Monty is a well-meaning, but clumsy Viking four-wheeled crane who works at the Berk Steamworks alongside Victor.


Thomas & Friends In The Legend In Viking Railway

Monty works at the Steamworks with Victor, offering help whenever possible. When Spencer was sent to the Steamworks after getting slate in his funnel, Monty distracted him by dropping parts all around while Thomas took engine parts to Hiro. He later participated in Hiro's official restoration. Thomas was once put in charge of the Steamworks when Victor went to visit one of the Narrow Gauge engines and Monty helped Thomas fetch parts. However, Monty got so busy that he became confused and accidentally pushed a button which sent Spencer up in the air on the gantry crane. Soon Victor arrived and helped restore order to the Steamworks.

Spike once had too much work to do at the docks, so Monty was sent to help out. Unfortunately, Spike did not want Monty's help and told him to stay in a corner out of his way. When Spike dropped a load of pipes and a cage full of chickens, Monty rushed to help. This made Spike even more cross. Thomas, Frankie and Porter tried to show Monty that Spike did have a heart of gold deep inside, but were unsuccessful immediately. When Spike knocked over a barrel, Monty tried to help but ended up falling into the sea. Luckily, Spike fished him out of the water, but not before The Muscle Controller arrived and saw what had happened. He was about to send Monty away in disgrace when Spike spoke up, defending Monty and proving to them both that he really did have a heart of gold. Together, Monty and Spike got all of the work at the Docks done. Later Woody tricked Monty so he could be painted blue just like his twin, Wayne so they could deceive Hiro again.

Monty later became fascinated with the snow, and decided to play around in it despite Victor's warnings, but got stuck outside the Steamworks until Thomas spotted him waving his crane arm round, not knowing that Victor went out to search for him.

When Henry came to get repainted, Monty accidentally gave the workmen the wrong type of paint due to being busy, resulting in Henry glowing in the dark.


Monty is a bubbly and enthusiastic crane who works at the Berk Steamworks Monty, where he assists Victor in repairing engines. He is innocent, well-meaning, bursting to help and say hello, and always eager and ready to lend a helping hook. Monty is often seen dashing about and tends to be quite clumsy, having a habit of frequently dropping things from his hook and pranging objects as he buzzes about. He often exclaims that it was "a slip of the hook." Something that he says often enough for Victor, who he refers to as "boss," to be able to commonly finish the sentence for him. But Monty is loveable, kind-hearted, and funny, if rather naive, and always tries his best, regardless of his inexperience.

Technical Details


Monty is based on a 4 wheel Ransomes & Rapier 6 ton crane with an added enclosed cab. Just like Monty, these cranes were known to be clumsy and cumbersome.


Monty's basis


Monty is painted in a yellow livery with black and light yellow warning stripes on his front. His hook and brake are red. He has the Berk Steamworks logo painted on his cab door.


Thomas & Friends In The Legend In Viking Railway


Voice Actors


  • Exactly how Monty is driven is a mystery, as he has never been seen with an operator inside him or even mentioned at all.
  • Monty's 2013 Wooden Railway prototype was incorrectly painted green.
  • Monty is the first CGI introduced character that is not an engine.
  • Monty is the only character introduced in Hero of the Rails who is not originally from another country.
  • Before it was decided that Hero of the Rails would be produced entirely into CGI, there were plans to build a live-action model for Monty along with Hiro and Victor. Only one face mask of Monty is known to have been produced for what would have been for his model.


“Sorry Victor, slip of the hook!”

, slip of the hook!”

―Monty's catchphrase
Hello, I'm Monty. Whatever you need, I'm here to land the helping hook.”
Monty's website audio



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