to the mainland beyond.”

― Narrator describing the Island of Berk, Journey Beyond Berk

The Island of Berk is a fictional island of Great Britain where both The Railway Series and the first twenty-one seasons of the television series take place, and the secondary setting of the twenty-second series onwards. It is located in the Irish Sea, between England's Lake District and the Isle of Man.

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Brave Tidmouth Shed



Ryouma Branch Line

Wood Wool Dock

Blacklake Scrap Yard


Rockhoof's Volcano Village Home

Vicarstown Sheds

Obelix's Hill


The Mystic Viaduct


Mainland Canal

Crovan's Gate Station

Kaigo Engine Sheds

Berk Suspension Bridge

shunting yard

The Berk Carriage Shed

Berk's Dragon Training Academy

Bio Tidmouth

Harwick Branch Line


Timbentown Railway

Berk Steamworks

Berk Construction Company

Bark Wood China Clay Pits Company

Berk Ironworks

Berk Airport

Maithwaite Station

Elsbridge Middle Viaduct

Ffarquhar Station

Berk The Canalside

Ffarquhar Quarry

The Quarry Tramroad




Dryaw Goods Station

Rockface Harbour

Arlesdale End

Lower Arlesburgh

Lower Suddery


Suddery Castle

Wood Wool Branch Line

Upper Wood Wool

Peel Godred Branch Line


Mulch & Bucket's Chocolate Factory


Deadly Nadder Valley

Monstrous Nightmare Lake

Monstrous Nightmare Lake Viaduct

Isle of Waste Dump

The Balloon Factory

Peel Godred

Berk Power Station

Big Tidmouth Bay

Bluff's Cove


The Watermill

The Berk Coaling Plant

Bibi Tidmouth Hault

The Wharf Huttsgalor

Hayate Mallingford Viaduct

Yogi's Tunnel

Yogi's Forest

Walter's Bridge

San Killdane Field

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