Narrator: Diesel pushed and panted up the hill. Thomas puffed and chuffed far behind.

Diesel: I'm almost there. Soon, they'll all know that steamies are the ones who puff too slow.

Narrator: Then, there was trouble... the track wasn't finished. Diesel slipped. And he skidded.

Thomas: Stop, Diesel! Stop!

Narrator: But Diesel didn't stop. He jumped and he bumped faster and faster to the top of the hill. And then, down, down, down to the cliffs and the sea below. Now, Diesel wanted to stop. But he couldn't. The heavy flatbeds were pulling him to the edge of the cliff. Diesel wasn't smiling now.

Diesel: Help! Help!

Narrator: But no one could help Diesel. Crash. One flatbed cracked it's coupling. The Jobi Wood tumbled and rumbled into the sea below.

Diesel: Oh me! Oh my! Oh, help!

Narrator: Then, the next flatbed of Jobi Logs crashed and smashed into the water. Diesel was now one flatbed away from the edge of the cliff. And then, the last coupling snapped. The last flatbed of Jobi Wood sank from sight below the waves.

Diesel: Oh, no!

Narrator: Now, Diesel was half on and half off the edge of the cliff. His front wheels wobbled and wiggled in the air. His back wheels were grating and grinding to stay on the track. Thomas screeched to a stop. He was scared.

Thomas: Diesel! What can I do?!

Narrator: Diesel didn't know. But Thomas did. He made a decision.

Thomas: Don't worry, Diesel. And stay as still as you can.

Narrator: Diesel did what Thomas said. Thomas tugged and he chugged. Then, wheel turn by wheel turn, Thomas pulled Diesel back from the edge and to safety.

Thomas: You're safe, Diesel! Hooray!

Narrator: Thomas had saved Diesel.

Diesel: Thank you, Thomas. Thank you.

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