Motorized is a battery-operated toy system manufactured by Fisher-Price, Mattel in the US and was launched in 2020. It is a rebrand of the 2014 TrackMaster line and is virtually identical to it, although with new products being released alongside re-released older ones and an aim to be more simplistic.



Many more engines will also be released.

Non-Rail Vehicles[2]


Talking Engines


  • Thomas (sold only in Day Out on Sodor Set)
  • Percy (sold only in Day Out on Sodor Set)

Celebration and Storybook


  • Thomas
  • James
  • Percy
  • Nia



  • Thomas, Annie and Clarabel
  • Duchess
  • Kenji
  • Monkey Mask Thomas
  • Elephant Mask Gordon
  • Lion Mask James
  • Panda Mask Percy





  • Talking Thomas and Percy Set
  • Percy 6-in-1 Set
  • Walking Bridge Set
  • Mad Dash on Sodor Set
  • Animal Park Monkey Adventure Set


  • Some changes are made from the TrackMaster line:
    • Annie and Clarabel are longer than the TrackMaster versions of them released in 2016; they now resemble the original TrackMaster designs slightly more.
    • Thomas and Percy have rivets and handrails to match their current renders in the series, their numbers have also increased in size.
    • The engine's pupils are now painted rather than printed.
    • The Troublesome Trucks now have moulded plastic faces rather than printed of sticker faces and their bodies changed shape.
  • Continuing with the trend of other merchandise lines, the engines now have painted pupils.
  • Duchess' coach is the same style as the 2014 TrackMaster line before the Motorized redesign, possibly because she was designed for the TrackMaster line before the switch to Motorized.
  • Annie and Clarabel have sculpted faces as opposed to sticker ones like in TrackMaster or Plarail.
  • Kenji's prototype depicts him with coupling rods and grey wheels on him and his coaches with blue frames. The final release lacks the coupling rods and depicts him and his coaches with black wheels and frames. Ultimately, as his model was designed with coupling rods in mind, his wheels are exposed more than they are in real life.
    • Kenji's prototype also depicts him and his coaches with blue stripes across his windows and his roof like his basis but absent from his CGI render and his final release; this may have been part of his original design.
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