Natalie is an American diesel shunter who works in San Francisco. 


Thomas & Friends

When Sir Topham Hatt arrived in San Francisco, he asked Natalie if she had seen Thomas, to which she claimed that she had not after being shown a picture of him.

She later greeted Thomas when he delivered his coffee and asked where Niawas. Natalie told him that Nia was heading for China. Thomas thanked her before leaving to ask Carter to load him onto a ship.


Natalie is a kind and helpful engine who is always friendly to passers by, and would always ask them if they need help with anything.

Technical Details


Natalie is based on 0-4-0 diesel-hydraulic shunter no. 3207 "Leys" built by W. G. Bagnall. It was the last locomotive built by Bagnall before the firm was taken over by English Electric. It is now preserved on the Foxfield Railway. Dart is another member of this class.


Natalie is painted blue and red with yellow lining. She has yellow and black hazard stripes painted on her bufferbeams.


Thomas & Friends


She may appear in the twenty-fourth series.

Video Games

  • 2018 - Thomas and Friends: Adventures! (does not speak)

Voice Actors

  • Teresa Gallagher (UK/US)
  • Misa Ishii (Japan)


  • Her model is a reskin of Dart.
  • In the Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie Storybook, she is referred to as Amy.
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