(Thomas puffs at the same pace as the camera and stops)

Thomas: Hello. I've been travelling around the world having amazing adventures. I've made lots of new friends. And I can't wait for you to meet them all.

(The scene fades to a journal)

Thomas (narrating): Or four to be exact. Yup. That's right. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my friends, the Teletubbies.

Teletubbies: Eh-oh!

Thomas (narrating): All the way from a far away place called Teletubbyland! And I tell you what? These are the cutest characters I've ever seen in my life. And even though I find James funny, they really pack a punch of comedy. (The scene fades to Teletubbyland) Their land is far more awesome than any other place I've been to. But, let me introduce you to them. First is Tinky Winky, the purple Teletubby.

Tinky Winky: (laughs) Eh-oh.

Thomas (narrating): He carries a red handbag. And... (laughs) time I remember, he once echoed things into his bag I (shots to scene) first met tinky winky on a fire truck with is cousin Doug Dalmatian on the way to the airport of sodor.

Tinky Winky: Eh-oh. (Echoes into his bag)

Thomas (narrating): Anyway, onto the next one. The next Teletubby is slightly out place with the colour green. It's Dipsy!

Dipsy: Eh-oh.

Thomas (narrating): You would not believe what he wears? A white and black cowpatch hat. And whenever I see his hat, it reminds me of Jessie because her cowgirl cost looks almost identical to Dipsy's hat.

Dipsy: Look. (Chuckles) Hat.

Thomas (narrating): Now, this one has an item that is almost the same height as her. It's Laa-Laa, the yellow Teletubby.

Laa-Laa: Eh-oh.

Thomas (narrating): And her orange ball is almost the same size as her. I know, right? That's ridiculous.

Laa-Laa: Ball. (She plays with her ball) Whee. Aw. (Giggles) Whoo.

Thomas (narrating): And the final Teletubby out of the four has James's colour. Red. It's Po!

Po: Eh-oh.

Thomas (narrating): Her item is, get this.... a scooter that's blue and pink.

Po: Po cooter. Aw. (Giggles) Aw. Cooter. Aw.

Thomas (narrating): And James will be kind of surprised to see the colour of Po. I also kind of predict that Percy will like Dipsy because he is green. And I do hope that one day maybe they will learn about the sights of Sodor.

(The scene fades to Thomas)

Thomas: Join me again soon when I'll be introducing you to another friend I've met on my adventures.

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