Merry Christmas, Thomas! is a US, UK, Malaysian, Polish, Chinese and Thai DVD. The US, Chinese and Thai DVD features four fifteenth series episodes, whilst the UK DVD features two episodes from the fifteenth season and four from the sixteenth series. The UK DVD also contains a bonus DVD, Big Bang Surprise which features five additional sixteenth season episodes. On November 2nd, 2015, the UK DVD was re-released as a standalone DVD. The Polish DVD features five fifteenth series episodes.



Thomas lights up the tracks in a magical Christmas collection! Climb aboard for adventures and cheer as your favorite engines prepare for a festive celebration. Help Thomas find the grandest tree on Sodor and then join the Logging Locos as they sing the Misty Island Snow Song in the hope of a winter wonderland. As the snowflakes fall, Gordon, Mavis, and Percy will take you to the Steamworks for a special surprise party. 'Tis the season for holiday magic with Thomas & Friends™!


Thomas lights up the tracks in a magical Christmas Collection! Watch as your favourite engines prepare for a festive celebration. Charlie discovers how much fun snow can be whilst Percy gets covered in so much snow that Thomas cannot find him! Salty doesn't have time for presents and parties until Edward finds him the perfect gift, and the engines compete to find the perfect Christmas tree! It is the season for Christmas magic with Thomas & Friends™!



  1. Let it Snow
  2. Surprise, Surprise
  3. Percy the Snowman
  4. Tree Trouble
  5. Buzzy Bees (US and Digital only)


  1. The Christmas Tree Express
  2. Ho Ho Snowman
  3. Salty's Surprise
  4. Emily's Winter Party Special
  5. Percy the Snowman
  6. Tree Trouble


  1. Let it Snow
  2. Surprise
  3. Quick Belle
  4. Percy in the Snow
  5. Trouble with Trees


  1. Tree Trouble
  2. Let it Snow
  3. Percy the Snowman
  4. Surprise, Surprise

Bonus Features


  • The Christmas Gift Matching game


  • Down at the Station - Points
  • Guess Who? puzzles - Rheneas, Den, and Dart


  • When purchased on demand or digitally, it comes with a bonus episode, Buzzy Bees.
  • Although the UK version was released on October 28th, ASDA had delayed the release until November 4th.
  • This DVD was scheduled for release in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland in 2015, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons.
  • This is the only UK DVD to have a bonus DVD until The Complete Eighteenth Series.
  • Some copies of the UK version came with a bonus DVD, Big Bang Surprise.

DVD Packs


  • Festive Favourites


  • Thomas' Holiday Collection
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