Magical Tracks is an upcoming app which will be updated with new engines.


The new update is here! Introducing all the new characters to our collection. Introducing our card collection and more new toys. We also have Rosie's new color and we have new engines in this app: Edward, Nia, Rebecca, Hiro, Philip, Diesel, Millie, Yong Bao, Shane, Daisy, Flynn, Gina, Rajiv, Hong-Mei, Lexi, Theo, Merlin, Ace, Streamlined Thomas, Duck and Oliver.

Game Levels

  • Steep Mountain (free)
  • Waterslide Ride (in app-purchase)
  • Racing (in app-purchase)
  • Boulder Chase (in app-purchase)
  • Haunted Castle (in app-purchase)


  • Thomas (free)
  • Streamlined Thomas (in app-purchases)
  • Edward (in app-purchases)
  • Henry (in app-purchases)
  • Gordon (in app-purchases)
  • James (in app-purchases)
  • Percy (in app-purchases)
  • Toby (in app-purchases)
  • Duck (in app-purchases)
  • Oliver (in app-purchases
  • Emily (in app-purchases) 
  • Spencer (in app-purchases)
  • Rosie (in app-purchases)
  • Hiro (in app-purchases)
  • Belle (in app-purchases)
  • Ryan (in app-purchases)
  • Ashima (in app-purchases)
  • Gina (in app-purchases)
  • Raul (in app-purchases)
  • Shane (in app-purchases)
  • Rajiv (in app-purchases)
  • Yong Bao (in app-purchases)
  • Lexi (in app-purchases)
  • Theo (in app-purchases)
  • Merlin (in app-purchases)
  • Nia (in app-purchases)
  • Hong-Mei (in app-purchases)
  • Rebecca (in app-purchases)
  • Diesel (in app-purchases)
  • Daisy (in app-purchases)
  • Mavis (in app-purchases)
  • Diesel 10 (in app-purchases)
  • Philip (in app-purchases)
  • Victor (in app-purchases)
  • Millie (in app-purchases)
  • Flynn (in app-purchases)
  • Ace (in app-purchases)
  • Annie (loadable)
  • Cranky (playable at Brendam Docks
  • Sir Topham Hatt (playable at Knapford Station, Town Square and Great Waterton) 
  • Lady Hatt (playable at Knapford Station, Town Square and Great Waterton)


  1. Emily and Gordon
  2. James and Percy
  3. Duck and Oliver
  4. Spencer and Diesel 10
  5. Belle and Victor
  6. Ryan and Toby
  7. Henry and Mavis
  8. Edward and Rosie
  9. Ashima and Raul
  10. Nia and Rebecca
  11. Shane and Yong Bao
  12. Hong-Mei and Gina
  13. Nia and Rebecca
  14. Rajiv and Hiro
  15. Merlin and Millie
  16. Flynn and Philip
  17. Lexi and Theo
  18. Diesel and Daisy
  19. Streamlined Thomas and Ace 


  • Emily would been gain number 12 since Series 24
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