Megan is a tank engine with a crane mounted on top of his boiler, which makes him look rather unusual. He is involved in repair, recovery and industrial jobs on the railway.


Thomas & Friends

When Megan first came to the island, the engines said he looked different and all of them except Ryouma did not trust him, but when he saved Gouki after an accident with some Troublesome Trucks at Walter's Bridge, they realised that Harvey's and Megan's difference was what made him special. Since then, he has proved very useful, using his crane arm for maintenance, building and clearing up. He mainly works at Wood Wool and the Shunting Yards, but his favourite place to be is at the Water Works, where he is said to live.

Since his addition to the railway, Megan has helped after many accidents, but he could not do it alone, so Kelsey was brought to help. 

Wayne And Woody made fun of Harvey and Megan for being both a crane and an engine. However, Porter helped Harvey and Megan see to the positives of being a crane engine. The dock manager asked Harvey and Megan to deliver flatbeds of scrap metal to Vicarstown since Edward had been delayed, but because he wasn't paying attention when he was going down Obelix's Hill, his flatbeds derailed and made a terrible mess. Fortunately for Harvey, he was able to use his crane to clear it up and was able to deliver the cargo. He also helped Thomas back onto the rails after an accident.

Megan teamed up with Koh with collecting track side scrap for the scrapyards while Scruff was being repaired and building The Earl's new Dinosaur Park.

Crusher tried to make mischief between him and Daisy by saying that the other was boasting about being unique. However, this led to the two becoming good friends. Also, when a branch got stuck in his gears, Harvey tried to fix the problem himself, only to make himself derail in a tunnel. After he was repaired, he spun his crane fast enough to throw a crate all the way to a dock worker. He later did the same thing again after Tori told him how cool he looks with his crane while helping Wayne And Woody clear up the accident.


Megan is a relentlessly cheery, big-hearted, helpful crane engine. He has a very odd shape, due to his crane attachment atop his boiler, which he can be sensitive about should other engines make fun of it. However, he is very able to show that his crane is very useful in lifting cargo, trucks, and sometimes some smaller engines. He has a tendency to throw a load if he gets excited enough.

He has a booming, thoughtful voice and large wooden buffers. He is happy to work anywhere, ready to help clear up after an accident, and offer words of care, comfort, and advice.

Technical Details


Megan is painted burgundy with Yellow and Blue lining and brown, square, wooden buffers. His name is written in yellow on his sides and the number "27" is written on both sides of his crane arm in yellow.


Megan is based on Dübs Crane Engine No. 4101, nicknamed "Dubsy", built in Glasgow, Scotland. "Dubsy" is presently based at the Foxfield Railway in Blythe Bridge, Staffordshire, England.

Megan's Basis

Megan's Basis


Thomas & Friends Is The Legend In Viking Railway


  • Excluding Percy's workshop friends and The Marklin Engine, Harvey is the 27th standard gauge engine introduced in the Television Series, which corresponds with his number, although Frankie was introduced before him.
  • Megan's face was inspired by Desperate Dan, from The Dandy comics, minus the stubble.
  • Megan is the only character created by Jonathan Trueman that is not related to Jack and the Pack
  • Tabitha St. Germain gives Megan


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