• Mallard is a character from The Railway Series.


Gordon's Christmas Carol

Mallard visited Sodor during Christmas and she told Spencer that he is going to replace Henry, but Spencer told her that Henry cannot be replaced.

The Rise of Steam

She arrived on Sodor when Sir Topham Hatt was going to the mainland with Edward and she was going to be in charge while Sir Topham Hatt was away. Steam Engine (who filled in for Edward) visited the Mallard and told her about his plan. She later pushed Diesel into a ditch and she later scolded Bear for pulling the express and she took over then she visited Tidmouth Sheds and told Gordon that he is going to be into the Sodor Museum. She was later chased down by Bill and Ben for coming to close to BoCo and then she derailed and she was sent to The Works and Wickem was driving Steam Engine while she was in The Works. She later arrived at Knapford and there was alot of angry Diesels including 'Arry and Bert and it was all because of Steam Engine then Wickem drived Steam Engine again, leaving Mallard with no driver at all. She was later sent to The Works to get her smokebox cleaned and Diesel was also there. In the end, Sir Topham Hatt returned and all the A4s were there to greet him and Edward and she said sorry to the Steam Engines and Diesel for how rude she treated them.   She possibly got a new driver after that.

How The Diesel's Stole Christmas

she was mentioned by Diesel and he said that he was pushed into the ditch by Mallard.

The Christmas That May Never Come

Mallard and the A4s (excluding Spencer) where having a reunion in York and a reporter told about a predicament on Sodor. She was later informed about Steam Engine's explosion which she was surprised to hear about.


Railway Series

    • Gordon the High-Speed Engine (mentioned)
    • Thomas and the Great Railway Show


    • Spencer is considered by fans to be the TV series counterpart of Mallard, as they both have the same model basis.
    • Mallard had a driver named Wickem in The Rise of Steam.
    • Mallard wears red lipstick and blue eyeshadow and has a thick scottish accent if he is female.
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