WARNING: This story may have swearing, violence, and other stuff that kids under the age 10 will of COURSE not want to read..

On the island of Sodor, a young man at the age 20 was sleeping in he's bed, hoping that the dream he was having will never end, but until...

"wake up sleepy head! Your friend is down stairs!" Said two voices like two woman's while hitting pillows at the sleeping person.

"Ow! What the fuck was that for, Annie and Clarabel?" Said the man as he looked at his twin sisters, who had brown short hair, brown/orange skirts and t-shirts, black shoes, and both looked like the age 18.

"Thomas, please no swearing, you know we don't like it" said Clarabel as Thomas just rolled his eyes, he loved his sisters but at times Thomas just can't stop them from anything.

"Anyway, a friend of yours is here, and please Thomas when you get down there make sure you have a shirt on" the twin sisters both said as they covered their eyes then they moved their hands from their eyes and lifted Thomas' bedroom.

Once Thomas was done he was wearing a blue shirt, dark blue jeans, black sneakers, and blue jacket with a hood with the number one on the back, he also had light blue eyes and had black hair.

But when Thomas got down stairs he started to get a little worried. It was a good looking women wearing a pink, red, purple and a little bit of gold on her dress, she had long golden hair, light green eyes, gold high heels, and she was 20 years old.

It was the lady Thomas had always had a crush on ever sends they where kids and he said to himself that the next time he saw her he will tell her how he felt.

As Thomas walked to the young women he shyly smiled "hey there Lady" said Thomas Then Lady warmly smiled Which made Thomas' heart melt.

"Hello Thomas, it's very nice seeing you" said Lady but then Thomas remembered what he wanted to tell her "uh Lady, there's something I wanted to tell you" "Me too, but you go first" said Lady as she waited to hear what Thomas had to say "uh well, e-ever sends I-I meant you I lo.. Lov... Loved you" Thomas finally said then he looked away blushing his heart out.

"Well, I wanted to say the same thing" said Lady when Thomas turned to face her.

"I love you too, Thomas"


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