New Friends for Thomas is an upcoming CGI DVD.


Meet all of Thomas' new friends. Meet Shankar and Noor Jehan, the new engines from India and meet Hong-Mei, An An and Yin-Long from China. Meet Nia the new engine who came from Kenya and meet Merlin the invisible engine! Meet Tamika, Aubrey and Aiden of Australia! Enjoy new friends with Thomas.


  1. Trusty Trunky
  2. Number One Engine
  3. Forever and Ever
  4. Seeing is Believing
  5. Outback Thomas
  6. Banjo and the Bushfire
  7. Confusion Without Delay

Bonus Features

  • Character Gallery
  • Meet New Friends song
  • Meet the Characters - Shankar, Noor Jehan, Hong-Mei, Nia, Tamika and Rebecca
  • Meet the Steam Team - Nia and Rebecca
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