Lorenzo is a vintage locomotive who works with his coach Beppe


Lorenzo is a vintage Locomovtive. He was once a fast and impulsive engine, but in a bid for notoriety and desperate to find treasure, he would rush into archaeological digs without taking the time to understand his surroundings - which led to him being trapped in a disused dig... until Thomas rescues him! He loves the sound of his own voice and being the center of attention, especially while singing operatic ditties with his small coach, Beppe. Whilst his speaking voice may be deep, Lorenzo has a classical tenor singing voice.


Lorenzo was famous not only for his wandering curiosity, but his intense love of Opera singing, often performing in a duet with Beppe. His curiosity and impulsive actions often get the better of him, which lead to both him and Beppe getting lost and trapped in an old mineshaft. He is also eager to return the favor when help out, loving fame more than anything else when given the chance, but is never too vain to part from Beppe permanently, often reconciling at the end of their escapades.


Lorenzo is based on a FS Class GR 741. This class of tender engine was often known for having their funnels being placed on the side of their boilers instead of on top of the smokebox.


Lorenzo is painted ultramarine blue with red wheels and brass boiler bands. He has a red stripe painted along the sides of his tender and cab, and he carries two blue nameplates on his cab. He has a musical note on the side of him, He does not have a funnel, and he has a mustache.


He may appear in the twenty-fourth series.

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